SWL Beta Phases

This came up on my Twitter feed, and it’s a hot topic for all of us TSW/SWL players: When will Open Beta start?

They seem to be on a specific schedule and have specific goals to reach within each phase.  And so far, each phase seems to be every 2 weeks.  So…. I’m going to go out on a limb and see how well I can predict the future…!

~*Insert Spooky Music Here*~

PHASE 1: Started around April 7 – Focus was on Character Creation, Kingsmouth, and Savage Coast.

PHASE 2: Started April 21 – Focus on Blue Mountain, and first 3 dungeons (Polaris, Hell Raised, and Darkness War) Release of the first healing Class(es?) was delayed.  Weapons were going to be Blood and Assault Rifle.

PHASE 3: Scheduled for May 5 – Promises to open Up Egypt, and I would guess the next 2 dungeons (Ankh and Hell Fallen).  With any luck, we’ll see the Blood and Assault Rifle weapons released.

PHASE 4: I would guess another 2 weeks to May 19 – And should open up Transylvania, and the next 3 dungeons (The Facility, Hell Eternal, and The Slaughter House)

PHASE 5: Again, another 2 weeks means June 2 – And with everything from the first story line opened to the closed Beta users, I would think this is where Open Beta Begins.

PHASE 6: This phase could only be game release.  I don’t know how long Open Beta will last, could be scheduled for one week, maybe two.  I’m sure they will definitely want to stress test the servers as well.  But even if they take 2 weeks here, June 16th is still technically Spring for a few more days.

Ok, so it’s not much fortune telling as it is just watching the patterns and checking a calendar.  But with so much ‘Doom And Gloom™’ out there, I figured I’d try to add a little light at the end of the tunnel. With any luck it’s not the headlamp of the oncoming train from issue 6!

Hopefully you found this somewhat helpful!  Thanks for stopping by! And I’ll see you, in The Secret World!


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