KrampusNacht 2017 – Niflheim Hel Summons

Don’t forget the Lore…!

NIFLHEIM! Land of Frost and Ice…! And the Legendary Home of Krampus and Hel in the Secret World!

This is one of my favorite holiday events from TSW. There is a lot to do if you want to see it all here. First, you have to coordinate gathering 8 items to bring with you to Niflheim. You can get these items by killing Krampus in each of the 8 zones from the base game:

  1. Kingsmouth – Lump of Coal
  2. Savage Coast – Dead Yew Branch
  3. Blue Mountain – Pouch of Soil
  4. Scorched Desert – Wolf Fang
  5. City of the Sun God – Foul Whiskey Bottle
  6. Besieged Farmlands – Corpse Maggots
  7. Shadowy Forest – Severed Hand*
  8. Carpathian Fangs – Snake Skin

*= The Severed Hand needs to Be disassembled into 5x Nails. You will only use one of the Nails per Summons, so I recommend gathering 5x of all the other components so you can summon her 5 times!

There is a 9th item you need for the summon, but you get it in Niflheim from the Krampus Boss. I’ll go over that im a moment.

So how do you get there…?

I’m glad you asked that, Chuck! I’m sure, at some point you’ll have noticed that once you’ve attacked a Krampus, and get him below half health, he will run away and try to escape through a Portal.


Kill him before he can jump through it and you can then use the portal to enter Niflheim!

Once inside, you’ll be greeted by a number of groups of Krampus, and they should be easy enough to solo down if you want. There is also a small charlie Brown Christmas tree about 50 feet down the entry hall, on the left hand side. You should get a yellow reticle (if you have it showing) to indicate you can ‘Use’ this tree. hit your Activate/Use key and a Lore will spring up above it! (See first picture in this post!)

Something else you might notice by now, is that you have the ‘Equal Footing’ Buff. The first clue is that you suddenly have 150K health! So Soloing all the Krampus in here shouldn’t be a problem. Once you’ve killed all these little Krampus, a BIG Krampus spawns in the middle! This Krampus Boss is also soloable, just make sure you get out of his AOE abilities. He will drop your Last item needed to Summon Hel, ‘Horns of Krampus’.

Ok, so what do we do with all these things?

Now you’re ready to summon Hel! Open the picture below and activate each item from your Mission Inventory bag near the indicated area.

The things we do for Loot….!

As each section is activated, it will glow, or in the case of the Pillars, a Torch will be lit. I usually arrange the items in my bags so all the pillars are done first from left to right, and then the inner items are ordered the same as they are here, and then use the Horns of Krampus last so I’ll be right next to where Hel Spawns. But if the game doesn’t limit you on order, do them anyway you want! You do you, Boo!

Now, before you activate that last Component, ask yourself: “What difficulty do I want to do this at?” This is a thing! There are two difficulties for her: E1 and E5. Don’t worry too much about gear here, remember, you have the Equal Footing Buff! So it’s more a matter of how well can you dance? If you think you can handle the E5 difficulty, there is a stone Bench near the Arena that you can ‘Use’ to Activate Hard Mode.

So Now that I have this Goddess of the Underworld, what do I do with her?

I should probably also note here, that Hel is a Group fight! You will want to have people with you! You want someone to act as a tank, and someone to act as a healer, and then 3 DPS to kick her Arse back to the Underworld!

Phase 1 – Now I can’t speak for the E5 difficulty level, but On E1, this is how it goes: Hel will Spawn in the middle of the Floor, and she does not move. If you are too far away, she will attack you with a Ranged Attack. It doesn’t hurt MUCH, but it will add up if you don’t have a healer.

From here on out, I have ‘Phase Numbers’, but these can happen in pretty much whatever order she wants to.

Phase 2 – She will split into 4 copies of herself, and the copies will continue attacking you at range from each of the four pillars in the middle of the floor. Kill each of the copies before the end of her cast timer to avoid… well tell you the truth I’m not sure what the cast does… I haven’t seen it go off yet. >.> Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s supposed to do bad things to you and your party, so just kill her before it goes off!

Split up and Send a DPS to each of the copies and the Tank can take the last one. Any DPS that finishes their’s first, can come help the tank. Again, on E1 this goes pretty quick, but I’m sure they have more health on E5, making them harder to kill before her cast completes.

[UPDATE: Actually, I just ran this after I posted this, and Her Cast is called ‘Hel on Earth’ and the Debuff only says that…. ‘Hel on Earth’. You do seem to take increased damage the more stacks of this you have on you. So make sure your Healer is aware!]

Phase 3 – She will teleport in one of the Compass directions from the middle, out to near the wall. From this place, she will send a HUGE gust of Freezing Wind toward you, and you HAVE to get behind one of the pillars ASAP so you don’t get caught out in the open. And believe me, no matter the difficulty, you WANT to be SNUG up close to the pillar! If you are standing like 5 feet behind it, you WILL be affected by the wind. Get Close. Cuddle Pile behind that pillar!

Something else to mention, you aren’t trying to keep Hel 180° opposite from you on the other side of the pillar. You want to be on the compass point 180° from the direction the wind is coming from. Important distinction. I’ve seen more than enough videos and party members try to keep Hel 180° opposite from them and die to the wind. It’s the WIND you need to be afraid of… not her.

Phase 2.5 – (I never said I was good at making a reference index!) This is a harder version of Phase 2. Instead of making only 4 copies of herself and standing within the boundaries of the pillars, Now she makes 8 copies of herself, 2 per compass point, and will be out beyond the pillars near the walls. Again, spit the DPS up and kill them before her cast goes off or I’m sure something awful will happen! On E1, they tend to die pretty easily, but on E5, I’m sure they will have more health and be harder to take down.

Phase 4 – THIS is the Phase where she casts that Light/Dark thing that you have to throw the snowball for the achievement. She will cast this and Channel it giving everyone in the party a random Light or Dark symbol over your head. The symbol itself is sometimes confusing and you can get mixed up which side you need to be on fairly easily. The trick is to NOT look at the face of the symbol over your head, but rather the swirly cloud that is around the symbol.

Hel will always start this ability facing South (The direction you came from the portal). If you are facing her, the Light side will always be ON YOUR LEFT (Her right), and the Dark side will be ON YOUR RIGHT (Her left). Match the Cloud color of your symbol to the Light/Dark side of the floor as appropriate. As she channels, she will turn in a random direction and the light/dark sides of the floor turn with her. WATCH HER LEG THAT IS CLOSEST TO YOU and turn with it!


“Sucking at Something is the First Step in becoming Sorta Good at something…”

“Snowball’s Chance in Hell” – You need to have the achievement for scoring 75 points in a snowball fight and then go buy your Snowball Emote Item from the Guy in Mall-gartha. I recommend placing this emote on your Quick action bar before the fight begins. (Heck, probably before you even step foot in Nifelheim!)

[UPDATE: There are 2 Snowball Emotes that you can use to get this achievement – The First comes from Dr Caligari in Mall-gartha for completing the Snowball Fight Achievement.

What Is he a Doctor OF., anyway..?

The Second is the Emote that you got on the first day of the Event Rewards.  BUT, you can’t just type /snowball to make it work.  You Have to use it from the Emote Menu:

When in Niflheim, Hit ‘SHIFT + O’ To open the Emote Window, and it will stay open during the fight for you.  When she starts casting Light/Dark, hit your Alt Key to get your Mouse pointer, and then click that emote in the menu to get it to work!]

If you are lucky, and you start off on the correct side of the floor and she turns in a favorable direction for you, you can then hit your Quick Action that you assigned to the Snowball, and hit her with it before she finishes her channel. You should then get your notification that you got your achievement!

If, however, you are not lucky enough to get a favorable spin, hopefully, your Healer can keep you up since if you aren’t on the same side as the Light/Dark symbol over your head, you will take a LOT of damage! (And probably die… so there is that.) E5 will definitely cause more damage than E1, so act accordingly.

