SWL Currencies

On your Top Bar, there is an icon for each of your new currencies:

  • Aurum – This is the new FC Points you buy with Cash, or trade for in Game.
  • Marks of Favor – These are earned for doing missions or other tasks in game. Or you can trade for them.
  • Anima Shards – These are earned from Monster drops and Mission turn-ins and are used mostly for empowerment of your weapons.

Yes, Trading for Money is a thing!  They even have a Currency exchange!

Currency Exchange

The one Currency that I don’t seem to see any kind of trading option is Anima Shards.  Seeing how this is the one currency needed for empowerment of your items, I can see this being an issue.  It can keep people from upgrading gear if they don’t have enough, but then again, since his is a currency that drops off creatures you should be out there killing anyway (And awarded for missions) it can also be a way to keep people engaged in the world.  Not sure if that is intended, but it will be a side effect at the very least.

Looking at the exchange screen above, you can see one side is for wanting to BUY Aurum from others. and the other side is your willingness to SELL Aurum.  Keep in mind that the MoF value is NOT the total sale price, rather the individual Unit Price.  So someone is selling 120 Aurum at 52 MoF/each = 6240 Marks of Favor you’d have to spend in order to gain that 120 Aurum they have for sale.

Similarly, someone wants to BUY 245 Aurum, and is willing to spend 42 Marks of Favor each = 10290 Marks of Favor you could GAIN!

What I don’t know, since I have not partaken of this function yet, is how much of a cut the exchange will take from these transactions?  I have heard there is not cut, but after the fiasco that happened during the opening week, they may have added something to curb the people working the system.

The Auction house takes a 5% deposit, and if it sells it will keep that 5%.  If it doesn’t sell, they still keep that 5%!

Auction House Rules…

Speaking of the Auction House, it looks like you are limited to 10 items that you can place on the AH at a time.  I’ve never been that much of an AH player before, so I never knew if there was a similar rule in effect for TSW.  I MIGHT be selling certain things on the AH in this game though.  Depends on the quality of drops I get from my mission turn ins.

Something I found out in Chat, is that the bottom line on that screenshot shows your purchases.  When you buy things, and you get your mail saying it has been delivered to your storage, this is the place to check first!  It appears you are limited to 10 items to buy at a time before you have to claim them and store them properly.  (UPDATE: PATRONS get to use this remote access feature. If you are not a Patron, you have to visit the Auctioneer in Mall-gartha.)

Something to mention, Aurum is Account Wide.  Marks of Favor and Anima Shards are per character.  Which brings up another thing… Transferring items amongst your alts…

Trading outright is not allowed unless you are a patron.  (UPDATE: Non-patrons can freely trade once they hit level 15.)  And on top of that, Attaching items to the Mail is no longer a thing. ((NOTE – The “Take All Attachments” button on the main mail menu can be used to collect any money you may have from an AH Sale.))

Please leave a message after the beep… BEEP!

So that leaves Cabal Banks and the AH.  If you join a Cabal, you’ll need to make sure that you can add your alts to the cabal too, if you want to be able to use the cabal bank to have a quick free trade.

Alternatively, you can start your own cabal, and since this is a free to play game, you can create another account , to add another character to the cabal so you can then add your other alts on your main account to your own cabal and then just make free use of the cabal bank in order to trade freely amongst your alts.  This can also work if you have a good friend that you trust to add to your cabal, or be the trusted friend in THEIR Cabal!

Or there’s the AH, and I don’t know if there are restrictions on buying your own items from another character on your account.  I know Blizzard had this restriction for WoW, so I just assume it’s a thing elsewhere.  If anyone can test this for me, that would be greatly appreciated! (UPDATE: It appears that I cannot view my own items on the AH, even on another character, so they do appear to have placed a restriction in place for this eventuality.)

That just leaves Anima Shards to talk about.  Anima shards drop off monsters you fight in the field, and are awarded for completing missions.  You can sell items you acquire in the field for Anima Shards at vendors as well.  What are they good for?  Well, they are used in empowering your gear, and I haven’t found any vendors that deal in them either.

What I have found is another currency used at certain vendors  and i’m told it’s Third Age Fragments.  These are dropped from the special Agarthan Loot Bags that drop once you hit level 15. (aka – Loot Lanterns!)

