SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Elementalism – Thermotics

Specialties Spotlight #2 was posted today!  This time it’s focusing on Elementalism’s Thermotics gimmick Mechanic!

Quoted from the Video:

“Specialty Spotlight: Elementalism – How to Control Thermotics

  • Use Fire or Lightning Abilities to increase your Heat Level.
  • As your Heat Level increases, all Elemental Abilities deal more damage.
  • If you Overheat, you’ll be unable to use other Heat Abilities for a short while.
  • Use Cold Based Abilities to regulate your Temperature.”

We’ve taken a look at this before as part of a DevStream, but there is still so much they haven’t said or released about what’s under the hood of this Speciality.  So what DO we know?

A – Fire and lightning Abilities raise your heat level.  

B – The higher your Heat, the more damage you do!

C – Too Much Heat will Lock you out of your Heat generating Abilities.

D – Ice based abilities cool you down so you can continue to channel more damage!

What do we NOT know?

How many cooling abilities are there?  Considering there are only 15 Active abilities per weapon, and the limited space we have on our Ability Bars, 2-3 different cooling abilities are all I can see being viable. And depending on your build, you may only have one of them on your bars at any given time anyway!

Passives: Again, we don’t know what passives are available to mitigate heat build up.  Will there be any passives that kick in to boost your damage at certain % heat levels?

Basic Abilities: It is assumed that your Basic abilities will also build up heat, but just being basic abilities, do they have less heat build up?  i would think so since basic abilities should be doing less damage, you shouldn’t be channeling as much Anima per use.

What kind of Damage scaling will we see for 25% heat? 50% heat? 75% Heat?

Are there weapon procs for Elementalism that help with heat mitigation?

“Enquiring minds want to know!”


Having looked at this before in the DevStreams, not much here is new information.  Again, it’s just a tease for new mechanics, and nothing In Depth that we can sink our teeth into.

Comparing this to Pistols yesterday, this seems to be much more controllable to keep your DPS up as you can literally ride the crest of your Heat Wave, as opposed to the RNG based damage bonuses for 3 seconds at a time that Pistols have.

Something I DID notice, and I saw it yesterday, but didn’t want to say anything yet until I could get a GOOD look at it, was the new icons they teased in the last DevStream.  They literally look Shiny!  We’ll have to wait for this week’s DevStream/patch to get a better look, as I’m SURE they will want to show those off!

What so you think about the teaser they’ve given us today?  Pique your interest in this weapon class?  Do you wish they’d give us more to work with? Are there certain abilities you hope made the cut?  Alternatively, what abilities do you hope they got rid of?  Let me know in the comments below, or tweet them to me @Anima_Nation!

Thank you, and I hope to see you in the Secret World!



SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Pistols – Chamber Roulette

((For A More In Depth Look at pistols, be sure to check out THIS POST!))

Today we got a surprise tweet from Funcom giving us what they call a “SPECIALTY SPOTLIGHT,” which is a 20 second Video Clip Focusing on one of the new Weapon Gimmicks Mechanics in SWL!  Today’s focus is on the new Pistol Mechanic: Chamber Roulette!


Quoted from the Video:

“Specialty Spotlight: Pistols – Understanding the Chamber Roulette.

  • Use your Pistol abilities to spin both chambers.
  • When both chambers align, your pistols abilities do additional damage for a short while.
  • The damage bonus increases based on the rarity of the match.”


Grey matching:

Red Matching:

So what we see here is the Chambers will change alignments as you use your abilities.  There are three levels of matched chambers:

So… what if I’ve got magazine loading semi-autos..? 😛

There are 3 Grey Chambers, 2 Blue Chambers, and 1 Red Chamber per ‘Cylinder.’  So 1/2 of each cylinder is grey, 1/3 is blue, and 1/6 is red.  Multiply these by each other and your chances for each color match variant would be:

  • Grey – 25% – So roughly every 4th shot could give you a Low Damage Bonus.
  • Blue – 11.11% – So roughly every 9th shot, you could get a Medium Damage Bonus.
  • Red – 2.78% – So roughly every 36 shots you could get a High Damage Bonus.

Unfortunately, they didn’t go into more detail as to how MUCH of a bonus Low/Medium/High equates to, so we’ll just have to wait and see for this information to come through.

Also not covered, how do our stats help this? Does Crit Chance influence this at all?  I wouldn’t think so, as I think Critical hits are based on each shot fired, whether or not your chambers align.  And getting all the Crit in all the weapon passive trees would probably skew this gimmick mechanic.

So that does bring to mind, what passives in the Pistol Tree influence this?  It was stated in the DevStreams, that your Passives can help you control your weapon mechanics.  So what passives would benefit this mechanic best?  Since they didn’t release the weapon tree, and it’s still in Closed Beta, we can’t yet look at this in as much detail as we’d like.


We don’t have any information on any Weapon Procs that may be available on any special weapons, or if there are any Glyphs/Signets that can help our match-rates. We also don’t know how much our passives can help influence our Chamber Alignments.  Combine this with the limited number of passive slots we will have, and some of those passive slots will have to be used for your alternate weapon, this seems like a VERY RNG dependent weapon mechanic.

I’m sure pistols will still be viable enough to level with, so I wouldn’t count it out for rolling a character class when SWL Rolls out.  It’s just the endgame level that we need more information to clarify it’s viability for progression.

Personally, I think this was an interesting tease, but it raises more questions than it answers.  Let’s hope they start filling in some of these blanks for us soon™.

Thank you again for stopping by!  We’ll see you soon, in the Secret World!



Dance Dance Revolution! TSW Style!

Anyone who is familiar with my characters will know that almost all of them are avid (rabid..?) fans of the various dances that happen in the Secret World!  And as such, I’ve spent a fair deal of money on the various dances that have been added to the game.

Something that came up at tonight’s show, was the subject of WHERE all the dances came from?  Some people were not aware of the sources yet and lament the fact that they didn’t get some of them.  And sure you can search out individual dances on the net, but I haven’t seen a single comprehensive list get posted.

I put this list together when I was trying to pick up the missing ones on alts that I had rolled.  I’ll see if I can record some videos of the dances and edit them into this post at a later time, but for now I just want to get this list out there so you all  can plan on what event bags to get later when the events start up again!

Default Dances:

  • Funky Chicken*
  • Gangham Style
  • Macarena
  • Running Man*
  • Samba
  • Sprinkler

*   = This dance does not Loop. It will play through once, and then stop, so you’ll have to manually hit it again, if you want to keep going.


  • BillieJ – This dance is the ONLY dance offered in the item store.  It is NOT available to purchase across your entire account, so if you want your alts to have this, be prepared to shell out some dough!

Event Bag Dances:

These dances were awarded to someone that opened a ‘Party Bag’ on at least 10 players at once.  Just to be clear, YOUR CHARACTER counts toward the 10 players.  We’ve opened them in the middle of a 10 person Raid in the Manhattan Exclusion Zone, where you can’t have any more than 10 people there, and were still awarded the dances.  But, as they say, The More the Merrier!

