Leave no Secret Worlder Behind…

Per THIS TWEET, Head Start Access for TSW players is beginning on June 23rd!  (I have doctor’s appointments that day…*crai*)  That means we’ll have access to the game through the entire weekend prior to the game’s official launch the following Monday, June 26!

What does that mean for us?  That means Account linking is going to happen that day, or maybe even earlier!  Account linking is when the vanity item transfers take place!  So Make sure if you want to have items in BOTH games, get they purchased and in your character’s Closets BEFORE you link your accounts!

If you are running any kind of contests for vanity items, make sure you keep your ears open for account linking instructions so you can adjust your giveaways and get your prizes to your followers beforehand!

And I THINK some of my giveaway items are STILL sitting in my mail awaiting pick up.  If you haven’t picked your stuff up, make sure you do so ASAP!

As for Open Beta, still no word on that.  But i’m still going by the last DevStream where they said theyw ere hoping they wouldn’t be breaking the NDA by the time the next DevStream airs! So with any kind of luck, the NDA will be lifted before next Friday! (June 16)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you in the Secret World!


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