Unless you were stuck at work and unable to read any tweets, you should know by now that Funcom just posted the Account Linking and Item Transfer information we’ve been clamoring for, for what seems like months! (Oh wait, it has been!) And I think the news they’ve given us is even better than expected!

The Account linking is a Manual process that YOU will have to perform on the SWL account page. Instructions are given on the page linked above. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LINK ACCOUNTS IMMEDIATELY! You can take until an unspecified date in August to Link accounts if you so choose, to give yourself more time to collect as much clothing as you want in TSW before linking accounts! (I just need to find a way to grind out another 185 Achievement points now…>.> ) As for the items that transfer… See below:

All items in all your characters’ account’s Dressing Rooms will be transferred. The wording here does not state any exceptions, so I’m inclined to believe even the items bought with PAX!

Clothing Items are Gender Specific – If you have All female characters and there are things that you can Claim in the item store for Males, YOU MUST ROLL A MALE CHARACTER AND CLAIM THESE ITEMS TO YOUR DRESSING ROOM in order for them to transfer to SWL. And Vice-Versa.

Dances will transfer with your characters! The exceptions are the ones like Nassir’s Groove which is not a dance you activate with a command, but rather an item in your bags. The Issue 15 pipe smoking emote also comes to mind in this case. HOWEVER, there will be ways to acquire Nassir’s Groove in SWL, and it sounds like it is achievement based. No specifics on it yet. Guess we find out when we find out!

Sprints will transfer! The exception is the Franken Chopper. This will instead be given as special mission by Moose once you reach level 50. Instead, you will receive a new motorcycle that I already forgot the name of…>.> But yeah! You’ll still get something! anyway!

If you have clothing items in your bags that you have not activated yet, THEY WILL NOT TRANSFER! They NEED to be activated and in a Dressing Room Closet!

PETS will transfer! The exception being the Shems from the Guardians events. Just have to go out and re-earn them!

Achievements and Titles do NOT transfer over. ūüôĀ

Faction Based clothing items such as the Faction Jewelry or eSports Jackets or such, these need to be activated on a character of the specific Gender/Faction for them to transfer over to SWL. (AMENDMENT- Faction Rank and Deck Outfits will not transfer.)

Something I have not yet had answered is character slots. If you purchased character slots, or they came with a TSW Bundle, will they be transferring? Personally, I came to terms with having to buy more slots a long time ago, and it’s not going to be an issue either way for me. I’d LIKE to have the ability to bring them over, but it’s not going to break me. (AMENDMENT – My tweet was just answered, and all accounts will only get one character slot. ¬†Additional slots may be purchased in game.)

That’s about it for now. ¬†I do want to shout out to the Beyond the Veil team for hosting Tilty earlier tonight! ¬†Being able to have him answer some immediate questions regarding the item transfers was a great help!

Thank you for stopping by! ¬†And I’ll see you TOMORROW in SWL!



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