  • Anaconda – Valentine’s Day – Bag of Saint Valentinus
  • Freestyle – Samhain 2016 – Hallow’s Eve Festival Sack
  • Hip-Hop – Winter Holidays 2016 – St Nick’s Rucksack
  • Hit Man Lean – Guardians of Gaia – Bohemian Party Sack
  • Robot – Winter Holidays 2015 – Bag of Season’s Revelry
  • Rockabilly – The Gilded Rage (Golden Week) – Golden Bag of Lady Luck
  • Single Ladies – Manna of Saint Nicholas 2014 – Bag of Wassail
  • Spooky – Samhain 2015 – Sack of Samhain Revels
  • ZombieStrut – Samhain 2014 – Halloween Party Pack


Some of these are Dance related emotes that don’t actually show up when you type /dance and then hit your space bar:

  • /Tapdance – This emote will start your character into a pretty good tap dance routine! However, it is not synchable with the Shoes of Synchronicity.
  • Nassir’s Groove – This emote is activated by an item in your inventory called ‘Nassir’s Groovy Gun.’  It will automatically place an AK-47 in your character’s hands and you can dance like the Groove-master himself!  This item is a random drop from the Military Duffel bags sold out of the Cash Shop, or via lucky coins from the vendor in Darkside.
  • /digmusic – This command will cause female characters to bob their heads and sway to the beat of a song that only they can hear.  Male characters tend to Head bang!  (Would love it if both animations were available to Both Sexes.  Perhaps a /digmusic1 and /digmusic2 ?)
  • /funkychicken – This is the exact same emote as /dance_funkychicken which leads me to think the intention was to also make tapdance work the same way.  But they didn’t seem to remember to add /dance_tapdance to the emote commands. Go figure.
  • /graffiti –  This will cause your character to look like they are spray painting a wall.  (Spray paint not included.)
  • /jazzhands – Uuhhhh… Jazzhands…!  ‘Nuff said!
  • /moonwalk – You can awkwardly attempt the famous Moonwalk Dance move!
  • /moonwalk_pro – You can Moonwalk like a pro!  This is an achievement award for completing the Bank Heist mission in Kaidan without being seen.
  • /windmill – This emote comes from an event bag (Golden Week – Random Drop and Gamblers Chips from the Event Vendor in Darkside during the event) and makes your character look as if they are Elvis playing a guitar!

That’s it!  I know this isn’t much, but with any luck some of you found this useful.  Thanks for coming, and I hope to see you in the Secret World!

TSW Fixes for SWL

So for #TMITuesday I want to know what you want to see get fixed from TSW before SWL goes live.

I have a number of things that I want to see fixed, and I’ll list them here for you. Reply to this post with your items or tweet them back at me @Anima_Nation.

  • Chairs – I mean, come on, we’ve all known chairs were an issue since TSW was in Beta.  Now that they are relaunching the game, this would be the perfect time to fix them so we can use them and NOT look like we are sitting on top of the table next to us!  And also along these lines, Space them from the tables/bar so that people can actually /sit  in them!  There’s a pair of barstools in the Horned God that we joke are the End Boss of the game if you can actually get to sit on them!
  • The actual sitting animation when we do right click on a chair to use it –  If you pay attention to the cutscene from “The Christmas Conspiracy,” in the Albion, look at how well everyone is sitting. (At least when it doesn’t bug out and shows everyone standing.  Yes, that’s a thing.)  The ladies have their legs crossed and hands in their lap all elegantly.  The men are sitting and paying attention looking like gentlemen.  WHY do WE have to look like we are in a Time out?  I swear,  our arms are crossed across our chests, and feet planted firmly shoulder-width apart, and we got this expression on our faces that look like we are MAD for having to sit there!  Well, I get mad having to use that animation!
  • The /Sit emote – No one outside of grade school sits cross-legged anymore. And have you seen what it does to those wearing skirts?  Give us a /Kneel at least and let us sit as we do in the cut scene when we first meet Gozen!
  • Chat Fixes – I’m not saying to parse the chats differently, although being able to extract a proper Chat log would be nice, What I want are just a few quality of life improvements:

– Being able to change the color of chat based on channel name.

– If I click a Channel name so I can continue to chat in that channel, open up the typing box for me at that point.  Don’t make me have to hit enter again. If I’m changing my channel name like this, chances are it’s because I have to say something in there already!

– Persistent Channel choice – Sometimes it’s not convenient to scroll back up to the channel you want to reply in, so if I type /Group  and I send my message, the next message I send I WANT TO BE IN THE SAME CHANNEL!  I don’t want to have to type /group AGAIN…!  You have no idea how frustrating this is…

  • Death Effect – Can we have the option to Toggle OFF the death effect?  I’m talking the black and white screen as we run back to our corpse.  At least tone it back a little.  There are times when we die and we have to travel Over Hill and Over Dale to get back to our bodies, and yet, we can’t tell where the trail is to get back there because with that death effect on, the Rendering distance is barely 5 ft in front of our faces!  I at least want to be able to SEE landmarks so i can know where to go from there!
  • SWL’s Preset heads…? – Granted this isn’t a TSW ‘Fix’ as it’s more of a SWL thing, but it’s still an important issue to us.  But this is a thing that was noted during the first DevStream, but hasn’t been addressed publicly since and we really need to hear if it’s going to happen: “Are we going to be stuck with the preset heads?”

A little exercise in how the SWL announcement was processed in my head:

“Relaunch?  Ok, no problem, won’t affect us that already play the game, except maybe new mechanics to get used to.” – Then I found out it will be a full start over for our characters. DOH!

“Reticle Mode will be the new thing?  No worries, we can always turn it off and play how we have always played if we want.  I mean, it is the same game engine after all.” – Then I find out Reticle Mode is THE ONLY way we can play – DOH!

After checking reticle mode in TSW, “At least we can still turn the camera around and zoom in to screen shot our characters.” – Then I find out the Vanity Camera hasn’t been implemented, and I still see issues with removing the mouse from our main interface – DOH!

“Sweet!  We can bring over all our vanity items too!” then I find out that we will be stuck with preset heads and none are based on the head I used for the majority of my characters, so there is no way for me to make a face that I think best represents my characters. – DOH!

So yeah… I don’t have anything else to fall back on if preset heads are all we will get.  depending on how many character slots I’ll get since I paid for a couple and got an extra with my Grand master, I may roll a few characters just to hold the names and then spend my time in TSW since they are being kind enough to keep those servers running.

So yeah… this is my list of things i want to see fixed before the SWL Launch.  What do you want to see fixed?  Let me know in the comments below, or tweet them at me (@Anima_Nation)!

Thank you and I hope to see you in the Secret World!

((Please keep in mind that we cannot discuss anything about the Beta that hasn’t been shown publicly yet by FunCom.))

((EDIT – Late Addition – Female Templar Uniform for Crusader – Can you make the armor NOT look like Bucket Plastic?

And while I’m thinking about it, how about the Executioner deck – Change those crappy Rose framed shades for the females to be the same Oakleys that the males get!))


Greetings TSW Fans!  The following are the results from my Twitter Follower Giveaway!  A little bit of background first:

I compiled a list of my followers in an excel spreadsheet.  I tracked all the retweets you all gave me, and added a second entry for each of you that retweeted.  ((Thank you very much!))  Then I imported that list to:



Which seemed to be the easiest tool to do what I needed. (Pick a name and remove that name and pick another.)  Then, of course, I picked the names!  The following are the winners in order picked.  First place gets to choose an item that they want, then second place chooses from what’s left, and so on.

So, without further adieu, let’s get to our winner list!

  1. @_heather_g
  2. @TheDJCipher
  3. @Arachn13
  4. @BigMikeyOcho
  5. @Firewhiskey9

Congratulations to you!  I’ll be contacting you via Twitter DM’s to arrange delivery of your choice of prizes!

Thank you all, and I hope to see you in the Secret World!



Screenshots of Winning Names:

This is the Interface showing the names entered… well some of them at least. It was a long list!

First Place!

Second Place!

Third Place!

Fourth Place!

Fifth Place!

DevStream #4 – 2017-0519

Welcome back to Anima-Nation’s Coverage of the Secret World Legends Dev Stream series!  In case you missed it, the Twitch Stream is located  here.  The sound starts at about 1:15 and the game play starts around 4:20. (I can imagine the 420 jokes already…>.> )

Today’s stream will be focusing on City of the Sun God changes and the latest weapon to get into the beta: Blades!


“Doesn’t this break the NDA for those players?” 😉

They do talk about these at a couple different points near the beginning of the stream.  What you see is pretty much what they have planned for them.  They wanted to make them a little sleeker, and able to work better with the new UI.  And they tried to make sure that it was easier to read and to differentiate between friend and foe.

