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Today we got a surprise tweet from Funcom giving us what they call a “SPECIALTY SPOTLIGHT,” which is a 20 second Video Clip Focusing on one of the new Weapon Gimmicks Mechanics in SWL!  Today’s focus is on the new Pistol Mechanic: Chamber Roulette!


Quoted from the Video:

“Specialty Spotlight: Pistols – Understanding the Chamber Roulette.

  • Use your Pistol abilities to spin both chambers.
  • When both chambers align, your pistols abilities do additional damage for a short while.
  • The damage bonus increases based on the rarity of the match.”


Grey matching:

Red Matching:

So what we see here is the Chambers will change alignments as you use your abilities.  There are three levels of matched chambers:

So… what if I’ve got magazine loading semi-autos..? 😛

There are 3 Grey Chambers, 2 Blue Chambers, and 1 Red Chamber per ‘Cylinder.’  So 1/2 of each cylinder is grey, 1/3 is blue, and 1/6 is red.  Multiply these by each other and your chances for each color match variant would be:

  • Grey – 25% – So roughly every 4th shot could give you a Low Damage Bonus.
  • Blue – 11.11% – So roughly every 9th shot, you could get a Medium Damage Bonus.
  • Red – 2.78% – So roughly every 36 shots you could get a High Damage Bonus.

Unfortunately, they didn’t go into more detail as to how MUCH of a bonus Low/Medium/High equates to, so we’ll just have to wait and see for this information to come through.

Also not covered, how do our stats help this? Does Crit Chance influence this at all?  I wouldn’t think so, as I think Critical hits are based on each shot fired, whether or not your chambers align.  And getting all the Crit in all the weapon passive trees would probably skew this gimmick mechanic.

So that does bring to mind, what passives in the Pistol Tree influence this?  It was stated in the DevStreams, that your Passives can help you control your weapon mechanics.  So what passives would benefit this mechanic best?  Since they didn’t release the weapon tree, and it’s still in Closed Beta, we can’t yet look at this in as much detail as we’d like.


We don’t have any information on any Weapon Procs that may be available on any special weapons, or if there are any Glyphs/Signets that can help our match-rates. We also don’t know how much our passives can help influence our Chamber Alignments.  Combine this with the limited number of passive slots we will have, and some of those passive slots will have to be used for your alternate weapon, this seems like a VERY RNG dependent weapon mechanic.

I’m sure pistols will still be viable enough to level with, so I wouldn’t count it out for rolling a character class when SWL Rolls out.  It’s just the endgame level that we need more information to clarify it’s viability for progression.

Personally, I think this was an interesting tease, but it raises more questions than it answers.  Let’s hope they start filling in some of these blanks for us soon™.

Thank you again for stopping by!  We’ll see you soon, in the Secret World!




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