There’s another achievement you can get in here, “The Two-Faced Mother.” Remember when she splits up and I said to klil all her copies before she finishes her cast? Yeah, don’t. Let her do it. Let her finish her cast each time, and I think I heard the magic number was 3 stacks of the debuff she casts. Kill her with three stacks of this Debuff, and you will get this achievement as well. Don’t die during the fight, or you’ll lose your stacks, and then lose your achievement. Again, I’m still not entirely sure exactly what this debuff does, but I think it adds extra damage the higher it gets. On E5, you may want to time getting the last stack to how low she is on her health so you have less time with stacks to kill her.

Lastly, there’s the Icy Claws! These were a ‘Hot Item’ last year (No pun intended). What you need to so is hit her with a snowball during her Light/Dark Phase, until she ‘Flinches’. You will notice she will stop her channeling and wobble back and forth for a few seconds, stunned. If this happens, TAKE HER DOWN!!! Once you’ve made her flinch, she WILL drop the Icy Claws for you!

This was doable on Elite, and NM modes in TSW, so it shouldn’t matter what difficulty you have it set to in SWL. Something to watch for when you throw your snowball, is a message at the top of the screen that says it had no effect. It’s hard to see, being white text on a light, frosty blue background. But it’s there.

Again, you have to hit her with the snowball when she’s starting her channel of Light/Dark Phase. If your throw doesn’t have any effect, just hang out and let her go through her phases until she does the Light/Dark again. Then try again. There is no set time limit for this fight to take place. So whittle down her health and then stop DPS and let her do her thing until you get the right result. If you are lucky, it can happen in 2-3 shots. But in TSW, we had rounds where it took us over a dozen attempts to finally get her to flinch. Be prepared to let this fight go for a while if you REALLY want the claws!

I am not sure how many claws will drop. In TSW, there was one set and we had to coordinate who got them or it was an open roll. But with the Personalized Loot system in SWL, everyone may be able to get them. Someone drop me a line if you know!

[UPDATE: Icy Claws Drops for Everyone in the Party! And this is Doable in E1! Good luck out there!]


So what else do we get? Well for E1 at least, you’ll get a Lore item (Hopefully the last one you need to complete the Krampusnacht Lore section) and a Blue Loot Bag. Inside the Loot bag is 1200 Anima Shards and a ‘Festive Gift Bag’. The Contents of the Festive Gift bag is random and I won’t bother trying to list all the things you can get out of it. Basically, more cosmetics. I think the bags themselves are trade-able, so you can put them on the AH if you like. But then you won’t have the chance to get some Nifty Cosmetics that we all crave!

Again, I can’t talk for the E5 crowd, since I’m a Filthy Casual. If anyone knows if what you get is better, on E5, drop me a line in the comments below. Or you can catch me on twitter, or the FunCom Discord.

That about wraps it up. Hopefully something here was helpful for you. again, let me know if you have any info I may have missed, or if you just want to say hello! Thank you for stopping by! And as always, I hope to see you in the Secret World!

Krampusnacht 2017 Advent Calendar!

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I failed to do one of these for Samhain.  Just wasn’t feeling it at the time and no one seemed to be screaming for one.  But THIS TIME…. we get the event rewards on ALL our characters!  Got an alt?  Got 3 alts?  Got a full stable of characters?  LOG THEM ALL IN ‘CAUSE THEY ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE DAILY EVENT REWARDS!


So there’s 15 days worth of Loot, and then 6 days of Filler.  Each day you log in, on each character on your account, you can get a special Item, and a Malevolent Snowflake, up to 15 days.  On Days 16 through 21, all you get is the Snowflake.  These Daily Event Rewards reset at the same time as your normal Daily Rewards and the Daily Challenges,  2am EST/11pm PST. (Or whatever your local time zone translates these times to.)

PLEASE NOTE:  If you log into a character and the Holiday Event Reward Calendar does not pop up, Just click the little ‘Gift’ icon in your Top-Bar and it should appear for you to claim!

This Little Teeny Gift looking icon…!

The Snowflakes are a special loot bag that you can only open after defeating the Holiday Boss in the Public Raid Platform on the Main Mall-gartha platform.  This ‘Super-Hel’ Raid boss runs at the top of each hour. Once you have Defeated Super-Hel, you will have a 10 minute buff that will allow you to open the Snowflake to get what’s inside!

First off, here’s a list of the Main items you get each day, from Day 1 through Day 15:

  1. Figuros Padurii (Pet) + Malevolent Snowflake
  2. 5000 Anima Shards + Malevolent Snowflake
  3. Purified Talisman Distillate (1600cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  4. Purified Weapon Distillate (1600cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  5. Orochi Hovertech Snowboard** + Malevolent Snowflake
  6. 25 AP + Malevolent Snowflake
  7. 30 SP + Malevolent Snowflake
  8. 7500 Anima Shards
  9. Purified Weapon Distillate (2000cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  10. Weapon Fusion Catalyst (Epic) + Malevolent Snowflake
  11. Purified Talisman Distillate (2000cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  12. 30 AP + Malevolent Snowflake
  13. 35 SP + Malevolent Snowflake
  14. 10,000 Anima Shards + Malevolent Snowflake
  15. Glyph Anima Imbuer + Malevolent Snowflake
  16. Malevolent Snowflake
  17. Malevolent Snowflake
  18. Malevolent Snowflake
  19. Malevolent Snowflake
  20. Malevolent Snowflake

** = If you already have the Orochi Hovertech Snowboard, you will be given 2000 Anima Shards when you try to add it to your Sprint

As for the contents of the Malevolent Snowflakes, they seem to be scripted to give the same thing in order each day.  So far I have seen the following:

  1. EMOTE: Throw Snowball*
  2. Elfin Cap – Green & Elfin Tunic – Green***
  3. Elfin Leggings – green & Plastic Elf Ears & TITLE: Hypothermal***
  4. Ugly Woolen Sweater – Faction***
  5. PET – Revenant Polar Bear
  6.  Knitted Festive Sweater Gray & Knitted Pom-Pom Hat Gray
  7. White Onesie Pajamas & TITLE: ‘Winter’s Soldier’
  8. PET – Holiday Devil
  9. Ski Pants, Black & Ski Jacket, Black & Ski Boots, Black***
  10. SPRINT – Winter Flurry
  11. Wassailer Corset Bodice Top – Festive & Wassailer Buckled Lace-up Knee-High Boots – Festive
  12. TITLE: Spirit of the Season & Festive Scary Snowman Mask  (Thanks to WinterySerpent and Leogrim on Discord!)
  13. Wassailer – Long Lace Gloves – Festive & Wassailer – Ruffled Skirt with Stockings – Festive
  14. Wassailer – Lace Trimmed Velvet Jacket – Festive & Wassailer – Lace Cameo Choker – Festive & Wassailer Velvet Mini Top Hat – Festive
  15. SPRINT – Flightless Reindeer
  16. 2000 Anima Shards
  17. (2000 Anima Shards)
  18. (2000 Anima Shards)
  19. (2000 Anima Shards)
  20. (2000 Anima Shards)
  21. (2000 Anima Shards)

*= This emote is different from the Snowball Emote you get for the Snowball Fights Achievement.  This emote seems to be just the motion of throwing a snowball, but you don’t see an actual snowball. (Or at least I don’t.)

[UPDATE: I THINK the /snowball emote that you type in chat may have already been there, which is why it doesn’t throw a snowball. instead, open your EMOTE Tab by typing “SHIFT + O” and then find the Snowball emote there and it will throw a snowball at your target!]

***= Since I Had some of these rewards on my female characters, i ended up skipping a day or items here and there.  Thank you to Aeryl on the SWL Discord for updating me on what I’d missed!

I will update this each day as I see new things awarded, so be sure to come back and check the updated list!

[UPDATE AGAIN:  After Day 15 od opening Malevolent Snowflakes, you seem to get 2000 Anima Shards.  So once you get the Flightless Reindeer, you pretty much have everything.]