A Question that came up was “Will you be able to see a Friendly’s Faction and Faction rank?” ANSWER – That will be part of the Inspection System.


A few additions to customizing the Reticle

As you can see from here, you can now change the reticle from the big circle over your head to a dot, AND the check box above that will also allow for over the shoulder camera!

By Popular Demand…

More customizations coming to this will be a Cross-hair, square, and per previous DevStreams, Faction logos!  So stay tuned for more when they announce them!


Using the Assassin Class which uses Blades and Elementalism.

“Use the force, Romain…”

As you fight, you will have a 50/50 chance of adding to your CHI. Once you fill your Chi, you can consume it to create a Spirit Blade. This will add an extra hit for each of your attacks.  The idea with Spirit Blade is that if you are good, you’ll be able to maintain the Spirit Blade.  As you use it, you will generate more Chi, which will help you keep it active for as long as possible!

If you do NOT get to use your 5 Chi, they will automatically be consumed after a while, Healing you instead!  So no matter what happens, it’s good for your character!


Playable in the latest Phase of the Beta.  The Rewards have been completely revamped and so have some of the requirements.

The Idea with the Museum is that you are trying to help rebuild it, and as you kill monsters in the world, and learn more things about them and gather Lore/Legends, you’ll be able to display a history as you progress in the game.  Some of the rewards will be new gadgets that  are ‘Really cool!”


It’s more Evolution, than Revolution.

Minor changes to the Ability bar is that it is darker so it’s easier to see.  They’ve also added a little bit of spacing between the abilities, and a bigger space between the Main Abilities (Located on the mouse buttons), and the rest of the abilities.  Potions and Gadgets are a little smaller to help add to the differences in what icon means what.


Another question was if the Dungeons were changing at all.  ANSWER – The Dungeons Content will still be the same as you knew in TSW, however the formatting of the starting dungeons, being 3-man, is the only thing that will really change about them.  Keep in mind that there will be harder difficulties of dungeons that will scale with you, and eventually be harder than NM’s are now!  (I am NOT looking forward to Machine Tyrant in these harder modes!)

Another Question was “Will Dungeons be solo-able?” ANSWER – The three-man ones will definitely be solo-able once you reach a certain level of gear, but the level 50 dungeons you will have a REALLY hard time until you start getting the REAL GOOD gear!  But Prove the man wrong!  By all means!

And they do mention again later that the Dungeons will scale along with you and become WAY more difficult than the NM dungeons are now!


’nuff said.


Weapon Pages:

Blades – 

Elementalism – 

The Weapon Pages are your first step to End game.  The more weapons pages you complete, the more powerful you will become. (Note: I will provide detailed reviews of each weapon once the NDA lifts and that information becomes available.)

Bottom Level tends to be more abilities you’ll use in groups.  Top line abilities tend to be more towards soloing content.  And the middle line tends to focus on the specializations of the weapon and take advantage of some of the effects.

Once you have completed getting all the skills on the main page, it will unlock your ability to buy what they re calling Cap Stones.  (See the Elemental Page above.)  Capstones give your character permanent boosts.  And once you buy it, that’s not all!  You can further boost your Cap Stones even more!  BUT, you’ll need to unlock other weapons in order to do that.

The incentive they are giving you is that the more weapons you learn and finish, each of the Capstones will be able to give you “Really Crazy Power!”  This will be your first main focus at End game in terms of Combat progression.

Passives – 

Passives, they touched on in previous DevStreams, but they are giving us a better look at the Blade passive window this time.  The Small Round Passives will be permanent bonuses that you will  keep with you forever just by unlocking them.  As you can see there are many icons covering Attack Power, and I would guess Crit Power/Rating, Protective/Defensive stats, And I see some that have HP on them, so that would be health.  What I don’t seem to see is an icon that I would associate with Penetration.  Will have to look deeper into this as they reveal more.

The other, Purple Passives,  will either modify something related to the weapon specialization, or modify a specific ability within that specialization.

And a reminder that the more you use a weapon, the better your expertise with that weapon will become!  As you increase your Expertise, you will gain bonuses for that proficiency, and it is tracked on the yellow bar up above on the weapon pages.

There was a suggestion in the stream that wasn’t mentioned by our hosts that I agree with, the Small round passives need to have a better way to differentiate them once they’ve been purchased.  Going from a light gray color to white is hard to tell what’s been purchased and what hasn’t been.  It could just be how it’s displayed in the stream since the image quality isn’t that great, but it’s still something that the Dev Team should track.  I’ve pointed out other icons that should have a better contrast as well.  This seems to be a running theme as we continue looking at the new UI.


Looking at the Character sheet they have onscreen, some of the items have a Red/Pink background.  These are “Named” items and tend to be rare, and they have a Special Proc that goes with them!  These are the items we REALLY want to get and level up with in the game!  “Hunting the Perfect Base” is what they called it in the stream.

((Side Note: Back in DevStream 2, when they ran through Polaris, remember when they were talking about the chest on the last boss turning Red?  That’s what you want to keep running those dungeons looking for!  Okay, back to the current stream…!))

Pay attention to the entire title each item has.  Looking at that sword he has, it’s a “Mk III” which is the best you can get!  Whereas his Elemental focus is only a “Mk II”.  So the Bonus Proc it gets isn’t quite as good as the Bonus Proc that the Blade gets.

Talismans that you’ll acquire also have a gauge in their naming to help you identify how good that item is:

  • Faded – This is the most basic type of Talisman
  • Luminous is the second grade of item that you’ll be able to get
  • Radiant will be the best type

So pay attention to what items you start upgrading!  The radiant is the one you want to keep, if you can’t get a Red item!

Glyphs apparently also have a similar naming scheme. Buuuuut, they didn’t go over those names, so I don’t know what they are off hand!  However, they do mention that there will be a ‘PIP’ system that will be implemented on all gear items so you can see exactly what quality of item you have.  If it has 1 pip, you know it’s low, 2 or 3 you know are better.

They do stress that even if you don’t find that perfect base, to go ahead and level it anyway, as you can still FUSION the items together so you don’t waste any time.

((THIS is something that I missed during the DevStream or I would have amended one of the questions I asked near the end.))


Something added to the improvement window is the visual queue showing that you have an item that will give bonus Exp into the current item you are empowering.  Also if you look to the left of the item you are sacrificing, you’ll see a “RULES” window.  It shows that if you have an item that is of Like Type, in this case a second Blade, it will grant 2.5x exp!  And other weapons do not get a bonus.

There is also a flashing PLUS sign icon on your sacrificial item to indicate this item will be granting extra Exp.


Question from the stream is “Will Weapon Molds still be a thing?”  Unfortunately, Romain is not ready to talk about them today.  They do have plans for this, but since it is part of a bigger system, he wants to save this for a future stream topic.  It may come in the next iteration of the Beta, or perhaps the one after that.


They really want to make this feel like it really is a Lost City, that’s only just now been rediscovered.  They want to make it feel like you EARN yourself access to CotSG.

Some of the changes will be unearthing some of the Third Age devices like Jump pads throughout the zone.

“Jump! Jump! You should know, you should know that ah, ‘Romain’ isn’t having anything today…!”

Some of the Topography has changed, but there should always be a Jump pad in the area that will allow you to gain access to the next area over without having to run all around the zone!  (THANK YOU!)


Yes, the 26th of June is still the Launch Date!  It will be released through Funcom’s Channels first, and then sometime after that will be the Steam release.


Question from the stream was if you can upgrade Green gear to Blue Gear, and so on…

Yes.  If you have 2 green items that are for the same slot/same weapon, and they are fully leveled up to 20, you can FUSION them together in order to make a single Level 1 Blue item.  Same thing to go from Blue to Purple, and they do tease that there are further quality items higher than Purple!  There is a shortcut to this, but requires you to purchase an item using the Marks of Favor that you earn in game, or I’m sure you can purchase what you need from the Cash shop.


First Look at Glyphs…!

