Ok, I was off a bit… BUT I was still going off what had been repeatedly said was a SPRING 2017 Release..!  June 26 is SUMMER, so that wasn’t MY fault!  #IBlameScottBaio  >.>

ANYWAY… Announced this Morning on twitter by Funcom was the Launch Date for Secret World Legends:

Pencil that date in your Day Planners!

That puts my last prediction in my Beta Phases Post off by a week, So Open Beta may get put off a week as well.  But I think most everything else should be pretty close.

It will really depend on how long they want to have an Open Beta Phase.  If they only want 2 weeks, then yeah, it will get postponed another week.  If they want only 1 week of Open Beta, then it will get pushed out 2 weeks.  If they think 3 weeks of Open Beta will be good for the game, then it will stay where it is.  But really, how much stress testing will you want in TSW?  We should have plenty of data on that by now with the original launch 5 years behind us.  Couple that with the data they should have for Conan Exiles, and they should be able to make an educated guess.  So my gut feeling is 1-2 weeks of Open Beta.

What do YOU think?  Leave a comment below!

Thanks for stopping by!  And I hope to see You in The Secret World!


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