One of the Third Age Fragment Vendors


I appear to have failed to have noticed something else in the game. If you open your inventory, there is a button called WALLET.  Click that and you should get a screen similar to this:

Do they take Google Pay…?

I’ve already covered the top 4, the next ones are specials.  You are given the amounts shown above for free.  Dungeons replenish on a daily basis, Patrons getting 18, and Non-Patrons getting 12, so I would assume Lairs and Scenarios would as well.  (UPDATE: Scenario/Lair keys do replenish Daily as well.  Non-Patrons receive 2 Scenario keys per day, and Patrons receive 3.  Non-Patrons receive 3 Lair Keys, and Patrons Receive 6.)  Lairs MIGHT be weekly though… I don’t know, I haven’t had a chance to get to lair’s yet.

Cache keys are going to be a ‘meat-and-potatoes’ staple of the new F2P economy to keep the servers running. So you should be able to buy those at least.   WHERE is the question I can’t seem to get answered yet though.  the other keys are also supposed to be purchasable too, but again, I can’t seem to get an answer on where, yet.  I will update again if/when I find out.

UPDATE:  To buy Cache Keys, right-click on a Loot-Lantern in your inventory and the option to buy more appears on the right side of the Cache Window:

Cash for Cache keys..?

Please note that there is no bulk discount for keys!  They are a Flat 150 Aurum cost across all quantities!  How much does that cost in Real World dough?

Gotta keep these servers Hummin’ somehow, right?

If you take away the ‘Bonus Aurum’ from the equation, you’ll see that the cost is about 1 penny per Aurum.  So the 150 Aurum to buy a single Cache Key equates to about $1.50 each.  Considering you get one of these a day if you are a patron, that means you are receiving about $45 worth of content each month just with the one key a day!

So how does this compare to the old TSW FunCom Points?

Aurum vs FC points…. Ready…… FIGHT!

FC points didn’t give us the ‘Extra Bonus’ in green numbers to the side like they do for Aurum.  BUT… if you include the ‘Bonus Aurum’ in your calculations, you see that at the top end, you end up at the same value Aurum-to-FC Point.  Of course I have to take the values out to the 4th decimal place (Hundredths of a cent) in order to even SEE this..!

I see the difference as minimal.  At the low end, if we received 600 Aurum, I can get 4 Cache Keys, but since we only get 500, I’ll only be able to get 3 and have 50 left over to play with on the Exchange.  So there is that, at least.

So these are the currencies that I’ve found in SWL so far.  I’m sure there will be more later on, as there was for the Whispering Tide event in TSW.  I hope this article proved to be informative for you.

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know if you find anything else! And I’ll See you in the Secret World!


Unless you were stuck at work and unable to read any tweets, you should know by now that Funcom just posted the Account Linking and Item Transfer information we’ve been clamoring for, for what seems like months! (Oh wait, it has been!) And I think the news they’ve given us is even better than expected!

The Account linking is a Manual process that YOU will have to perform on the SWL account page. Instructions are given on the page linked above. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LINK ACCOUNTS IMMEDIATELY! You can take until an unspecified date in August to Link accounts if you so choose, to give yourself more time to collect as much clothing as you want in TSW before linking accounts! (I just need to find a way to grind out another 185 Achievement points now…>.> ) As for the items that transfer… See below:

All items in all your characters’ account’s Dressing Rooms will be transferred. The wording here does not state any exceptions, so I’m inclined to believe even the items bought with PAX!

Clothing Items are Gender Specific – If you have All female characters and there are things that you can Claim in the item store for Males, YOU MUST ROLL A MALE CHARACTER AND CLAIM THESE ITEMS TO YOUR DRESSING ROOM in order for them to transfer to SWL. And Vice-Versa.

Dances will transfer with your characters! The exceptions are the ones like Nassir’s Groove which is not a dance you activate with a command, but rather an item in your bags. The Issue 15 pipe smoking emote also comes to mind in this case. HOWEVER, there will be ways to acquire Nassir’s Groove in SWL, and it sounds like it is achievement based. No specifics on it yet. Guess we find out when we find out!

