DevStream – 2017-1215

It’s Friday! Krampusnacht is in full swing! So you know what that means! DEV STREAM SHENANIGANS!

Happy Holidays, FunCom Dev-Style!

This isn’t much of an Informational stream.  Mostly just having some fun.

Nicole has Evolved to SynoSaur!

A few things that did come up:

Cargo Container keys were Nerfed because the Containers were giving better rewards than Mid Level Dungeons.  The reason they are doing it this way is “When you have an Outlier, you address the outlier first.”  Then once everything is on an even keel, you can take a step back and see what other changes can be made.  So that’s where it stands right now, is they are letting it stand and watching the numbers and looking to see what other changes they can make in the future.

Thank you for the explanation!

(Still not too happy about it, but it makes some kind of sense. )

JOSH IS BACK!  Welcome Back Scrivnomancer!

I still want your hat. Just sayin’!

Names can now be changed for Aurum.  This included the First and last names as well as your Nickname!

Quick Showing of Plastic Surgeon and barber.

BIG THANK YOU to Tron and Glaucon for getting this completed before Christmas!

I don’t think that’s how this works, Andy….

Quick Look at Nifelheim.  Andy almost Soloed Hel, but was rushing himself and died to the Bad.

Undocumented Change in the latest patch, they increased the heat generation of 3 abilities for Elementalism.  Trying to make it easier to keep your heat up.

Then Andy went to Seoul Fight Club and we got to see his TRUE FORM:

The combat logs show his Leet DPS!

And a Quick look at the TilTease™ from twitter:

Tron joined the stream for a short while at some point.  Shenanigans was had.  And Josh couldn’t say a thing on stream to keep him from releasing the Curse of Romain.

And that’s about the Gist of it!   This will be their last stream of the year.  Everyone will be on holiday until after the new year.  They will keep tabs on social media, but for the most part it’s Happy Holidays to the FunCom Team!

Thank you to FunCom for all for the year’s excitement and news and fun!  And Thank YOU all for being a part of it!  This game wouldn’t be here without all of the players in this community that help support it!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you all have a great Holiday, whatever you may practice!  Don’t get caught by any Krampus!  And as always, I hope to see you in the Secret World!



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