Another thing to note is if for some reason you only have time to claim your Daily Snowflake, and don’t have time to do the Hourly Raid to open it, the Malevolent Snowflakes WILL STACK in your inventory!  AND, once you complete a Raid and you come out and have opened your Snowflake, you can usually turn around and run a second one, or log onto an alt to run a second one before the entrance closes.

BE WARNED: If you get into a Super-Hel Raid and take your sweet time getting to the fight, you will get ported out, and you will get a Deserter Debuff so you won’t be able to reenter until the next hour’s raid happens. (Spoken from experience!)

That’s it for tonight.  I think that covers the basics at least.  I plan to do another post tomorrow on the Holiday Nifelheim instances and Krampus hunting and how to summon Hel in Nifelheim!   Until then, Happy Krampusnacht!  And as usual, I hope to see you in, the Secret World!

KRAMPUSNACHT is Coming, to Town!

[UPDATE:  If you are looking for Niflheim Information, Check out my Newer post here!]

You better not Pout… You better not Cry….!

Are you Ready…?!?!

Wait, what do you mean, “What is Krampusnacht?” It’s the Secret World’s Winter Holiday Event!

When does it start? This Tuesday, December 12, after the server restarts. (Check the SWL website/Redit/Discord/Twitter for your local times.)

What can we expect? Well, Daily login event rewards that you can get on ALL YOUR ALTS! FINALLY!!1! No longer will you have to choose just one character to receive the Daily Event Rewards for, but you can log into each character on your account and get an Awesome Holiday Event Reward!

What kind of rewards will we get? That’s uh…. a very good question… I’ll have to get back to you on that. Whatever we do get, I’ll have to do another Advent Calendar post to keep up with the items on a daily basis.  In any case, I can’t thank FunCom enough for finally getting past the technical hurdles to enable this!

So, is that it? No! There’s also the actual event! There hasn’t been a preview of the event, that I know of, but what I can do is give you a brief rundown on the old TSW version of Krampusnacht.

Please keep in mind that this is just a rundown of the old TSW event and these things may or may not be a part of the SWL event. And even if they do come back, they will likely have some minor changes to them.  Please check’s legacy site for full details of the old event by clicking HERE.


With luck, they will bring back the Snowball fight! There was a nifty holiday event bag that we got that had a chance to give us a ‘Pile of Snowballs’ item that would allow us to throw down and have a snowball fight anywhere!  If you scored a certain amount of points, you would be granted a Snowball Emote so you can throw a snowball at anyone at anytime, anywhere! (Can’t wait to get mine back!) It’s also used for another achievement later.

Krampus, Krampus Everywhere..!

You should be able to find Krampus throughout the game zones. Killing a Krampus in any particular zone will give you a chance for it to drop a special quest item. These quest items will be specific to that zone, so there are 8 different quest items that you will need to acquire. (I don’t believe Kaidan takes part in the Krampus Holidays. Sorry!) With any luck, these will fall into your mission item Inventory. (HINT HINT!)

What do we do with these quest items? Once you have one of each quest item, get a group together, and hunt down another Krampus! (I recommend gathering about 5 sets of items before starting this, so you can do it 5 times in a row.) Once you find the Krampus, attack him until he runs away and follow him. He’ll open a portal and try to escape. Kill him after the portal is opened and before he escapes and now you’ll have your own portal to his home plane of existence, Niflheim!

What’s in Niflheim?

More Krampus. LOTS MORE KRAMPUS! Kill all the Krampus and you’ll get a BIG KRAMPUS to kill! The Big Krampus also drops the last item needed to summon Hel.

Once you’ve killed the Big Boss Krampus, this is where your quest items come into play. Use your quest items at specific points around the room and you’ll summon Hel! Kill Hel for MOAR LOOT!

I recommend using the Horn of Krampus Last for the Summons.


I don’t know if the Icy Claws will be available this year or not, but during last year’s event, this was fun for us to figure out!  Remember that Snowball emote I told you about earlier? THIS is where it gets used.  The Emote, NOT the Pile of Snowballs.  I’m not going to tell you everything about the fight, but at some point, Hel will cast a spell that causes everyone to get Light or Dark affinity, and then the ground will also get light and dark energy. I recommend watching the cloud above the icon over your head when it happens so you get on the right side soonest! The floor will spin and you have to stay on the correct side, or you die. When she starts this, you have to time your /snowball emote just right, and hopefully you can stun her with the snowball. If you are successful in stunning her, she will drop the Icy Claws!

(MINOR ISSUE – Targeting Hel with a Snowball.  In TSW we could tab/click target Hel.  We can’t do that in SWL.  This technicality may void this whole section of the event and they will have to find another way to do the Icy Claws.)

Now, in TSW, you could just fight her until she started trying to cast this spell, and then just back off and stop attacking her so she can continue doing this until someone can finally stun her. It seemed to be pretty random and could take up to a dozen tries if you are REALLY unlucky! Be prepared to let this fight draw out for a while if you are REALLY determined to get the Claws!

The issue here is that in TSW, she dropped one set and we all got to roll on it. SWL however, has individual loot.  So if she drops Icy Claws now, does EVERYONE in the group get them? Or does only one person get them kinda like the Blue bag with the kitty at Stonehenge during the Samhain event? We’ll have to wait and see.


In TSW, killing Hel in the Dungeon gave you a chance for her to drop a Dagger named ‘Famine,’ that was used in Summoning Super-Hel in Savage Coast. (Super-Hel is explained in the next segment.)

You could also change the difficulty of Hel in Niflheim by using the Bench near the central arena to initiate Nightmare Mode before you summoned her. SWL has said that E5 was about where the old TSW NM difficulty was, so I’m not sure how hard she will be here. I’m not geared for E5’s yet so hopefully it’s only about E1-2 level or something.

So why would we put her on NM Mode? She’d have, I think, a 100% Chance to drop ‘Famine,’ as opposed to what seemed to be maybe a 10% chance in normal mode.


This was an open World Boss that required tons of people to come out to the Savage Coast and kill her! SWL, however, doesn’t have Open World Bosses like that anymore. Judging by the Samhain event, it looks like Super-Hel can be done in either of two ways:

  1. Every hour at the special portal off the main Mall-gartha platform.
  2. If she does drop ‘Famine’ still, maybe we’ll have to summon her the same way they summon the Lair Bosses on the Public Raid Platform..?  Probably at the Holiday platform in any case.

Killing Super-Hel also gave you a chance to get specific clothing items. These would drop in a specific order leading up to Krampus’ horns and finally Hel’s horns! (Crown of Krampus and Crown of Hel, respectively.)  What other items will she give us? Distillates? Weapon skins? Again, we’ll have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Super-Hel happens at the top of every hour!  No ‘Famine’ Needed!

There should be some other missions and things related to the Event happening, but again, We don’t know the specifics yet.  Also, not to forget the new Winter ‘Frost-Bound Cache’ that will be dropping as well.  Time to see if we can get some nifty new weapons skins and outfits!  I think I heard rumor of a Snowmobile sprint?  Don’t quote me on that.

Hopefully this wasn’t too rambling for you all.  This was mostly all off the top of my head, remembering things from TSW Holidays past.  I know there are all kinds of little things and cosmetics that we could get, but this wasn’t meant to be an end-all-be-all list of everything.  Again, check the TSWDB Legacy site for all those tidbits of information!

Thank you for stopping by.  Good luck and Have fun with this event!  And as always, I hope to see you, in the Secret World!

SWL Weapon Focus – Pistols

This post is a few months behind the times, but I’ve noticed the main bulk of my website traffic is for weapons/classes information, so I figured it’s time to start posting these.  I’ve been using the past couple months to get acquainted with some of the weapons, and get a feel for what works.  Keep in mind this is only MY opinion, but should at least give you a good starting point.

This will NOT be an “END ALL, BE ALL, MAXIMIZE YOUR DPS” guide, rather a good introduction and look at the abilities so you can make your own decisions on what makes the most sense for YOU.