Sprints will transfer! The exception is the Franken Chopper. This will instead be given as special mission by Moose once you reach level 50. Instead, you will receive a new motorcycle that I already forgot the name of…>.> But yeah! You’ll still get something! anyway!

If you have clothing items in your bags that you have not activated yet, THEY WILL NOT TRANSFER! They NEED to be activated and in a Dressing Room Closet!

PETS will transfer! The exception being the Shems from the Guardians events. Just have to go out and re-earn them!

Achievements and Titles do NOT transfer over. 🙁

Faction Based clothing items such as the Faction Jewelry or eSports Jackets or such, these need to be activated on a character of the specific Gender/Faction for them to transfer over to SWL. (AMENDMENT- Faction Rank and Deck Outfits will not transfer.)

Something I have not yet had answered is character slots. If you purchased character slots, or they came with a TSW Bundle, will they be transferring? Personally, I came to terms with having to buy more slots a long time ago, and it’s not going to be an issue either way for me. I’d LIKE to have the ability to bring them over, but it’s not going to break me. (AMENDMENT – My tweet was just answered, and all accounts will only get one character slot.  Additional slots may be purchased in game.)

That’s about it for now.  I do want to shout out to the Beyond the Veil team for hosting Tilty earlier tonight!  Being able to have him answer some immediate questions regarding the item transfers was a great help!

Thank you for stopping by!  And I’ll see you TOMORROW in SWL!


SWL TwitchStream!

“Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife..!”

I’m Having my first ever, true to life TwitchStream this Friday for the Secret World Legends Head Start access! Join me where I will walk through Character Creation, Item Transfers, Currencies, and maybe get to play some of the game!

This is new territory for me, and I even linked up my Amazon Prime to my twitch account in the hopes this becomes a thing for me!

Come on by to cheer me on, or at least point and laugh… I’ll be starting at 8:00PM pst (11:00PM est).


“He told me, if I truly want to understand humanity, I need only read the comment section on YouTube…”

SWL Launch Coverage

So we have the Head Start access coming fast upon us this Friday!  What do you want to see covered?  I have a ‘short’ list of things that I will be covering come Friday, but I want to hear from you what YOU want to see first?

My list includes:

  1. Item transfers – I know almost everyone out there is interested in the final result of Tilty’s infamous 6500+ item spreadsheet!
  2. Character Creation – What elements and changes to the Character Creator made it into the final build?
  3. In depth Weapon Breakdowns – I do plan to go through each weapon and each ability, Active and Passive so you can know what skills are left from the wheel and what you can plan on picking up first!
  4. Starter Classes – We know what the classes are already thanks to DevStreams and Media Tours.  But now we can take a closer look at how these classes will play out and what abilities work best together.
  5. Economy – It will probably take a little longer to work out the separate currency economies before we can look at this subject, but I may at least poke at this.

What else are YOU interested in seeing?  Is there a particular subject that you want to see covered?  Something no one else has mentioned yet?  Let me know in the comments below, or tweet them to me @Anima_Nation!

“Tick…. Tock…!”


If you are in the Beta, you should have received this email not too long ago:

“So long, and thanks for all the Filth…”

What does this mean?  It means that the Closed Beta Ends tomorrow, BUT, it does not negate the NDA.  (You are still bound by the terms of the NDA.)  It also means that there probably isn’t going to be an OPEN beta, as we originally thought there would be. ((There goes my prediction out the window!  Who saw THAT one coming?))

What this doesn’t tell us is if we will still get to post int he Beta Forums about concerns or last minute suggestions or what-have-you.  Just going to have to wait and see on that.

But they are sticking to the Head-Start schedule next Friday (June 23rd) and release on June 26.  With any luck, more of what we reported will get taken care of and more improvements made in this last week of crunch time for them!

I do want to say Thank you to FunCom for allowing me, and the rest of the community, to take part in the Beta Process.  I know you all have a lot on your collective plates, and all of this is appreciated!  I hope our feedback was valuable and our continued comments will help make this game the best it can be!

I look forward to the Head Start and the Relaunch, and can’t wait to be able to show the rest of the world the kind of community we have!

Thank you all for stopping by, and I hope to see you soon™, in the Secret World!

SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Blood – Blood Offering

And FINALLY!  The last of the Weapons Specialties is Spotlighted! Blood!

“Speciality Spotlight – Blood Magic: How does Blood Offering Work?

  • Use Blood Magic abilities that deal damage and increase your Corruption Level.
  • Using Blood Magic to heal will instead increase your Martyrdom Level.
  • Corruption increases the Damage done by your abilities, while Martyrdom increases the potency of all your Heals.
  • Both states consume your life energy to cast abilities.
  • Be aware that a High Corruption or a High Martyrdom Level will make it more difficult for you to be healed.
  • Use these special abilities to decrease your Corruption or Martyrdom Levels.”

Again, this one is pretty straight forward.  the new graphics for the shield is pretty nice too.

Blood is one of the Healing weapons in the game, of course, but is also used for DPS.  I currently Use Blood for my DPS in TSW, and hope I can do similar in SWL.

Also being a healing weapon, makes for some good “OH SH%#!” buttons when soloing content!

So that’s the last of the Weapons Abilities for now. There are rumors that they will be adding more weapons at a later date, just no idea when that will be.  I’m going to stick with my previous thought of Season 2.

There’s also only 2 more days before the Last scheduled DevStream for SWL before launch!  What might they have in store for us then?  Funcom also has a huge announcement at E3 on Friday, as well. No idea if it will be SWL related or not, but I’m hoping so! AND….  Still no word on Open Beta.  I’m hoping they release the NDA this weekend, though!  Early Access for SWL starts on the 23rd, so releasing the NDA now for Open Beta sounds about right!

What do you want to hear from FunCom this week? Are you getting excited for the relaunch?  Let me know in the comments below! Or tweet them to me @anima_nation!

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you in the Secret World!

SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Chaos – Controlled Chaos

Oh SNAP!  A Second Speciality Spotlight in the same day..?!?!  What is this sorcery?  I’m glad you asked!  It’s Chaos magic!  Let’s see what the video has to say:

“Speciality Spotlight – Chaos Magic: Working with Controlled Chaos

  • Every time your Chaos abilities deal damage divisible by 8, you generate 2-4 Paradoxes.
  • Once 8 Paradoxes have been generated, 1 of 3 types of Chaotic Effects is triggered.
  • A Singularity creates Rifts in the Fabric of Reality around you which explodes dealing damage and knocking down enemies.
  • an Enigma is a small beneficial effect applied on your enemy. Purging the effect or defeating the enemy will grant You and Your Team a much stronger version of that effect!
  • Extra-Dimensional Doppelgangers are clones of yourself that attack your enemies.”

Paradox =/= Pair of Ducks
Careful… this might suck you in…!
“Riddle me this, Batman…”
Told you I had an evil twin..!

They’ve been pretty open with this particular weapon during the DevStreams so far, but now we know each of the Official Names of your Chaos Effects!

This is one of the ‘easier’ weapons to pick up for a new player based on the fact that what happens is completely random.  But they do explain their comment of ‘Divisible by 8’ that I had no clue what they were saying before.  When your Damage is Divisible by 8..!  (8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, etc…)  THAT is when you generate a paradox!  They do state that when you generate a Paradox, you will generate 2-4 paradoxes at once.  However, at :13 seconds into the video, they managed to generate only 1 paradox.  So i’m not sure how accurate this is.

If Andy, Nicole, or even Romain read this, chiming in with a response to this would be greatly appreciated! (I’ll try to tweet this at them too.)

(UPDATE: The Tweeted response Indicates that some passives will have a chance to proc a single paradox.  Which makes sense.  I should have thought about that.  I blame the rushed schedule releasing two of these in one day!  Yeah, that’s the ticket!)

It has been stated before that your passives will help you control your procs better for this class, and once you start getting up there in levels, that’s when the fun begins for all you theorycrafters out there!  It does seem like a fun weapon to Main, or even have as a secondary Weapon for backup.

This is a Tanking weapon, too, BTW.  So expect the passives to give you more health and defensive stats.

Now… will they release the last one today as well?  time will tell!

Thanks for stopping by! And I hope to see you in the Secret World!




SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Fists – Primal Wrath

Another Speciality Spotlight!  Today’s focus is on Fists! [Insert Bruce Lee/Chuck Norris jokes here.] ((It’s ok, I’d never subject you to that…! Just open Trade chat in WoW if you want to hear those!))

Quoted from the Video:

“Speciality Spotlight – Fists: How to Consume Primal Wrath

– Every Attack and heal using fists generates Fury
– When your Fury gets above this threshold, you can activate Frenzied Wrath, or Invigorating Wrath
– You will gain new powerful abilities while under the effect of Wrath
– You can continue to use those new abilities until your Fury meter is fully drained”

Wrath Threshold


NERF THIS! Oh wait… wrong game universe…!


Kick ALL the Arse!

Looks pretty straight forward, but you need to keep something in mind – You NEED that ability that activates your Wrath on your bars at all times or Wrath will do nothing for you!  We won’t talk about how I may or may not know this from experience…>.>

There are other tidbits i want to mention here, but NDA is still in effect… COME ON FUNCOM… DROP THE NDA ALREADY!

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you soon™, in the Secret World!

SWL – Weapons Mechanics – Shotguns – Heavy Munitions

Ever since the First DevStream, Shotguns have been noted as being one of the most advanced weapon types for new players coming in SWL.  NOW we get to take a look at what all the fuss is about!


Quoted from the Vid:

“Speciality Spotlight – Shotgun: Reloading your Heavy Munitions

  • The Shotgun is loaded with 6 shells
  • Using ANY shotgun ability will expend these shells
  • Once these shells are depleted, every Shotgun ability will be replaced with a reload option for a randomized shell type
  • There are 4 types of ammunition
  • Armor piercing shells reduce the defense of your target
  • Depleted Uranium Shells deal a large amount of Bonus Damage
  • Dragon’s Breath shells apply a significant Damage Over Time Effect
  • Anima-Infused Shells restore a Percentage of your Health”

So far this is the Spotlight with the most information given so far!

Since every weapon can be used as a DPS weapon, I can see the Dragon’s Breath and Depleted Uranium shells being used when extra DPS is needed.

Anima-Infused shells will be your ‘OH SH%#!’ ammo, but the problem will be making sure you can get to pull it up in time!

And Armor Piercing will be the Tanking Ammo of choice, being able to apply a Debuff that will reduce the Boss’ Defense!

The problem here is that you load your different ammo only when your weapon is empty.  And then, the ammo available will be randomized! So their’s no guarantee that you’ll get the ammo type you want, when you need it!

Additionally, when do you run out of ammo?  When you are in the middle of a fight.  Not everyone will be watching when they run out of ammo to be ready to swap to a different ammo type, as they may be kiting the boss around, or trying to not get the group of mobs nearby as well or whatever reason.  So you may end up with a completely different ammo from what you intended!

HOWEVER, this also does not take into account any passives or special abilities that may help you control what ammo types come up.  So we’ll have to take a closer look at that once the NDA is lifted!

What do you think about shotguns? One of the new Tanking weapons for SWL!  Let me know in the comments below! Or tweet to me @Anima_Nation.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you in the Secret World!


Leave no Secret Worlder Behind…

Per THIS TWEET, Head Start Access for TSW players is beginning on June 23rd!  (I have doctor’s appointments that day…*crai*)  That means we’ll have access to the game through the entire weekend prior to the game’s official launch the following Monday, June 26!

What does that mean for us?  That means Account linking is going to happen that day, or maybe even earlier!  Account linking is when the vanity item transfers take place!  So Make sure if you want to have items in BOTH games, get they purchased and in your character’s Closets BEFORE you link your accounts!

If you are running any kind of contests for vanity items, make sure you keep your ears open for account linking instructions so you can adjust your giveaways and get your prizes to your followers beforehand!

And I THINK some of my giveaway items are STILL sitting in my mail awaiting pick up.  If you haven’t picked your stuff up, make sure you do so ASAP!

As for Open Beta, still no word on that.  But i’m still going by the last DevStream where they said theyw ere hoping they wouldn’t be breaking the NDA by the time the next DevStream airs! So with any kind of luck, the NDA will be lifted before next Friday! (June 16)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you in the Secret World!