The Glyph system has been redesigned and simplified.  there are less glyphs as well, so they will be easier to keep track of and tell what ones will be best for your build.


Someone with sharper eyes than me asked about the Recover Button in the new Assembly window.

“What’s this button do? oops…”

This button, and the one above it that says Destroy Glyph are for your Glyphs that you have installed on your item.  If you want to recover the glyph off something before you use it to empower another item, click this button and pay the amount of Marks indicated on the button (In this case it’s 20K Marks) to recover the glyph.  Otherwise, you can destroy the glyph by clicking the button above it.

Signets will also work in this fashion.


Marks of Favor – These are earned everyday just by doing specific tasks like completing X amount of Side Missions, or so many gear upgrades… things that you’ll be doing in game anyway.

Anima Shards – New Currency related to completing Missions, killing monsters, and so forth.  So instead of earning Pax, we are now earning Anima Shards.  It is sued for gear improvements, Teleporting, or anything that requires power.

They did not touch upon the third currency shown on screen, so we’ll have to ask about that in the future.


So far all play fields that are being released have been opened up on the Beta except Carpathian Fangs.  So that should be opened up in the next Beta Phase.

The last Dungeon, Slaughter House, should also release in the next beta phase.

And it sounds like they will hold off one more Beta phase beyond that to add the final weapon, Fists!



Another question from the stream was if there were any changes to the Mission Structures?  For the most part, the Main story missions will be unchanged, but there may be slightly different objectives here and there.  And there will be some requirements to be a certain level before you can progress, but the core elements should be almost exactly the same.


“Is it Live? Or is it Memorex?”

Instead of having to pick up another mission in order to pause a current one, you can now just go into your quest log and hit the pause button.  I personally never had a problem with the old way, and don’t know why I’d want to pause a mission intentionally without picking up another mission to take it’s place.  But if this helps others, then by all means, add a Quality of Life function!


“This isn’t your father’s Mission Tracker anymore…”

Due to the nature of investigation mission, where you may have to think on them for a while, they have split the Investigation Mission tracker from Action/Sabotage Missions so now you can have an Investigation Mission AND a Action/Sabotage Mission active at the same time!


“Answer Me these Questions Three…”

I was actually able to get three questions answered during the stream!  And no, none of them had anything to do with the airspeed of an Unladen Swallow.

1 – 56:25 – Regarding Itemization: Will Glyphs scale along with the item you are upgrading? Short Answer is No.  BUT… They will scale up as you ALSO UPGRADE YOUR GLYPHS!  Using the same assembly window, you will place your item that has a glyph on it into the upper segment, and then add glyphs down below in the area you are sacrificing and empower your glyphs that way!

Someone else asked as a followup if Signets are upgradeable in the same way?  Yes.

Romain explains since they did away with the Augment system, that meant they had a lot more budget they could do for other things so everything you can do to improve your character will be significant.

2 – 1:00:15 – Also. was asking about similar but not matching talismans. Like upgrading a DPS Neck with a healing neck. Should we receive 2.5x exp with those, or is it supposed to be only 1x exp?

“Reading is Fundamental..!”

As you place an item in the upper window to be upgraded and then you place your Sacrificial items in the lower window, the Contextual Help window to the left will show that if you add a DPS neck, you will get a 2.5x Bonus to the exp you are giving that item.  So, in other words, Yes, the items have to be for the same specialization and the same slot in order to get the bonus exp.

3 – 1:03:30 –  Will higher level items give more Exp than a Level 1 item when using them for Empowerment?  No.  They talked about whether they wanted items to do this, but they are trying to encourage players to hold on to them and use them for future Fusion opportunities.

I’m not a big fan of this, myself, but I need some time to think about this before I post my thoughts on it .  Stay tuned and I’ll have a post on it soon™!


Another question at the end here was regarding Buffs.  Will there be any improvement to how the Buffs are communicated to the players.  With the new system, that has no cursor onscreen in the middle of battle, having to hit the alt key and then try to mouse over something that only lasts a few seconds is problematic at best!  And when you are constantly moving all over the place, changes in your direction will cancel the cursor mode , so checking buffs/debuffs int he middle of combat will be damn near impossible!

Something they are doing is showing LESS buffs, but they are still working in the background.  They want to focus on the more important effects.  As you enter a dungeon, you end up with a bunch of buffs/debuffs, but really you only care about a few of them at a time.  We’ll have abilities that do certain things and you know about them already, and you have Procs that happen, and equipped passives, you don’t necessarily need to display them all, so they trimmed down the number of buffs that will show up on your screen at any given time.  I imagine this will help with how much lag we get on our systems during boss encounters.


They fixed some of the issues they had with the camera, so now if you so desire, may now zoom in using your vanity camera so you can play in First Person mode!

And THAT is the end of that!

Thank you all for coming!  Are you excited about the new game?  Are you looking forward to the new game with trepidation?  Are you going to be one of those that stays behind in TSW?  Do you think there is still too much for them to fix before launch?  Let me know your thoughts on the DevStream and SWL in general below.

Thanks again, and I hope to see you in The Secret World!


Ok, I was off a bit… BUT I was still going off what had been repeatedly said was a SPRING 2017 Release..!  June 26 is SUMMER, so that wasn’t MY fault!  #IBlameScottBaio  >.>

ANYWAY… Announced this Morning on twitter by Funcom was the Launch Date for Secret World Legends:

Pencil that date in your Day Planners!

That puts my last prediction in my Beta Phases Post off by a week, So Open Beta may get put off a week as well.  But I think most everything else should be pretty close.

It will really depend on how long they want to have an Open Beta Phase.  If they only want 2 weeks, then yeah, it will get postponed another week.  If they want only 1 week of Open Beta, then it will get pushed out 2 weeks.  If they think 3 weeks of Open Beta will be good for the game, then it will stay where it is.  But really, how much stress testing will you want in TSW?  We should have plenty of data on that by now with the original launch 5 years behind us.  Couple that with the data they should have for Conan Exiles, and they should be able to make an educated guess.  So my gut feeling is 1-2 weeks of Open Beta.

What do YOU think?  Leave a comment below!

Thanks for stopping by!  And I hope to see You in The Secret World!

DevStream 3 – 2017-0505

Welcome back to Anima-Nation!  Today, I bring you my review of the Third DevStream for SWL!  This stream was run on Friday, May 5, 2017.

The Stream is located here!

The Stream starts at about :45 seconds this time!  Gameplay footage begins at 03:40.  And from the sounds of things, Andy might be a little bit loopy!  ((Get some sleep there!))

NEW ABILITY BAR: First thing you see is the New Ability Bar!

Oooo… Shiny!

So here we see that TAB has been added as keybind for what looks like a health potion.  They are still using Q-1-2-E for basic attacks, Left/Right Mouse for Main attacks, and the gadget has been moved to ‘C’.  Again, not sure who came up with this format, but for me, I’d use 1-2-3-4 for basic attacks, and ‘Q’ for the gadget.  But that’s just me… >.>

There is a ‘Helpful Hint’ at the top of this bar to show Shift Key + a direction will dodge in that direction.  Or you can be like the rest of us and double tap in a direction to get the $%#& out of there! (Who’s got time to reach for another key with an underused finger anyway?) 😉

And on the far right are your shortcuts.  First is your sprint, and then we seem to only get 3 more shortcuts.  Not sure why they are cutting back on our shortcuts, but since we can’t use our mouse to click abilities anymore, it would be nice to have MORE, not less!

Don’t make me send the paperboy after you, FunCom!

THE NEW AND IMPROVED KINGSMOUTH:  “LOOK!  Up in the Sky!  It’s Haze! It’s SMOG! No, it’s THE FOG…..!”  BAH-BAH-BUM!


This is part of the newly improved Kingsmouth.  They’ve added a more ominous fog, improved the draw distances, added vehicle pile-ups like this one above, and added to the dark and gloomy atmosphere at night.  When you get here, you’ll feel more what the chaos might have been like when the Zombie Apocalypse hit.  There are other things you’ll notice, but I can only comment on the things they show.  Speaking of, later in the stream they do show how much further the draw distance will be, so you can get a better look at your environment.  (No screenshot because I was lazy.)

