SWL Starter Classes

With the Release Date of June 26, Funcom is busy giving Press Tours and interviews talking about the new game and what was behind some of the design decisions moving forward.  One of the interviews, given to MMOGames.com, has given us a brief look at each of the new Starter Classes!

For reference, here’s a small table giving you the specifics.  Screen caps are below.  The Stream Resolution was REALLY small so I’ve used DevStream Screen caps when possible for legibility purposes.  Once the NDA is lifted, I’ll be reviewing each class individually.

“Choose the form of the Destructor..!” (fixed) ((EDIT – WARLOCK HAS SINCE BEEN CORRECTED TO BE A HEAL CLASS!))


NOTE: This screenshot is from DevStream #5



NOTE: This screenshot is from DevStream #5


NOTE: This screenshot is from DevStream #5


NOTE: This screenshot is from DevStream #5


NOTE: This screenshot is from DevStream #5






NOTE: This screenshot is from DevStream #5

I find it interesting that the Warlock is given two healing weapons, and is still considered to be a DPS class.  It’s no wonder it’s given the hardest level of mastery! ((EDIT – WARLOCK HAS SINCE BEEN UPDATED TO A HEAL CLASS!))

So as stated in the DevStreams, these are just going to be your Starter weapons.  Once you make it to Kingsmouth, you are free to create whatever build you want with whatever weapons you want.  Owners of The Secret World will have all weapon Pages unlocked once you link your accounts.  If you are NOT a TSW owner, then you will have to unlock each Weapon Page using an In Game Currency that you earn just by logging in and performing everyday tasks.

How does this look to you? Any of this whet your appetite for more? What Starter Class will you be using first? What weapon combinations would you have preferred to see? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by! And I hope to see you soon™ in the Secret World!


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