SWL Launch Coverage

So we have the Head Start access coming fast upon us this Friday!  What do you want to see covered?  I have a ‘short’ list of things that I will be covering come Friday, but I want to hear from you what YOU want to see first?

My list includes:

  1. Item transfers – I know almost everyone out there is interested in the final result of Tilty’s infamous 6500+ item spreadsheet!
  2. Character Creation – What elements and changes to the Character Creator made it into the final build?
  3. In depth Weapon Breakdowns – I do plan to go through each weapon and each ability, Active and Passive so you can know what skills are left from the wheel and what you can plan on picking up first!
  4. Starter Classes – We know what the classes are already thanks to DevStreams and Media Tours.  But now we can take a closer look at how these classes will play out and what abilities work best together.
  5. Economy – It will probably take a little longer to work out the separate currency economies before we can look at this subject, but I may at least poke at this.

What else are YOU interested in seeing?  Is there a particular subject that you want to see covered?  Something no one else has mentioned yet?  Let me know in the comments below, or tweet them to me @Anima_Nation!

“Tick…. Tock…!”

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