New England Night Life… uh… unlife..?

ACCOUNT TRANSFERS:  Question from the Stream was regarding Account transfers.  “When you copy your account status over, you just copy it.  You don’t lose anything that you have in the old game…  …When you link your accounts, you have it for everything.  You’re not losing anything for everything.”  At least, that’s the plan!


LEVELS:  Andy remembered what the question was that he forgot earlier, “There are now Levels!”  It’s one of the things they did for accessibility’s sake, so that things are communicated clearly, so it makes sense to everyone, New players and old players alike.  They added a leveling system so it’s very clear what power level you are, in comparison to other classes… (He kinda mumbled here and the word classes doesn’t make much sense. But he’s going on very little sleep, so we can forgive him! Pretty sure the intent was in comparison to creatures, other players, and equipment. But Romain takes over here anyway!)

“One of the intentions with SWL is to make the game more familiar than what we had.  TSW had levels in one way or another, there was a progression, the player would go through, you’d get more powerful, you get to a new playfield fine, monsters would get more powerful, so in a way, it always had levels, we just decided to start displaying them…”

“RARE BOSSES”:  Someone in the stream noticed the little orange skull on the minimap and asked what it was.  It’s a Mini-boss, basically like the Rare bosses that we are used to in TSW.  The orange skull will appear on your map and minimap when you get close enough to it, and if you haven’t killed it before.  Once you kill it, the orange skull will no longer appear on the maps for you.  Killing the Mini-boss will usually give you a green loot bag, and work toward your completion of the zone.

The “Blurred Boss” of Kingsmouth Cemetery.

Apologies for the blurred image, it’s the best the stream could offer me.  /shrug.

((And, Yes Andy, You are the WORST!  And the best, all at once!))

ITEM TRANSFERS: This is definitely a hot topic for all veteran TSW players, is what items will be transferring.  They are still working on it, and the latest stat is 4500 items will be transferring.  “Thank you for your patience…” as they continue to make sure they get this list ‘Just right.’  they will let us know as soon as they can.

One concern that  I have is, we are only being given 1 character slot for SWL, but for those of us who are Alt-aholics will have to buy any further slots, and I’m fine with that as it helps support the servers and what have you, but when we link the accounts and they take that inventory of what we have on TSW and transfer it to SWL, are all the items we have in TSW going to be available across our account in SWL?  Or will they be instituting an inventory showing how many of an item we have in TSW and limiting us to that number of items in SWL? (Or if it was purchased to be Account wide vs single item.)

DUNGEON LOOT:  Dungeon loot has not yet been finalized.

WEAPON GIMMICKS MECHANICS:  Someone asked about the ‘Pink Conch things’ on screen.  These are the Weapon Mechanic Displays™ for Elementalism (aka – Thermotics bar) and the right side is your Paradox Bar for Chaos weapons.

“They Aren’t Gimmicks!”

Elementalism is Heat/Cold based.  Certain abilities that you use will raise your heat, and others can be used to lower your heat.  As you gain heat, you also gain damage, but too much heat can silence you until you cool down.  And by silence, I mean that you will not be able to use any of your heat abilities, but you can still use ones that will cool you down.  It also does not silence your other weapon’s abilities, just to be clear.

Chaos is one of the simpler weapon proficiencies to get into.  As you use a chaos ability, “…divisible by 8, because Chaos…” you will gain a ‘Paradox’. Once you gain 8 Paradox, it will trigger a special effect, and the effect will be random, because, once again, CHAOS!  Your passives will allow you to have more control over this.  ((My guess on the ‘Divisable by 8’ means that you have a 1 in 8 chance of gaining a paradox when you use a chaos ability.  This would be a base value, because as stated above, your passives will help you control things.))

They do plan to do a more in depth look at each of the weapon proficiencies in the coming weeks.  They can’t go into full detail right now because not all of them are done, but they will definitely be giving us a close look at each weapon and how combat works.


Upgrade Window – Take 2!

To upgrade your gear, first you find something that has a proc on it that you like.  You will find MANY of these low level gear items as you progress through the game.  Once you find something that you like, you will ‘level it up’ and keep it with you into the endgame.

To level your gear item, you will ‘assemble’ other items you acquire in the upgrade window to the item you want to keep.  Any Talisman can be used to give ‘experience’ into your talismans, and any weapon can be used to level your weapons as well.  But the closer a match to the current item it is, the more experience your item will gain.

Now what they showed was them using the Waist talisman, and the three neck items that didn’t exactly match his neck talisman.  Each item used only granted 100 exp each.  If he used that other health Talisman, it would give 250 exp since it is of the same type.  But how they explained it was the neck items should have given more exp since they were neck items as well, but that’s not how it actually worked out.  If anyone from FunCom reads this, I’d love to get an explanation for the discrepancy, or if that is something they missed or what have you.  ((I’ll post this on the Beta Forums as well, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to post their reply due to the NDA.))

So, by the same token, if they used the shotgun to level the elemental focus or the chaos focus, it would only give 100 exp, but if they use the chaos focus in his inventory on his equipped chaos focus, it would give more exp toward leveling the item.

Something to note, since it was covered previously, is if you decide you like something else more than your currently equipped item, and you decide to use your current item to level up the new item, you do not gain all the levels the current item already has earned.  You only gain the exp for the item as if it were a brand new item that you had just picked up.  I’d recommend holding onto the old item that has levels on it already, and leveling it up separately.  I can’t fully explain why just yet,  but suffice to say, that item can still come in handy later!

I’m sure they will go more in depth on this feature, including how to get blue and purple weapons at a future date.


No Carmen San Diego here…

The Map Markers now show the missions FOR YOUR LEVEL!   If you pass the level recommendation, they will still show (for completionists’ sake!) But if you are still too low a level, they will not show up yet.  This is their way of trying to guide you to what is available to you ‘Right Now’.

You will also notice smaller markers on the map showing missions that you’ve already done.  So you can still go back and help friends, or try to get a specific reward of something.

They are still working on this, but there will be brand new Vanity Items for completing each of the Play Fields!  They will talk about this more soon™. ((“maybe…”))  But they will be each inspired by some of the monsters!  More incentive to try and do everything!


This isn’t your father’s Skill Wheel anymore…

The Skill pages have been redone, as you can tell.  Along the left side are tabs for each of the weapon specialties, and at the top are tabs for Active and Passive abilities.  This particular page is the Active Chaos page and you’ll notice that the abilities along the top row are all abilities that this character has purchased.  The second row has a slightly dimmed ability signifying it is available to purchase, and the rest of the row is dark showing that you still need to purchase the ability before it before it is available.  So you gotta buy from left to right, in order.

The icons should look fairly familiar to you, but you will notice the names are completely different.  (To protect the innocent?)  ((They do select a number of abilities in this stream but I don’t want to get bogged down with the details of each ability in this post, but I will definitely have more posts on each weapon, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!))

The abilities do get stronger the further to the right you are able to purchase.  And I *THINK*  the weapon Mastery at the end will open up once you have completed buying all the other skills within that page.

There are 4 types of abilities, and the colors of the names help you understand what type each ability is.

  • BASIC ABILITIES (White in color) – These abilities are your filler abilities, and do not use energy, but are generally less powerful than your main abilities.  But you can always use them. (Unless your heat level is too high in the case of Thermotics. Then you can only use cooling abilities, or abilities from your other weapon.)  But these abilities are very spammable!
  • POWER ABILITIES (Red in color) – These are stronger and do consume energy. These are the abilities you should be using most of the time, and will be your main attacks on your left/right mouse buttons.  These will be the abilities that consume your energy throughout the game.
  • SPECIAL ABILITIES (Purple in color) – These are your abilities that will have cooldowns applied to them.  They are powerful and do consume energy.  These are the abilities that are meant to get you out of trouble, or work within your normal rotation to maximize your DPS.
  • ELITE ABILITIES (Yellow/gold in color) – These will also consume energy, and have a cooldown applied to them, but they are even more powerful and ‘look cool’! And as usual, you can only have one Elite Ability on your bars at a time.

