TSW Fixes for SWL

So for #TMITuesday I want to know what you want to see get fixed from TSW before SWL goes live.

I have a number of things that I want to see fixed, and I’ll list them here for you. Reply to this post with your items or tweet them back at me @Anima_Nation.

  • Chairs – I mean, come on, we’ve all known chairs were an issue since TSW was in Beta.  Now that they are relaunching the game, this would be the perfect time to fix them so we can use them and NOT look like we are sitting on top of the table next to us!  And also along these lines, Space them from the tables/bar so that people can actually /sit  in them!  There’s a pair of barstools in the Horned God that we joke are the End Boss of the game if you can actually get to sit on them!
  • The actual sitting animation when we do right click on a chair to use it –  If you pay attention to the cutscene from “The Christmas Conspiracy,” in the Albion, look at how well everyone is sitting. (At least when it doesn’t bug out and shows everyone standing.  Yes, that’s a thing.)  The ladies have their legs crossed and hands in their lap all elegantly.  The men are sitting and paying attention looking like gentlemen.  WHY do WE have to look like we are in a Time out?  I swear,  our arms are crossed across our chests, and feet planted firmly shoulder-width apart, and we got this expression on our faces that look like we are MAD for having to sit there!  Well, I get mad having to use that animation!
  • The /Sit emote – No one outside of grade school sits cross-legged anymore. And have you seen what it does to those wearing skirts?  Give us a /Kneel at least and let us sit as we do in the cut scene when we first meet Gozen!
  • Chat Fixes – I’m not saying to parse the chats differently, although being able to extract a proper Chat log would be nice, What I want are just a few quality of life improvements:

– Being able to change the color of chat based on channel name.

– If I click a Channel name so I can continue to chat in that channel, open up the typing box for me at that point.  Don’t make me have to hit enter again. If I’m changing my channel name like this, chances are it’s because I have to say something in there already!

– Persistent Channel choice – Sometimes it’s not convenient to scroll back up to the channel you want to reply in, so if I type /Group  and I send my message, the next message I send I WANT TO BE IN THE SAME CHANNEL!  I don’t want to have to type /group AGAIN…!  You have no idea how frustrating this is…

  • Death Effect – Can we have the option to Toggle OFF the death effect?  I’m talking the black and white screen as we run back to our corpse.  At least tone it back a little.  There are times when we die and we have to travel Over Hill and Over Dale to get back to our bodies, and yet, we can’t tell where the trail is to get back there because with that death effect on, the Rendering distance is barely 5 ft in front of our faces!  I at least want to be able to SEE landmarks so i can know where to go from there!
  • SWL’s Preset heads…? – Granted this isn’t a TSW ‘Fix’ as it’s more of a SWL thing, but it’s still an important issue to us.  But this is a thing that was noted during the first DevStream, but hasn’t been addressed publicly since and we really need to hear if it’s going to happen: “Are we going to be stuck with the preset heads?”

A little exercise in how the SWL announcement was processed in my head:

“Relaunch?  Ok, no problem, won’t affect us that already play the game, except maybe new mechanics to get used to.” – Then I found out it will be a full start over for our characters. DOH!

“Reticle Mode will be the new thing?  No worries, we can always turn it off and play how we have always played if we want.  I mean, it is the same game engine after all.” – Then I find out Reticle Mode is THE ONLY way we can play – DOH!

After checking reticle mode in TSW, “At least we can still turn the camera around and zoom in to screen shot our characters.” – Then I find out the Vanity Camera hasn’t been implemented, and I still see issues with removing the mouse from our main interface – DOH!

“Sweet!  We can bring over all our vanity items too!” then I find out that we will be stuck with preset heads and none are based on the head I used for the majority of my characters, so there is no way for me to make a face that I think best represents my characters. – DOH!

So yeah… I don’t have anything else to fall back on if preset heads are all we will get.  depending on how many character slots I’ll get since I paid for a couple and got an extra with my Grand master, I may roll a few characters just to hold the names and then spend my time in TSW since they are being kind enough to keep those servers running.

So yeah… this is my list of things i want to see fixed before the SWL Launch.  What do you want to see fixed?  Let me know in the comments below, or tweet them at me (@Anima_Nation)!

Thank you and I hope to see you in the Secret World!

((Please keep in mind that we cannot discuss anything about the Beta that hasn’t been shown publicly yet by FunCom.))

((EDIT – Late Addition – Female Templar Uniform for Crusader – Can you make the armor NOT look like Bucket Plastic?

And while I’m thinking about it, how about the Executioner deck – Change those crappy Rose framed shades for the females to be the same Oakleys that the males get!))


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