Krampusnacht 2017 Advent Calendar!

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I failed to do one of these for Samhain.  Just wasn’t feeling it at the time and no one seemed to be screaming for one.  But THIS TIME…. we get the event rewards on ALL our characters!  Got an alt?  Got 3 alts?  Got a full stable of characters?  LOG THEM ALL IN ‘CAUSE THEY ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE DAILY EVENT REWARDS!


So there’s 15 days worth of Loot, and then 6 days of Filler.  Each day you log in, on each character on your account, you can get a special Item, and a Malevolent Snowflake, up to 15 days.  On Days 16 through 21, all you get is the Snowflake.  These Daily Event Rewards reset at the same time as your normal Daily Rewards and the Daily Challenges,  2am EST/11pm PST. (Or whatever your local time zone translates these times to.)

PLEASE NOTE:  If you log into a character and the Holiday Event Reward Calendar does not pop up, Just click the little ‘Gift’ icon in your Top-Bar and it should appear for you to claim!

This Little Teeny Gift looking icon…!

The Snowflakes are a special loot bag that you can only open after defeating the Holiday Boss in the Public Raid Platform on the Main Mall-gartha platform.  This ‘Super-Hel’ Raid boss runs at the top of each hour. Once you have Defeated Super-Hel, you will have a 10 minute buff that will allow you to open the Snowflake to get what’s inside!

First off, here’s a list of the Main items you get each day, from Day 1 through Day 15:

  1. Figuros Padurii (Pet) + Malevolent Snowflake
  2. 5000 Anima Shards + Malevolent Snowflake
  3. Purified Talisman Distillate (1600cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  4. Purified Weapon Distillate (1600cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  5. Orochi Hovertech Snowboard** + Malevolent Snowflake
  6. 25 AP + Malevolent Snowflake
  7. 30 SP + Malevolent Snowflake
  8. 7500 Anima Shards
  9. Purified Weapon Distillate (2000cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  10. Weapon Fusion Catalyst (Epic) + Malevolent Snowflake
  11. Purified Talisman Distillate (2000cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  12. 30 AP + Malevolent Snowflake
  13. 35 SP + Malevolent Snowflake
  14. 10,000 Anima Shards + Malevolent Snowflake
  15. Glyph Anima Imbuer + Malevolent Snowflake
  16. Malevolent Snowflake
  17. Malevolent Snowflake
  18. Malevolent Snowflake
  19. Malevolent Snowflake
  20. Malevolent Snowflake

** = If you already have the Orochi Hovertech Snowboard, you will be given 2000 Anima Shards when you try to add it to your Sprint

As for the contents of the Malevolent Snowflakes, they seem to be scripted to give the same thing in order each day.  So far I have seen the following:

  1. EMOTE: Throw Snowball*
  2. Elfin Cap – Green & Elfin Tunic – Green***
  3. Elfin Leggings – green & Plastic Elf Ears & TITLE: Hypothermal***
  4. Ugly Woolen Sweater – Faction***
  5. PET – Revenant Polar Bear
  6.  Knitted Festive Sweater Gray & Knitted Pom-Pom Hat Gray
  7. White Onesie Pajamas & TITLE: ‘Winter’s Soldier’
  8. PET – Holiday Devil
  9. Ski Pants, Black & Ski Jacket, Black & Ski Boots, Black***
  10. SPRINT – Winter Flurry
  11. Wassailer Corset Bodice Top – Festive & Wassailer Buckled Lace-up Knee-High Boots – Festive
  12. TITLE: Spirit of the Season & Festive Scary Snowman Mask  (Thanks to WinterySerpent and Leogrim on Discord!)
  13. Wassailer – Long Lace Gloves – Festive & Wassailer – Ruffled Skirt with Stockings – Festive
  14. Wassailer – Lace Trimmed Velvet Jacket – Festive & Wassailer – Lace Cameo Choker – Festive & Wassailer Velvet Mini Top Hat – Festive
  15. SPRINT – Flightless Reindeer
  16. 2000 Anima Shards
  17. (2000 Anima Shards)
  18. (2000 Anima Shards)
  19. (2000 Anima Shards)
  20. (2000 Anima Shards)
  21. (2000 Anima Shards)

*= This emote is different from the Snowball Emote you get for the Snowball Fights Achievement.  This emote seems to be just the motion of throwing a snowball, but you don’t see an actual snowball. (Or at least I don’t.)

[UPDATE: I THINK the /snowball emote that you type in chat may have already been there, which is why it doesn’t throw a snowball. instead, open your EMOTE Tab by typing “SHIFT + O” and then find the Snowball emote there and it will throw a snowball at your target!]

***= Since I Had some of these rewards on my female characters, i ended up skipping a day or items here and there.  Thank you to Aeryl on the SWL Discord for updating me on what I’d missed!

I will update this each day as I see new things awarded, so be sure to come back and check the updated list!

[UPDATE AGAIN:  After Day 15 od opening Malevolent Snowflakes, you seem to get 2000 Anima Shards.  So once you get the Flightless Reindeer, you pretty much have everything.]

Another thing to note is if for some reason you only have time to claim your Daily Snowflake, and don’t have time to do the Hourly Raid to open it, the Malevolent Snowflakes WILL STACK in your inventory!  AND, once you complete a Raid and you come out and have opened your Snowflake, you can usually turn around and run a second one, or log onto an alt to run a second one before the entrance closes.

BE WARNED: If you get into a Super-Hel Raid and take your sweet time getting to the fight, you will get ported out, and you will get a Deserter Debuff so you won’t be able to reenter until the next hour’s raid happens. (Spoken from experience!)

That’s it for tonight.  I think that covers the basics at least.  I plan to do another post tomorrow on the Holiday Nifelheim instances and Krampus hunting and how to summon Hel in Nifelheim!   Until then, Happy Krampusnacht!  And as usual, I hope to see you in, the Secret World!


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