Each Row is a different Focus within that weapon proficiency.  The top row (at least for Chaos) is focused more on abilities you can use while soloing content.  The Second row is focused more on specific abilities that give this weapon it’s flavor. And the last line is stronger abilities that will be used more in groups.  But these are just suggestions, and you are free to mix and match as you please!

EXPERTISE LEVEL: Look at the top of the page, right underneath the Active/Passive tabs, and you’ll see a progress bar with some stats itemized above it.  This is your expertise level.  This will increase as you use a weapon more often, and the stats will increase accordingly.  “The more you use it, the better you get at using it.”


I thought this was supposed to get simpler…?

There are 3 types of passives:

“PASSIVE PASSIVES” –  (Someone later suggests ‘Global Passives’.)  These are the small round passives shown on screen.  These passives will stay with you forever. (Like luggage.)  They will constantly improve your character.  And kinda like Pokemon, “Gotta catch them all!”  All of these stack and improve your characters.  NOTE: You do not have to have the weapon equipped that you buy these from in order to receive the benefit of these passives!

ACTIVE MODIFIER PASSIVES – These will modify the Active abilities. Sometimes drastically.

GIMMICK MECHANIC MODIFIER PASSIVES – These will help modify the playstyle to something that you really want. (They didn’t go into detail on HOW these work, but I imagine we will get a chance to look deeper at these as time goes by.)

You also see at the bottom of the screen, the actual passives that are equipped on his character.  We seem to be limited to 5 passives, instead of the 7 we are used to in TSW. I think I DO need to sic the paperboy on them now…

What is it with missing ‘2 things’ in this new game?

Actually, they did state later in the stream that since we get all sorts of Permanent Passives that will constantly be active on us, they felt we only needed 5 passives.  I guess I can let that slide…. maybe.

ABILITY BAR REVISITED:  Apparently, the Ability bar that I so painstakingly screen capped and described above, is going to get redone YET AGAIN in the next Beta Phase.  They want to put more focus on the abilities you have.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it shows they are still looking at improving upon the things they’ve already implemented.

GADGETS:  These are going to play a bigger role in your character’s progression and how you play your character in SWL than what they were in TSW.  As shown above, these are shown in the middle of your character screen and get added to your ability bar.  You will find more gadgets as you progress, and they will act as another cooldown to further improve and personalize your character.

NEW ICONS:  This is something they are working on at the moment still, but they seem to be happy with how the new Icons look, and help describe what the abilities are.  An example they give is it will be easier to differentiate between the heat generating abilities and the cooling abilities for Elementalism.

They do like the original icons, as they are kinda sleek, but they will be adding a bit of flair to the icons “…so they will look nice on your screen at all times…” They do hope to start showing them Pretty Soon™.

VANITY CAMERA:  First Look at the Vanity Camera!  To activate it, hit your V key, and the camera will automatically spin around to view your character from the front, remove the reticle from your screen, and allow you to zoom in and out.  Something to note, this zoom level will persist once you exit this mode if you want to have a different zoom distance while in the field.

“I’m ready for my close up, Mr Demille!”


Oh Snap! I missed this earlier! BLUE HAIR IS BACK!

Apparently, they’ve re-added the Blue hair color, and a number of other ones!  We’ll show you more when this comes off the NDA, or they show them on another stream!


“What’s this? What’s this?
There’s something very wrong…”

Long rumored to be coming Soon™, it looks like we have confirmation that Assault Rifles, at least, are in the game!  I do believe it was mentioned in the previous streams that the combination was to be Blood/Assault Rifles, and someone seems to be rockin’ an AR in the stream!  Can’t wait to be able to give you a review of this class!

ABILITY RELATIONSHIPS:  Question from the stream was “What is the relationship between Basic abilities and your other abilities? Can Basic Abilities build energy?  What is the intended use?”

TSW had Builders and Consumers. Use a Builder, and depending on how many combo points you built up, your consumer would do an appropriate amount of damage, or effect.  That is NOT the case in SWL.

SWL has energy, that will be used for your main attacks, and will automatically replenish over time.  Your Main Weapon energy will recharge twice as fast as your Secondary Weapon energy.  Basic Abilities do NOT consume energy, so if you are running energy starved, you can use your basic abilities to fill in the time it takes to regain energy so you can use your main abilities again.  The goal of the game is to Balance the energy consumption of your Main attacks and the regeneration of that energy during a given fight.

In addition to this mechanic, is your weapon ‘Gimmick’.  each weapon has it’s own flavor of Gimmick, and they have differing levels of complexity.  Chaos being one of the easier ones, and Shotguns being one of the hardest ones to master.  There will be more on these Soon™.

PRIMARY/SECONDARY WEAPON CHOICE: Another question from the stream was if you can choose which weapon is your primary and which is your secondary?  Yes.  As in TSW, the weapon on your Left, is your Primary, and weapon on the Right is your Secondary.  All you have to do is swap which weapon goes where and you are good to go!


The People’s Eyebrow Lives!

Yes, If you aren’t crazy to begin with when you start working at FunCom, you soon will be!  Especially if you go without sleep as they three have!


Wow… colors man…

Colors of the missions will tell you how difficult they are in relation to your current level.  If the color coding is White, Yellow or Blue, you should be good, but if it’s Red, come back Soon™.

NEXT BETA PHASE:  To be adding Transylvania and the respective dungeons! Blade Weapons coming too! First iteration of the Dressing Room! (Plan for the next phase or maybe the one after.) All this Coming Soon™!

STORY MISSIONS: Story Missions will NOT be repeatable, until you reach Tokyo.  It is something that they want to do, but in order to do that, they would almost have to rebuild the game from scratch.


Boldly going where no CM has gone before….

ISSUES:  Question from the stream had to do with how Issues were being handled.  All Issues are going to be baked into the game.  They are still intended to be followed in order.  But they will be weaved into the storyline in a way that makes more sense in terms of continuity and chronologically.

This sounds like as you complete the zone these missions are focused on, you will be able to run the issues.  Tyler Free Born (issue 5) was in Blue Mountain. After that, Last Train to Cairo (issue 6) was in Scorched Desert.  And A Dream to Kill (Issue 7) was in Transylvania.  That does seem to follow along with your progression in the game.   Let’s see if I’m right about this!

LAST WORD:  Those of you that are in the Beta, Please Leave Feedback on the Beta Forums!  Even if it’s something you think they already know, tell them.  They see us in Global Chat saying things like “Yeah, they’re working on that…” and really they aren’t!  They didn’t know it was a thing!

And not just negatives as well, but things that you do like!  Usually the negatives will be more vocal, so they will go to fix it, but not realize it’s something that others actually like!  So make sure you tell them EVERYTHING!  Something that I like to say is, “The one time you don’t say something, is the one time you needed to!”

LAST LAST WORD:  If you got a Beta Key, Make sure you register it on your account by Monday morning!  Or they will go dead!  This is something they do to avoid the issues of people selling Beta Keys on Ebay or something.

ANDY’S BIRTHDAY!:  Andy’s Birthday was Saturday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You look great for being over 200 years old…!

“Goodnight, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest…”

And that’s it for this week’s stream!  A lot of things that were covered in previous streams, but good to touch upon once again.  Some new things, somethings that were incidental notices.  In any case, there’s some good information to be had!

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you in The Secret World!

DevStream 2 – 2017-0421

This is for the second DevStream featuring Secret World: Legends.

Second DevStream from 2017-0421 Located Here!

(Stream Fully starts at about 6:20, with actual content beginning at about 8:00.)