The first weapon I’ll review are Pistols!  These are part of the Trickster and Gunslinger Starter Classes Decks, and are primarily a DPS weapon.  (If you are not interested in ALL the abilities, you can skip to the bottom of this post to see my recommendations for Main/Off hand uses of this weapon)

The First thing you’ll notice for your Pistols is the ‘Chamber Roulette’ gimmick mechanic that appears on your screen when you have a Pistol equipped.

The Pistol Main’s Prayer: “Praise be to RNGeezus, hallowed be thy name. Grant me the skillz to defeat my foes and not be last on the Damage meters!”

This is a very RNG Based mechanic, but it’s designed to ‘just happen’ so you don’t have to think about what to do.  You’ll see two “Six-Cylinders” on-screen and each cylinder is color coded.  3 white chambers, 2 blue chambers, and 1 red chamber per cylinder.  When these chambers match, you will get a corresponding Bonus to your pistol abilities for 2-1/2 seconds.  So 1/2 of each cylinder is white, 1/3 is blue, and 1/6 is red.  Multiply these by each other and your chances for each color match variant would be:

  • White – 25% – So roughly every 4th shot COULD give you a Low Damage Bonus.
  • Blue – 11.11% – So roughly every 9th shot, you COULD get a Medium Damage Bonus.
  • Red – 2.78% – So roughly every 36 shots you COULD get a High Damage Bonus.

Notice that I’ve emphasized COULD in each of those lines.  I need to stress that this is NOT a guaranteed thing.  You will sometimes go for a full dozen or more shots and STILL not get any bonus whatsoever!   Other times, you’ll get 2 blues, a white and a red in rapid succession.  All that matters is how well you can appease RNGeezus!

[The Redit Page shows Double White Chambers giving a 65% Damage Increase, Double Blue Chambers giving 125% Damage Increase, and Double Red Chambers giving 200% Damage Increase.  I’m not entirely sure where they are getting this information from, but I’ll keep my eyes open for verification.]

One of the things stated in the DevStreams was that there are items and passives in game that will help change some of this to your advantage.  At the time my previous Pistols post was made, we didn’t have any other information to add into it, just what they gave us in their 30 second Speciality Spotlight video.  (And that wasn’t much, really…!)  Well guess what?  Game is live, so now we know what items and abilities are available! Let’s first take a look at some of these items!


Anansi Probability Adjusters – Received from Manhatten Exclusion Zone -Whenever you spin the chambers and do not land on a matching set, your next spin is more likely to grant you a matching set. (Let’s hope the increased chances are better than the Loot Lanterns!)

Dual TMP-206 – Future Tech Cache – If you do not have a matching set of chambers, using Active Dodge will grant a Double White set. (Considering how mobile you have to be sometimes, this might work out, but still seems kinda weak to me.)

Heavy Caliber Pistols – Agarthan Cache – You are more likely to roll a Double Red set of chambers, but less likely to roll a Double White or Double Blue set of chambers. I like this idea, but My Trickster has these and doesn’t seem to think the chances are THAT different..! (This Chache is no longer available. Unless someone has them stashed somewhere! Like my alts…>.>)

Misery & Malice – Infernal Cache – Whenever you land on a matching set of chambers, your Pistol Abilities deal 6% more damage for 3 seconds. (This Chache is no longer available. Unless someone has them stashed somewhere! Like my alts…>.>)

Six Shooters – Elite 1-4 Dungeons Boss 6 or Rare Chests – The duration of the damage bonus from a matching set of chambers is increased by 0.5 seconds. (WHY do I only get Mark I versions of these? *Crai*   But seriously, this increases your Chamber bonus to 3 seconds, which doesn’t sound like much, but can help a lot when using Unload.)

Soviet CB-3 Annihilators – Weapon Reward Bags – Whenever you critically hit with a Pistol ability while you have a matching set of chambers you deal an additional XXX physical damage. (How’s your Crit rating? I can see these pistols being REALLY good when you are at the Mythic level of Crit ratings…!)

Sov-Tech Harmonizers – Elite 5+ Dungeons, Boss 6 or Rare Chests – Whenever you hit an enemy while you have a Double White set of chambers, you have a 25% chance to be upgraded to Double Blue. Whenever you hit an enemy while you have a Double Blue set of chambers, you have a 15% chance to be upgraded to Double Red.  (I Will probably never see these drop…. ever. I mean, I’ll be lucky to ever see Elite 3.  Let alone 5+!)

This is NOT a complete list, but these are the more often found special items that have an effect on your Chamber Roulette.  And it should give you an idea of what items you can plan on finding in the AH!

For someone like me that likes to use Unload as my main attack, the extra .5 second from the Six Shooters would be a good boost to my DPS!  If only I could get something other than a Mark I version of them!


There are a Great many Signets out there, but these are the ones that affect Pistols ONLY:

Signet of the Gunslinger – Head – Increases the Damage and Healing of Pistols Elite Abilities by XX% 

Signet of the Quick Draw – Head – Reduces the Cooldown of Pistol Elite Abilities by XX%

Signet of the Gambler – Finger –Increases the damage and healing of Pistols Basic Abilities by XX% 

Signet of the Outlaw – Neck – Increases the damage and healing of Pistols Power Abilities by X%


Here is a list of ALL the Abilities available on the Pistol Tree:

“Decisions, decisions…”


Basic Abilities are color-coded WHITE on the weapon tree, and are abilities that use No Energy, but give a lesser effect.  These are abilities that should be your filler abilities while you regen Energy used to power your Main abilities.  Each weapon has 2 basic abilities. Generally 1 will be a single target and 1 will have an AOE effect.

Ability Name: Hair Trigger

AP Cost: 5

Energy Cost: N/A

Targeting: Single Target

Range: Pistol Range (10m)

Cast Time: Instant

Cool Down: Instant

Effect: Deals XXX Damage to Target (Depends on Level/Attack Power)

Ability Name: Seeking Bullet

AP Cost: 10

Energy Cost: N/A

Targeting: Multi-Target

Range: Pistol Range (10m)

Cast Time: Instant

Cool Down: .5 seconds

Effect: Hits up to 6 enemies for XXX Damage up to 8m from Target


Power Abilities are your MAIN abilities, and are color-coded RED on the Weapon Tree.  These generally have no cool down and are designed to consume energy to give you your biggest Attack/Heal.  Each weapon has 4 Power Abilities.  Generally 2 will be Single target, and 2 will be AOE effects.

Ability Name: Controlled Shooting

AP Cost: 10

Energy Cost:  3

Targeting: Multi-Target

Range: Pistol Range (10m)

Cast Time: .5 seconds

Cool Down: Instant

Effect: Hits up to 6 enemies for XXX Damage up to 8m from Target

Ability Name: Unload

AP Cost: 10

Energy Cost: 5

Targeting: Single

Range: Pistol Range (10m)

Cast Time: 2.5 seconds – Channeled

Cool Down: Instant

Effect: Channeled – Hits target 5 times in 2.5 seconds for XXX damage per hit

Ability Name: Dual Shot

AP Cost: 10

Energy Cost: 3

Targeting: Single

Range: Pistol Range (10m)

Cast Time: instant

Cool Down: Instant

Effect: Hits target for XXX Damage

Ability Name: Charged Blast

AP Cost: 10

Energy Cost: 5

Targeting: AOE

Range: Pistol Range (10m)

Cast Time: Instant

Cool Down: Instant

Effect: Hits 5 enemies in 6M Radius around Target for XXX Damage


These Utility abilities are the BLUE colored abilities on your weapon tree, that are designed to be worked into your rotation to help give you a special effect or boost to your abilities.  There are 6 of these abilities in each Weapon Tree.

Ability Name: Flourish

AP Cost: 10

Energy Cost:  GAIN 4

Targeting: Self

Range: Self

Cast Time: Instant

Cool Down: 20 seconds

Effect: Gain 4 energy and Cleanse 1 Detrimental Effect  (Personally, I prefer Clean Slate.)

