DevStream – 2018-0309

DevStream is here:

Andy, the disembodied hands of Nicole, and Tron came onscreen for a Fun DevStream.  Later joined by Romain who ended up feeding Tron’s corpse to the Ghoul that ate his cat.

No BIG announcements today, but we were teased with a “Watch out for next week…!” from Andy.  That was all he was authorized to say by the Funcom Chief Marketing Manager in Oslo.  (We hear the CMO is pretty scary!)

Something brought up is that they are looking at the New Agent Acquisition Rate.  they aren’t touching it just yet, but they hear us!

Something they ARE doing, is giving everyone a second agent:  Lydia Darling.  She’s 19 years old, and a Witch/Socialite.  Apparently she is possessed by her grandmother…? We’ll find out more when she is released to us. (Don’t recall if they said WHEN she will come out, so be patient!)

They are adding the Agent Support to the Top Bar.

Adding Agent Support to the Build Manager.

They are looking to coordinate the Weekend Events with the Agent network.

And they are also going to look at being able to review new missions while your agents are already out in the field.

Suggestion made to add Player Characters to the Agent Network.  Romain is open to the idea since the Player characters ARE a part of the TSW/SWL Universe!

The Winners of the “Beyond the Veil” Podcast Agent Art competition announced and shown on stream!  Go watch it!  They are AMAZING works!

Til-Tease! – OMG – recording of Kristen Geary Pissed off…!  I think I need a tissue now… #LumieForLife

More teasing of Season 2 Soon (No more ™)  !!!! It’s Actually going to happen!

((I still think by the end of the month..  just saying!))

That’s it!  Have fun all!  And I’ll see you in the Secret World!