They start off pushing the Reticle mode and how they are still working on it.  They do want to please as many people as they can with it, but do acknowledge that this is a very polarizing topic for TSW Veterans.  It is still a work in progress, but there is more to come and they are listening to what we have to say about it.

CHARACTER SHEET REVAMP:  8:27 gives us a first look at the new character sheets:

As you can see, the layout is pretty clean and well organized.  You don’t get a full compliment of Talismans, and some of the equipment shown appear to have Levels associated with them.  We will get into this more later.

I like seeing the stats and being able to check how equipping certain things will affect those stats right there with your gear, no extra clicks.  Pets and sprints are available through here as well.  SUGGESTION – Since they are already reworking the interface, what says that Sprints and Pets need to be accessible from the same button and then have us swap tabs?  Why not give each their own button, and they can have their own screen.  I, for one, am constantly having to swap what tab I’m on because invariably, I need the OTHER tab whenever I open it.  Please?  For me?

And we also see that the Dressing Room is still under construction.

“Please Wait! This Feature will be coming soon™!”

Next, they talk about how they’ve changed certain aspects of the Character sheet screen.  It used to be as you open it, or the alt screen, you would be Rooted and it was kind of a pain to get out of it in the event you were attacked.   They’ve since changed it so you can just move and the screen will pop off. Or if you are still moving when you open it, it will stay open as long as you keep moving in that direction.  Change direction though, and it will close on you and you’ll be back in Reticle mode, ready for combat, or whatever.

Oh, and map screen does the same thing.

KEYBOARD TURNING IS A THING:  Another thing that was quite an issue for certain players was the need for keyboard turning.  There is a fairly good sized segment of the TSW community that are keyboard players.  Some play on laptops and don’t use a mouse. Others just prefer it that way.  So now the Arrow Keys will allow you to turn left/right, and you may rebind those as you see fit.

I’ll be happy because if you use the directional keys to turn, instead of strafe when using Hoverboards, Skates, motorcycles, or whatever mount, and you get an almost proper Lean effect and feels more natural and kinda fun!

TARGETING IMPROVEMENT:  Next item that’s been improved is you no longer need to point directly AT your target in order to USE that item.  (I still have issues trying to loot or grab mission items when grouped with people and they get there first.  It keeps trying to interact with that person instead of the item.  So PLEASE, can we have our ‘U’ Key back for an omni-directional ‘Use’?)

BUG FIX – DODGING:  In the first Beta revision, there was a bug where you were not able to double-tap a direction to dodge to the sides.  Forwards and backwards were not affected by this bug, but it has been fixed so you may once again dodge normally!  Or you can hold the shift key and a direction to dodge as well, but who’s got time to reach for another key when you need to dodge?  Seriously, if you NEED to dodge, there’s a reason why, and every nano-second counts!  Right..?


Icons, Icons, everywhere!

As you can see, there are a LOT of icons on the map now. They are more dynamic and will show you where you have missions available, where you’ve done them already, and Anima Wells you’ve discovered.  They will also show up based on you meeting the requirements for these missions.  And possibly more things.  Currently, they all kinda look alike, but they state that these are still in work and will show more of a difference in the next iteration of the Beta.

RETICLE CUSTOMIZATION:  Next version of the Beta (or one after that) they will be introducing new ways to customize the visuals of the Reticle.  This will include, Faction logos and other designs, including the ability to remove the reticle entirely so you don’t have this dot floating over your head onscreen.  HOWEVER, removing the reticle  from being seen does NOT take you out of reticle mode.  Apparently, reticle mode is here to stay.  (*grumble*)

Whoever told them that Reticle Mode is the New Black…?  You’re fired.

VANITY CAMERA: First Iteration of the Vanity Character coming Soon™!  This will let you rotate around your character, Zoom In/Out, and give you a better view of your character, similar to how we can already do that in TSW.  The Zoom In/Out will be a welcome addition, but I feel it’s much better to be able to do this on the fly, even in the midst of battle.  Sometimes you realize you’re zoomed too far out and need to zoom in, or vice versa to see around you, and being able to do this on the fly makes it so much easier in the midst of a fight.  Especially if you accidentally pull extra adds nearby, and we’ve all done that before!

ALT MODE: They are still working on this screen but it will not darken the entire screen as it does now.  However there will be some kind of visual queue to remind you what mode you are in.  Again, still a work in progress, but should be available in the next beta phase.

GROUP FINDER: There are plans to add more things, but something they HAVE added is the ability to queue as a ‘Private Team.”  What this does is allow you to avoid the queues for a dungeon and ignore most of the general requirements of the dungeon.  So you COULD join as only 2 players and/or ignore the level requirements.  Part of why they added this feature is because they know sometimes you want to go back to a dungeon to help someone out who’s lower, or maybe there’s a unique item in that dungeon, so now you can just go and not worry about being too high of a level.

The only requirement is that you cannot enter a dungeon if you are too low of a level, but if you are too high, you can still re-enter that dungeon.  Currently on Beta, the level requirements are still in effect, but will be updated Soon™.

RANDOM QUESTION FROM THE STREAM AUDIENCE: “Will there be more than 15 Active abilities per starter weapon?” Three rows of Five abilities, is what they are shooting for on each weapon.  They have trimmed off a LOT of abilities, but most of them were just ‘Filler’ abilities that no one ever actually used.  They were only purchased to get to the next abilities or to finish out your Panoptic Core.

They do want to give each weapon a different feel.

REMINDER: The UI that you are seeing is not representative of what they have planned.  It is still a work in progress.  They have mock-ups of what they have planned and hope to have it up and running for the next iteration of the beta.  More on this at the end of the stream.

POLARIS DUNGEON:  This is the first of the three dungeons that were “Live” on Beta at the time of this DevStream.   Something you will notice is the dungeon is that it only requires 3 team members.  This is something they are doing for the Normal Dungeons as you level up.  They didn’t want to make the players wait for Tanks/Healers to get into a dungeon.  So they simplified the balance in the dungeon so it can be completed with three of any class. (I’d like to see three pure healers do this!)

It’s also supposed to help introduce the new player to working with others in a “Shared World RPG”.  They will still have the higher end dungeons that require 5 team members and the ‘Holy Trinity” of Tank, Healer, and DPS.  Or if you want to go Private Team and try a Heal-Tank, “Knock yourself out.”  ((The way this was stated, I get the feeling they made it that much harder to pull off a Heal Tank build.))  These dungeons will be at Level 50 only because this is when you have all your abilities and you can play around to make the Deck of your choice.  It’s “When the fun begins.”  These will have Scaling level abilities, going beyond the old NM level.  Sounds like ‘Power Creep’ will not be an issue.

First Boss fight, and Andy goes Full On LEEROY JENKINS! And he stands in the water, while the boss wails on him and dies!  A brief moment of silence for our late, departed Andy…

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he kills himself after the boss fight and they are looting!

Something I want to bring up is the new ‘USE’ icon.  This isn’t just the resolution of the video, although that doesn’t help.  But the color of the text and the gradient used on the icon are both white.  So you can kinda see a letter ‘F’ in the top left corner of the icon, but it is kinda small and hard to see.  Ideally, I’d like to see the size of the letter increased by about 50%, Bolded, and change the gradient of the background so the letter stands out more.  I actually wouldn’t mind the Border area outside the ‘Gear Box’ becoming all black, losing the gradient entirely, so the letter stands out more.  The interior where the gears are shown can keep the gradient.  I just want them to give us some contrast so we can see what’s important.

That letter “F” just seems to blend into the background gradient.

BOSS LOOT:  After the boss dies, this chest will appear.  Don’t ask HOW it appears… just accept it.

Don’t ask where Tilty had this hidden… You probably don’t want to know.