Ability Name: Full House

AP Cost: 5

Energy Cost: 2

Targeting: Self

Range: Self

Cast Time: Instant

Cool Down: 20 seconds

Effect: Force Double Blue Chambers for 3 seconds

Ability Name: Clean Slate

AP Cost: 10

Energy Cost: 2

Targeting: Self + Group

Range: Self + Group

Cast Time: .5 seconds

Cool Down: 20 Seconds

Effect: Cleanses 3 detrimental Effects and Heals for XXX. (Instead of Flourish, this only costs 2 energy, and Cleanses 3 effects + Heals All Group Members!)

Ability Name: Six-Line

AP Cost: 10

Energy Cost: 2

Targeting: Self

Range: Self

Cast Time: Instant

Cool Down: 20 seconds

Effect: Sets Left Chamber to Red for 6 seconds. Adds XXX Damage per hit during this time.  (Take the Passive that goes with this if you use this.)

Ability Name: Kill Blind

AP Cost: 10

Energy Cost: 2

Targeting: Single Target

Range: Pistol Range (10m)

Cast Time: Instant

Cool Down: 20 seconds

Effect: Stuns target and deals XXX Damage. Extends any matched set bonus by 1.5 sec. Applies Exposed and Debilitated. (Good for Tanks as an Opener.)

[Question – How long does Exposed/Debilitated Last?]

Ability Name: Ricochet

AP Cost: 10

Energy Cost: 2

Targeting: Multi-Target

Range: Pistol Range (10m)

Cast Time: Instant

Cool Down: 20 seconds

Effect: Allows bullets to Ricochet for 6 seconds, Dealing XXX extra Damage from Pistol Abilities to Nearby Enemies.


These are the GOLD Colored abilities at the end of each branch of the Weapon Tree.  While there are 3 per weapons tree, you may only have 1 elite ability equipped at any time! NOT 1 per weapon, but ONE TOTAL!  These are your BIG abilities and are usually your Big Attack/Heal or ‘OH SH*T’ button!

Ability Name: All In

AP Cost: 20

Energy Cost: 4

Targeting: Single Target

Range: Pistol range (10m)

Cast Time: 3 seconds – Channeled

Cool Down: 20 seconds

Effect: Channeled – hits target 10x’s in 3 seconds. First Three hits deal XXX damage. Second Three hits deal YYY Damage. Third three hits deal ZZZ Damage. Last Hit Deals XYZ Damage!

Ability Name: Trick Shot

AP Cost: 20

Energy Cost: 4

Targeting: Multi-Target

Range: Pistol Range (10m)

Cast Time: Instant

Cool Down: 20 seconds

Effect: Hits up to 6 enemies in a 5m radius around Target dealing XXX damage. Applies Exposed and Debilitated. (How long does Debilitated and Exposed Last?)

Ability Name: Bullet Ballet

AP Cost: 20

Energy Cost: 4

Targeting: AOE

Range: 10m

Cast Time: 2 seconds – Channeled

Cool Down: 20 seconds

Effect: Hit up to 6 enemies in a 10m area around you 10x’s in 2 seconds dealing XXX Damage and slowing their movement speed. (How long does the Slow work?)


Each Weapon has a ‘CAPSTONE’ that you can purchase after you have bought EVERY OTHER  Ability on the page.  The CAPSTONE will give you a small permanent stat bonus for each level of capstone you buy.  That bonus is 15 Health, 10 Attack Rating, and 10 Heal Rating per level of Capstone you purchase.  Doesn’t sound like much, does it?  The trick is that you can buy one level of Capstone per weapon you have Capstoned!  So if you have 3 weapons Capstoned, you can buy 3 Capstones on each of those weapons!  Now, you have 3 Capstones on 3 weapons available to you!  That’s 9x the bonus!

Now think about the fact that there are 9 weapons in the game, so that gives you 135 Health, 90 Attack Rating, and 90 Heal Rating per weapon, so that gives a Total Potential Bonus of 1215 Health, 810 Attack Rating, and 810 Heal Rating if you can buy EVERY Capstone for Every Weapon!  Now those little numbers don’t look so bad, do they?!

Just wait till they add more weapons…!

Additionally, this doesn’t really affect game play, but when you purchase a capstone for a weapon, you are given a faction colored uniform based on the weapon you just capstoned.  Pistols, grants you the Crusader outfit. (My favorite is the Illuminati colored one!)


There are two types of Passive abilities.  The small round abilities are ‘Permanent Passives’ that are applied to your character when you purchase them, and will stay with you regardless of what weapon you have equipped. DPS weapons have one set of these Perma-Passives, Tank Weapons have another set of Perma-Passives, and Healing weapons have their own set of Perma-Passives that they follow.  For Pistols, being a DPS weapon, the total Passive Stat Bonuses available if you buy all of the passives on the page are as follows:

Attack Power +168
Crit Power +210
Crit Rating +126
Def Rating +0
Evade rating +0
Heal Rating +0
Health +333
Hit Rating +126
Protection +251

The OTHER type of Passives are the ones that will affect your specific weapon.  Some of them affect a single ability, and others will take effect on all abilities that use that weapon.  There are generally 22 of this type of Passive per weapon.

Here is a list of all the Passives for Pistols:

Passive Name Works with Active Ability: SP Cost Effect
Second Wind ALL 5 Restores 3.5% Health when Chambers Match up
High Roller Controlled Shooting 10 Increases damage by 10% as each enemy is hit.
Lethal Aim Flourish 10 Increases Damage by 15% for 6 seconds
Holdout Unload 15 33% chance to NOT spin chambers if you already have a Matched set after using ‘Unload’
Royal Flush All In 20 When using ‘All In’, if you have Matching Chambers, target and nearby enemies are dealt extra Damage.  Double White Applies Exposed.
Stacked Deck Full House 10 Increases duration of ‘Full house’ to 5 sec (+2 sec)
Rehabilitation Clean Slate 10 Increases Healing of ‘Clean Slate’ if ally is cleansed of an effect.
Mulligan Six line 15 resets cool down of ‘Six Line’ if you don’t get a red set
Focused Fire Kill Blind 20 Increases Damage of Kill Blind to XXX. Will grant White Set if you do not have a Matching Set of chambers
Bamboozle Trick Shot 25 Trick Shot will Stun, Root or Snare enemies.  Stunned = takes additional XXX Damage by all sources.  Rooted = Dealt YYY Damage when Root effect expires.  Snared = Target and nearby enemies take DOT Damage (Damage Over Time)
Fatal Shot Dual Shot 10 Critical hits from ‘Dual Shot’ deal XXX Extra damage
Blast Crater Charged Blast 10 Enemies remaining in Blast Area are slowed and take DOT Damage
Bullet Echo Ricochet 15 Delivers weakened effect for 4 seconds after Ricochet expires dealing XXX damage to nearby enemies
Deadly dance Bullet Ballet 20 Deals an additional XXX Damage during ‘Bullet Ballet’
Beginner’s Luck All 10 Deals additional XXX-YYY Damage. Bonus damage is highest when target is at Full Health
Flechette Rounds All 10 When chambers match, deals XXX damage to nearby enemies
Heavy Caliber Rounds All 15 Increases matched Chamber Damage as follows:  White – 28%, Blue – 14.5%, Red – 9%
Double Down Power 20 Power Abilities mark a target for 8 seconds. Subsequent attacks will deal XXX-YYY Extra Damage. Extra damage increases the longer a target is marked
Jackpot All 10 Matched Chambers cause XXX Extra damage
Win Streak All 10 Matched Chambers cause additional Damage that will increase with each consecutive Bonus Damage Hit.
Fully Loaded All 15 Gain double white match when pistol energy reaches 15
Fixed Game All 20 If you haven’t used a Pistol Ability in last 4 seconds, your Right Chamber will match your Left Chamber


Single Target – If you are using this weapon as a Main hand, I like to use Unload as my Main attack.  It hits the target every half second for 2.5 seconds (5 hits) for XXX Damage per hit.  Each of these hits CAN Crit!  BUT…. That is NOT to say that you should just SPAM this ability.  I’ve actually found that MY DPS increases if I use my Basic attack until I have a Matched set of chambers and then hit Unload!  Because EACH of those hits while your chambers match will get the Roulette Bonus!

