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Wait, did I skip a post yesterday?  Apparently I did.  My apologies, but the rigors of RP claimed my evening!

Yesterday, instead of a specialty Spotlight, Funcom instead published a new video on YouTube previewing the New combat in SWL!!  <–(Click Link )

I didn’t really see much to cover from this video.  This was more of a Sales pitch to gain more interest in TSW from those that were not impressed with the combat in TSW.  No real questions could be answered from this video.

They did give short previews of Blade, Elementalism, Shotgun, and Chaos weapons.  With the exception of Shotgun, all of these have been covered in the DevStreams.  So I’ll at least cover shotgun for your perusal.

  • Shotguns come with 6 Shells
  • There are 4 different types of ammo that will give you different effects
  • As you expend your ammo, you will get a choice of what ammo to load into it next
  • The wider variety of abilities on your bar will give you a wider array of ammo you can load

This was not as expansive a look as we would like,  so I think we are just going to have to wait for the NDA to drop before we can get into everything that we want to!

  • What are the 4 types of ammo?
  • What effects do these ammo types have?
  • How does the number/variance of abilities slotted affect ammo selection?
  • What passives may affect ammo selection?
  • How does Ammo selection work?

in regards to this last question, the screenshot above does show new icons that are different from the icons in the previous screenshot.  it appears that when you run out of ammo, the ammo selection takes over your ability bar.

I can see that not working well in the middle of a fight!  You use your 6 shots, ammo selection comes up, and you don’t even notice because you are keeping your target in your cross-hairs,  and accidentally click or use a type of ammo you didn’t want.

This also seems to be RNG based, so it’s not certain what kind of damage throughput you can expect with this.

And one more question I just thought of: Will we still have Clean Up as an ability? (Or something like it)

Like I said, there wasn’t much in this video other than a general pitch to show how the game is changing and hoping to bring in new players that liked the idea behind the game, but didn’t like the combat mechanics.

And to be fair, I can’t blame the detractors for not liking the Combat mechanics of TSW.  Every weapon used the same mechanic of Build x’s 5, Consumer x’s 2. Rinse and repeat.  Basically, they all played like the Rogue in WoW!

While each weapon had it’s own visuals, and some had specific utilities, they all had the same repeated rotation.  and after a while I could see it numbing you to it.  and just to be clear, I’m NOT COMPLAINING about it.  I’m just playing devil’s advocate here!  i personally LOVED playing a Rogue in WoW, and playing TSW just felt natural to me as a result!

I’m just saying that the changes to SWL’s combat just might help bring players back that didn’t enjoy themselves before.  At least I’m hoping for that.  It’s either this works or… I’d rather not depress myself with the alternative!

in any case, let’s hope this Video lives up to it’s intent and bring more back into the fold!

Thank you for stopping by! And I hope to see you in the Secret World!


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