When you get close enough to it, you can click on it and this will be the screen you see:

Looting 101…

First thing to take note of is the small icon in the bottom right of the screen. These are Chest Keys.  Each day you will be awarded a certain number of these keys (To Be Determined), and that is the number of chests you can loot each day.  HOWEVER, you can spend in game currencies to buy more keys.  This currency is the marks of Favor that you earn each day just by logging in and doing certain things each day.  No idea what the price will be per key at this time.  To Loot, currently you have to click on the image of the Chest on the right, just below the mouse pointer.

This particular chest will give you a chance at a Random Talisman, or major Talisman Distillate, or Major Weapon Distillate.  (Mentioned later in the stream, some Loot items are only available in specific dungeons. So if you want those specific items, you’ll have to run that dungeon.)

“What the #@$% is a Distillate?”  I’m glad you asked!

Introduction to Item Levels 101

Take a look at Tilty’s Character sheet here.  Notice his Neck and Waist talismans have a red number on them, but the head does not?  As you’ll see later in the video (And I’ll screen cap it when it reaches that point), you can combine other talismans into your current talismans in order to help them level up.  Each item you use in this manner will give your item XP.  Gain enough XP and your item will go up a level!  If you combine a neck talisman into a Neck talisman, you’ll generally gain more points than if you combined a wrist talisman into a neck talisman.  Same thing for weapons.  Pistols into a Elemental Focus won’t give as much XP to your focus as if you used another Elemental Focus.  These Distillates work as if you distilled out the XP from a Weapon or talisman and then you can apply it to any type of weapon or talisman and will not incur any kind of penalty for it not being of the same type.  The only restriction is that you use a Talisman Distillate with talismans, and Weapon Distillate with weapons.

And here’s a shot of the Ability window from after the next boss fight in the stream.

Assembly 101

As you can see, you can combine up to 5 items into one item at a time.  Each item will have a cost associated with it and it will total up the cost and takes it from your available Pax when you click the assemble button in the bottom right of that window.

“It’s getting Hot in Here…”

ELEMENTAL THERMOTICS:  A little more explanation on the Thermotics Bar.  As explained in the previous DevStream, as you use your Elementalism abilities, you will use energy from the bottom bar, and gain heat in the top bar.  The higher your heat, the more damage you will do. But if you overheat, you will be silenced and can no longer use your Elementalism until you cool down.  There are Cooling abilities that you can use in order to control your heat levels, so it becomes a dance of control over heat and energy levels.  Keep in mind that your basic abilities will not use energy, but can still increase your heat levels.


CHAOS BAR:  This is one of the easier weapons skills to use in the game.  As you use your Chaos abilities, they will consume energy, and will sometimes give you another dot on your Chaos bar. Once you fill your Chaos bar, you will do a random ability that will increase your damage for a short time.   Watch the stream and you’ll see him suddenly split into multiple copies of himself, or circles will spring up on the ground around him that will cause damage and a knock down ability.  There are more things that it can do, but probably not at this stage of the game, but they do say to keep at it and you’ll discover more things it can do.

Default Control Layout

This is the default layout for the controls in SWL, but please keep in mind, per the last DevStream you will be able to remap these anyway you want when the game goes live.  Currently, some things cannot be remapped in the Beta.

From this image, we can see:

  • 9-Key is a gadget of some sort.
  • Left Mouse Button is the Elemental Main Attack.
  • Right Mouse Button is Chaos Main Attack
  • Q-Key is a Basic Attack – in this case it’s an elemental attack
  • 1-Button is a Cooling ability, that I also believe causes cold damage to enemies around you
  • 2-Button is what looks like the current Flicker ability, but I’m not sure what ability this is in the Beta.  Being that it is a different color Blue, I’d guess this to be some sort of utility ability, so it could be Flicker still for all I know!
  • The last button is hard to see, but I believe it’s the E-Key, and this is also another Cooling ability.

To me, that kind of a layout doesn’t make any sense to me.  Ok, I can understand the left and right mouse buttons, especially with the reticle mode.  But curling your abilities around the W-Key..?  And then you have to Reach across the entire keyboard to use your gadget?  My preference would have your Basic abilities on Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4, and then use Q for the gadget.  But that’s just me, I guess.

ASSEMBLY COST: Question from the Twitch Audience was “Does the Cost of Improving your items increase as you get higher in level?” Yes, the cost will increase as the quality of your items increase.  Not YOUR level, but the ITEM’S level.

AEGIS:  Another Question from the Twitch Audience was regarding AEGIS.  Unfortunately, AEGIS is a part of the Tokyo story line, so yes it will be there. HOWEVER, they are working on improving it.  They will talk more about it when they get closer to the release of Tokyo.

BONUSES FOR LEGACY PLAYERS:  Yet another question from the Twitch Stream was if there would be any bonuses for legacy players that bought the game (TSW)?  There are plans for Bonuses for people that Bought TSW, as well as the other packs such as the Massive Edition, Ultimate Edition, and Complete Edition.  They have not announced what those will be, but there will be something for us!

On top of that, we will be able to keep a lot of the items that we’ve acquired in TSW.  Anything that you get from bags, from certain community events,  or the store you should be able to keep.  Currently going through a 6000+ item spreadsheet to identify exactly what those items will be.

RELEASE DATE:  Still not an exact date, but they are still looking at a Spring Release.  This means anytime up to June 19th is still technically Spring.  And yes, Spring 2017.

PATRON/PATREON: Still no announcement as to what this means yet.  they will talk about this more in the future, but just aren’t ready to announce anything on this just yet.

LOOT CHEST:  Apparently Loot chests will sometimes be upgraded to RED chests and give you ‘Cooler Things™!’  It sounds like this is from the Final Boss only, mentioned later in the stream.

Next Phase of Beta will be starting Soon™ and more invites will be sent out. If you do get an invite, please use your key as soon as you can, they will be inactivating them after a few days!  ((Apparently, someone was selling them on ebay..?))

Also it is advised that you PLEASE leave feedback on the Beta Forums. They are reading all posts and want your input!

Next Phase of Beta will be adding Egypt! Also they expect to be done with revamps to the ability bar and ability window.  Also adding new weapons: Blood!

DECKS:  “Will this still be a thing in SWL?”  When you start the game, you are given a ‘Class’ which has two weapons that they chose for us because they seemed to work well together.  You are NOT Bound to any of it, you just start the game with two weapons.  You can unlock any of the other weapons, and you will get bonuses for the more weapons you master.  There are passives that will be on you, no matter what weapons you are using.  The idea is that you are constantly getting stronger.  You can use any weapon with any other weapon.

WEAPON MOLDS/COSMETICS:  No information at this time. They want to wait till the new Dressing Room is ready to discuss this later on.

LESSONS LEARNED FROM TSW:  Last question from the stream was “What kind of lessons have you learned from TSW going into SWL?”  In a nutshell, what they have with TSW is a game that they strongly believe in.  They love the story, and feel it’s rather unique, even compared to single player RPG’s, it’s an engaging world.  They hope for the game (SWL) to be more successful than it (TSW) was.  One of the biggest reasons it wasn’t was the combat. So the idea behind the Relaunch was to help make it more engaging.  Another thing was the Cost of the game, so they wanted to embrace the Free-to-Play model, which is very common now.  It becomes harder to compete with other games when you get to try them for free.  So they looked at whether or not they could just make TSW Free-to-Play, or if it would be better to fix a lot of the issues with a new game that was designed from the get go so everything worked properly rather than being slapped on.  It was very important for them to make sure the Free-to-Play model worked, and wasn’t using Pay-Gates in order to access parts of the game.  You will never be asked to spend money if you don’t want to.

NEXT STREAM: They are looking at continuing with the Bi-weekly structure, so the next DevStream should be on May 5th!

They do plan on having more Developer Blogs/Vlogs, going more in depth on the changes they will be making to the game!

And that’s it!  If you made it this far, Thank you for sticking with me!  I know this is late, but I had a few things in RL taking up my time last week when I should have been playing catch up.  I should be good for the next Stream this coming Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

(Also, don’t forget about my Twitter Follower Give Away!)

Thanks again, and I’ll see you in The Secret World!