If you are out Solo Questing, sure, go ahead and spam it on single mobs.  It will die before you run out of energy anyway, and no one cares about DPS on regular quest mobs.  But if you run into a tougher mob like a Champion, or group boss, or you’re on a Dungeon/Raid Boss, then you will want to be more selective about when to hit Unload.

What you can do is get yourself a Addon like ‘Combat Statistics” that will show you your own DPS, and Test it out on the Target Dummies in Agartha.  Try Spamming vs hitting it on a Matched Chamber set.  You’ll see the difference!

There may be some concern that this is a 5 energy ability vs Dual Shot being a 3 point ability. Wouldn’t you get more ‘Bang for your Buck’ using the lower energy ability?  Dual Shot is an Instant Cast/Reuse ability, so you can spam it quickly and run out of energy in about 7 seconds.  Unload takes 2.5 seconds to channel, so by the time you’ve started your second cast, you’ve already regen’d half your energy cost. If you use a basic ability in between until you have matched chambers, you will almost never run out of energy with this ability as your Main Weapon/Main Attack!

AOEControlled Shooting is a great low energy ability with a short cast time.  Your alternative is Charged Blast, which is a 5 energy ability, and would take  only three seconds to run out of energy.  thankfully, AOE fights don’t seem to be a thing, where you will need to fight multiple mobs at different times during a fight.  (Outside of the odd Darkness War – Boss 5!)  So at the beginning of a fight, you can use whatever ability you want, it’s really up to your preference.  I prefer Controlled Shooting, as it seems to be more Energy Pool Friendly.

BASIC – I tend to use Hair Trigger for my basic unless I know I’m going into a fight that will have a LOT of AOE needed.  Then I might swap out for Seeking Bullet.  Feel free to swap for whichever one you need at any given time.  But Hair Trigger should be good enough for you 90% of the time.


As an Off Hand Weapon, I generally prefer using 3 point abilities so I don’t run out of energy as quickly, and if I do, it won’t take as long to be able to regen enough energy to use it again.  But depending on what I’m looking at doing, exceptions can be made.

Single Target – I tend to use Dual Shot.  It’s a Low energy ability and will give me plenty of shots to fire with minimal time needed to regen energy to fire again. It also doesn’t take away from my Main Hand weapon as much.

AOE –  In this case, here’s my exception: Charged Blast.  This is my Off Hand, so I’m limited on time that this weapon will be active at all.  I can Burst Damage a group of Mobs with this ability and then go back to my main weapon to finish them off.  Alternatively, I CAN use Controlled Shooting if I feel I’m energy starved, but let’s face it, secondary weapons are mostly for utility now.  As a Trickster, my pistols are secondary, as Chaos will keep agro for me.  So I can use my pistols occasionally, usually only if I’m at range from my target.  And have plenty of time to regen the energy while I’m using my Main hand weapon.


These are the utility abilities that can be used to help give you a Boost to your DPS.  What to use? and when?

Flourish vs Clean Slate – Flourish sounds like a great idea… gives you four energy if you are in an energy starved state, and will cleanse one debilitating effect off of you.  But I tend to find that I don’t NEED the extra energy, so the Heal from Clean Slate tends to more than make up for that!  Also, Clean Slate works on the Entire Group!  In addition, I’ve found a number of fights where I will get hit with more than one effect and the cleansing of 3 effects from Clean Slate works REALLY well..!  Also, if you take Clean Slate, you can use Rehabilitation as a Passive to increase the healing when cleansing an ability!  I tend to use Clean Slate when Soloing or questing with a group.  This is a great option to use Pistols as an Offhand for healing.

Full House – DPS Utility of Choice. Use on each cooldown for a Double Blue set of Chambers.

Six-Line – If you take this one, also pick up Mulligan for a passive, as it will reset the cooldown if you don’t get a Double Red.

Ricochet – This tends to be good for AOE heavy encounters.

Kill Blind – Tank or Utility DPS ability to add Exposed/Debilitated to your target.



As a DPS, if I want to use one of the Pistol Elites, I’d usually use ALL IN.  It’s a Single Target ability and let’s face it, single targets is where DPS REALLY gets to shine!  It’s also where DPS gets to gauge their effectiveness most reliably.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a use for BULLET BALLET!  If you get into a AOE Heavy fight, say the 5th boss in Darkness Wars, Bullet Ballet can come in handy with the adds that join in.  And since the Boss doesn’t like to stick around long before jumping up top to throw bombs at us, might as well slot something that will be more effective!

TRICK SHOT is more of a situational ability.  As a Trickster tank, I might like this to apply Debilitated and Exposed.  If my tank doesn’t have anything to apply these already, then I may take it just to be the utility DPS.  OR, If I’m soloing content, I might like it’s ability to slow my enemies.  (Not to mention this can also be useful in PVP! But who does that anyway?)

One thing of note for Trick Shot, I’m not entirely sure how long the Debilitated/Exposed effects last. Less that 20 seconds for the cooldown, I’m sure!

In any case, the elite abilities are a Flavor of the Minute and can be swapped out according to your taste.

“You are cursed with Free Will…”


As for Offhand passives, BE ADVISED: With our decreased Passive Slots (TSW to SWL) from 7 to 5, we have to be VERY choosy over what Passives to use.  It is generally not advised to slot more than 1 passive for a weapon that is NOT your Main Hand weapon.  (I do not slot ANY Offhand Passives if I can avoid it!)  The reason being, with Double the Energy recharge time, you will most likely NOT be able to make enough use of an Off-Hand weapon to make slotting the passives and taking away from your main hand weapon worth it.  There will be times this is proven false, but again, this is just a ‘101 course’ for Pistol Abilities.  I’m not Theory Crafting for the top 1%’ers out there.

So with that being said, I MIGHT use BLAST CRATER, if I’m looking at fights with lots of Mobs, OR FATAL SHOT if I think I’ll get some good hits in from my Dual Shot.  Again, these are situational, and you need to evaluate what kind of fights you are going into and what your Role is before choosing these over a Main Hand Passive.

As for Main-Hand Pistols Passives, It makes sense to use the passive that was specifically designed to be used with your Main Power Ability.  For me, Holdout is designed to be used with Unload.  I may have Controlled Shooting as another attack in my arsenal, but unless I’m going into AOE heavy fights, slotting a Passive for an AOE/Multi-target ability doesn’t seem worth it in my eyes.

For my other passive slots, I tend to take the other passives that are designed to work with all abilities:

  • Heavy Caliber
  • Double Down
  • Jackpot
  • WinStreak

There are other Passives that work with all Pistol abilities, but they are situational:

  • Second Wind – Only if I need extra healing. Usually only if I’m soloing.
  • Flechette Rounds – Only useful in AOE Heavy Environments.
  • Beginner’s Luck – Useful at beginning of fight.
  • Fully Loaded – Useful at beginning of fight.
  • Fixed game – Useful at beginning of fight.

So I would NOT recommend any of these unless you’ve got a build for every possibility and are constantly swapping to Min-Max the hell out of EVERY encounter!   But no one does that….  I don’t think…

Maybe that’s why I’m not in Lag Spike…>.>

So that’s it!  My first In Depth look into one of the weapons for SWL.  I hope you enjoyed this, and maybe learned something from it!  Also, I’m looking to do Chaos next, since it’s the other weapon that I know best.  But I also want to know what YOU want to see me review next?  As usual, please leave any comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!  And I hope to see you in the Secret World!

The Whispering Tide is Here..!

Something Filthy this way comes…

It’s Baaaaack!

What’s Back? The Whispering Tide is Back!

What’s ‘The Whispering Tide’?  What do you mean ‘What’s the Whispering Tide..?!?!? Oh yeah… some of you weren’t here for the original and may not be familiar with ‘The Whispering Tide’ in the Secret World Universe.

The Whispering Tide is the First of what will soon be Many Community Events in SWL.  This event will last 2 weeks from August 1st to Aug 15th (2017) where we, as Agents of Gaia will be the force that keeps the Dreamers from Infecting the World Tree any further than they already have.  Every hour will be HUGE Community Battles with the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen (aka – Flappy) where EVERYONE can participate!  As long as your Character can reach Agartha (so somewhere around level 4, I think it is) Jack Boone in Kingsmouth (About Level 5-6, after you’ve completed your tutorials), you can join everyone in 40 man raids on the new Community Event Raid Platform!

TSWDB has a great primer for the fight, so you’ll know what to expect, here. 

Low level characters will be given the “Equal Footing” Buff so that everyone can contribute to the fight!

There are special vanity items that you can get each day just for logging in and taking part in one of the community raids!  What kinds of items?  Check out my Advent Calendar here to track what items I’ve received so far!  (This post will be updated daily so make sure you come back and check it often!)

Ok, that’s great, but what started it..?

For those of you who are new to the Secret World, or just need a refresher, remember when you rolled your character, and you went through that cut scene of a bee flying in your character’s window just before you ate it? (Yummy!)  As that Anima-Infused-Late-Night-Snack was buzzing around your dining area, you hear bits of the late night news on the TV.  The anchorman is talking about a Bomb that went off in Downtown Tokyo, and later in the tutorial, you got to partake in a Anima-Powered-Psychically-Recorded-Recreation of the initial investigation that happened in the Tokyo subway by other Agents of Gaia.  THAT BOMB is what precipitated the events unfolding now!

This doesn’t look like the Carrot festival in the Coachella Valley…

And of course it’s not just a bomb.  It’s never, ‘Just a bomb…’  If you’ve been through the Scorched Desert in Egypt, and into City of the Sun God, You’ve got a little more background on what kind of device it was.  If you haven’t been through that area yet, SPOILER ALERT!  It was a Third-Age device that Said had helped the Phoenicians acquire, and as soon as he found out what they eventually did with it, immediately regretted.

So what was this ‘Third-Age device’ anyway?  THAT…. is a very good question.  It’s never exactly explained fully, but it’s a device that when used IMPROPERLY like this (I would hope this was never their intended purpose!), has the power to rend reality and open doorways into the realm of Anti-Anima.

Anti-what…?!?!  Ok, I see we’re going to have to backtrack a little further.  The universe as we know it, is infused with Anima, or the Life Force of Gaia.  Gaia being the Earth, and Agartha being a manifestation of Gaia’s will.  There’s more though…  There is also Anti-Anima.  Also known as ‘The Blood.’  It’s kinda like Matter and Anti-matter; they don’t mix well.

The… Denizens of the realm of Anti-Anima want to EAT the stars.  ALL OF THEM!  Including ours!  Why?  That’s just what they do.  They eat everything.  Especially if there’s Anima involved.  Makes it extra tasty, I imagine.  And it just so happens that our little Gaia, happens to be the next in line, and apparently has the most Anima in our little corner of the Universe.

Thankfully, these Anti-Anima Denizens have been asleep since the end of the Last Age, and haven’t yet fully awakened to start the buffet on Gaia.

Now here we get into some supposition: We are in the middle/end of the fourth age.  How do we know it’s the fourth age? Well, we’ve been told there are artifacts of the Third Age that have been found and one of them was the cause of the Tokyo incident.  Who told us?  The Buzzing of the Bees told us.

No, I’m not “off my medication..”  Seriously… listen close… you’ll hear them too!

So what exactly is “An Age” you ask?  There are many different philosophical definitions of what constitutes an ‘Age’,  but I’m not going to get into all those discussions.  Instead, I’ll go by something else I had heard along the way.  Something mentioned by a certain, Dr Klein:

“A breakthrough in thought: What we were calling the “Ages’ is not, strictly speaking, a measure of time, at least, not in a chronologically stacked order.

Time bends.  It snaps back like a rubber band, to a fixed point.

The end of each age was a reset. A do-over.

We are on repeat, with variation, as artifacts from the previous age bleed into the next, sending out ripples, each new age compounds with more artifacts and more effected than the last, skewing the original pattern.

There is something that is supposed to happen. But the inevitable is always delayed.

How many times has this world reset? How do we reach endgame?”

Say what you will about Dr Klein, but his perception of what we are experiencing is unequaled.  We are near the end of a Fourth Age (at least) and the incursion of what we call ‘The Filth’ in Agartha heralds dark times, indeed.  And it is upon our shoulders, as agents and allies of Gaia, to fight back these Dreamers as they are also called.  The Dreamers must not awaken.  Or as Emma says: “The Lullaby must continue.  Or all that is…. won’t.”

Who knows if this time it will reset again as in the past?  The “Do-Overs” that we’ve been given may be all the Do-Overs we are going to get.  And this time, it’s for keeps!

For more information on the Lore/Legends of The Whispering Tide, you can Find it on TSWDB’s Legends page here:

The Whispering Tide

You can also refer to the Filth’s Lore section on TSWDB’s Legacy website:

The Filth LORE

(I’m sure this will be updated to SWL in the near Future.)

This post was a little different, as I wanted to give you something that I hope was a little entertaining, as well as show how all the little things you see and experience in this game is connected!  There is so much more to this whole story, but for me to get into it all would totally just be me writing down every tidbit of information that I’ve seen and heard in the game!  And that would just ruin the story for you all… (At least the newer players…)

But I also hope that I was able to spark some imagination out there on how your character would react to the events that are happening now.  This is a prime time for personal RP opportunities, and I hope to see more of your stories popping up in my timelines!

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed this!  And as always, I hope to see you in the Secret World!


Item Empowerment 101


Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about how to upgrade your gear. What I’ve got here is a general overview of Item Empowerment, and in no way should be seen as the “End All Be All” on the topic.  I’ve just recently hit 25 50 so I’m still learning about this myself, but with any luck, some of you might find some of the information useful and can use it moving forward.

Before we can upgrade any gear, we need to know what kind of gear we can look forward to.

  • GREEN – Starter Quality – Max Level 20
  • BLUE – Superior Quality – Max Level 25
  • PURPLE – Epic Quality – Max Level 30
  • YELLOW – Mythic Quality – Max level 35
  • RED – Legendary Quality – Max Level 70

[NOTE: when you see that MAX LEVEL above, we aren’t talking YOUR level…. we are talking the Gear item’s level.  More on that later.]

2 Items of the Max level for their color can be fused together to become 1 item of the next Color Quality Level.  HOWEVER: They have to be of the Same Slot.  So you COULD level a Green Health Head Talisman to 20, and a Green DPS Head Talisman to 20, Then use both of them to Fuse into EITHER a Health Head Talisman, or a DPS Head Talisman of Blue Quality.  Make sure you get the one you want to keep in the Top Window for Fusing!  The other one will be sacrificed to the Nether-Gods!

Weapons, must be of the Same Type, in order to fuse into a Higher Quality item. IE – Shotgun and Shotgun, or Fist and Fist, etc.

So how do you get an item to Max level?  By feeding your gear MORE GEAR!


Basically, each gear item you have is HUNGRY! And it wants to eat more gear items.  Each piece of gear you feed it, will give it 100 points of Experience Essence.  What’s worse, is each item is a cannibal and prefers to eat it’s own type!  So, when you feed a Health Head Talisman another Health Head Talisman, It’s going to get a 2.5x Bonus for the Experience Essence that it takes in, resulting in 250 points of Experience Essence!  A DPS or Healing Head Talisman in this case would only result in 100 points. (Unless you feed them to their own type!)

Weapons are much the same, as they like to consume the essence of LIKE weapons, so a Shotgun will give the 2.5x Bonus to another Shotgun.  The Shotgun will still take in the Essence of Pistols or a Blood Focus or whatever, as long as it’s another weapon, but only for 100 Essence points.

How many points does it take to level an item?

  • Green – 200 pts per level – Max level 20 = 4000 pts to Max
  • Blue – 500 pts per level – Max level 25 = 12500 pts to Max
  • Purple – 2500 pts per level – Max level 30 = 75000 pts to Max
  • OrangeUnknown pts per level – Max Level 35 = Unknown Pts to Max
  • Red – Unknown pts per level – Max Level 70* = Unknown Pts to Max

Just to put this into perspective:

  • 4000 points = 16 Empowerments with Like Items.
  • 12500 points = 50 Empowerments with Like Items
  • 75000 points = 300 Empowerments with Like items

And just to make matters worse, you not only need to level your current item up to Max, you need to level a second item to Max to fuse it with.  So double these totals for each piece of gear! (More if you use odd pieces here and there to supplement your empowerments!)

One more item to note, the above information is assuming each item being fed is of GREEN quality.  Other color gear items will give slightly more experience.  But if you get a Blue or higher level item, let’s face it, you’ll be wanting to either sell that, or use it and level it to fuse later!

Tabletop Fusion anyone?

And Lastly, if you have a level 14 item, and you pick up a better quality item of the same type, while you COULD feed that level 14 item to the new level 1 item you just pucked up, you WILL NOT just be continuing on from the same place you just were!  Nope, you are staring back at level 1 again!  It’s best you keep using the level 14 until you can catch the newer item up to it, AND THEN swap, and continue leveling them both up so you can use the first item in your Fusion later down the road!  (Not a fan of this to be honest, but I do talk about this later on.)

And this doesn’t come cheaply either.  You have to PAY for these empowerments along the way, and the currency for this is your Anima Shards:

  • Green – 200 Anima Shards per Empowerment – 3200 Anima Shards
  • Blue – 400 Anima Shards per Empowerment – 20000 Anima Shards
  • Purple – 600 Anima Shards per Empowerment – 180000 Anima Shards

Just think…. This is PER ITEM, so double this cost to get to the next quality level!  And if you supplement your empowerments because you just aren’t getting enough items of the right type, your over all cost in shards will go up as well!  I don’t know about you, but I’ll just be happy just getting TO Purple!

Scared of the Grind yet?  You should be.  Cause we’ve only talked about the Talismans and Weapons.  There are also Glyphs and Signets that follow the same path.  Glyphs, you won’t see until you have Blue quality gear.  Signets will be once you get to Purple.  PLEASE NOTE: Weapons do NOT receive Signets!


On top of all this, there are 3 levels of quality for each of these signified by a number of dots, called Pips, on each item.   1 Pip is the most common, and of course the lowest level of quality.  2 Pips is medium quality, and 3 pips is the BEST quality, but of course, the rarest.

When starting out,  it doesn’t really matter how many pips you have, the stats at this level are negligible, and it would do Funcom no good giving people so much stuff that would be considered terrible and a liability when starting out.  I’ve run enough alts throughout Solomon Island using  Green 1 pip gear, it’s not that much of a problem.  It’s later on when you start getting your Blue and Purple gear that you REALLY want to have the 2-3 pip items.  But judging by the number of items you’ll need to even GET to Blue and Purple gear, chances are that you should have come across a 3 pip item of the Slot you need, and can start on leveling it for when it’s time to Fuse it to Purple.

Pips  –  Talismans  – Weapons   – Glyphs

  • 1 Pip    – Faded          – Mk I              – Crude
  • 2 Pips – Luminous – MK II            – Simple
  • 3 Pips – Radiant      – MK III          – Intricate

(Signets don’t have Pips, and I have only seen them as Green level (Standard), but they do level up.  And since they have just released recently, give them time and we’ll see more of they these have in store for us!)

Is there anything that can upgrade a Pip level of an item?  There are two things you can do.  First, level an item that has more pips, and fuse your older item into the newer one (Once they are BOTH at Max level) and then you’ll have the next higher Color quality as well.

OR….  Spend some $$$ in the Aurum shop.

“Time is Money, Friend!” (Goblin image is property of Blizzard Entertainment)

The Aurum shop has these dandy ANIMA IMBUERS that you can buy for 2500 Aurum.  They can be used to raise a 1-2 pip item up to a 3-pip item!  Just keep in mind that 2500 Aurum is roughly $25.  So if you don’t want to spend REAL money, you’ll need to start playing the AH and using the Marks you can earn from that to buy Aurum in the exchange!


Not to be all DOOM AND GLOOM over this system, there are a number of shortcuts and helpful things that you can get in the game that will help you on your Journey to Epic Gear!

DISTILLATES – These drop from the Chests that appear after you kill a Boss in a Dungeon, and can also be acquired from the Loot Lanterns you start to see at level 15.  Keys to the Loot Lanterns are available from the Aurum Shop for 150 Aurum each, regardless of quantity you purchase.  (No BONUS Keys for buying in bulk… sorry!)  OR, if you are a Patron, you will get one key per day!  So that’s about 30 Loot Lantern Keys per month!

Distillates come in different qualities as well:

  • GREEN MAJOR – 250 Exp
  • GREEN POTENT – 400 Exp
  • BLUE MINOR – 500 Exp
  • BLUE MAJOR – 1000 Exp
  • BLUE POTENT – 1600 Exp
  • PURPLE MAJOR – 4000 Exp
  • PURPLE POTENT – 6400 Exp

[UPDATE: There are varying values of Distillates that drop from a number of sources, including Dungeons, raids, Lairs, World Bosses, Loot Lanterns, etc.  More than I’m able to list in this article, but rest assured there are even higher versions than what I have listed here!]

GREEN and BLUE tend to drop in Dungeons, whereas the PURPLE ones tend to come from Raids and Loot Lanterns.  ((DISCLAIMER – I would imagine Higher level dungeons would drop higher quality Distillates, but I still need to queue for my first Elite!  I’ll let you know sooner or later!))  [UPDATE: Blue Level Distillates drop in Elite Dungeons, and Purple drop from Raids, CONFIRMED!]

As you can see, running dungeons for Distillates alone makes it pretty worth while to run out your keys each day! (Non-Patrons get 12 Dungeon Keys per day, and Patrons get 18!)  Another thing about Distillates, the shard cost ito use a Distillate on your item, is the same as a single item being added to your Empowerment window.  So if you use a Purple Potent Weapon Distillate, ALL THAT EXP being dumped into your weapon would still cost only as much as using another weapon to empower it!

Distillates aren’t the only shortcuts you can get your hands on, there are also FUSION CATALYSTS, which if you notice on the Aurum shop pic above, they cost 1500 Aurum (or about $15).  These catalysts are used when you have an item at Max Level, and don’t feel like leveling a Second one to Max level in order to Fuse it!  From the Aurum Shop, they only come in Purple quality and count toward A second Purple Item, or Blue or Green if you REALLY want to.  I have seen Blue and Purple level Catalysts come from Loot Lanterns as well, so that’s another reason to consider Patron status!

So what do I do with all this?  That is quite a bit of information to keep in mind, so let’s take a look at what you get when starting a new character.

It seems that no matter your Starter Deck Class, you will always be given a DPS Waist Talisman, and a Health Neck Talisman.  On top of that, they always tend to be 2-pip quality.  This simplifies things.

Look familiar?


You weapons might vary from what you see here but once you reach Kingsmouth, this is pretty much what you have.  You want to know how to upgrade this?  That’s going to depend on a couple things:

  • RNGzus – Let’s face it, what you get from your mission turn-ins is going to affect what you can do to some extent. All Praise the Mighty RNGzus!
  • More importantly, What is your Class? Or rather,  what Role do you wish to play?

Tanks are going to want Health, and even then, they can’t ignore Attack Power if they are soloing PVE content, so they will need some DPS gear as well,

DPS will want MOAR ATTACK POWER!  But even then, some health for soloing content.

And Healers will want to have Attack power gear for soloing content, and Heal gear for dungeons/group content.

When you are first starting off in the game, it doesn’t matter much what class you are or what role you’ll be looking to fill, hence the identical starting gear.  But once you start earning gear and can start upgrading, THAT’S when you need to know your plan!

But in order to plan, you need to know what’s expected of you when you reach 50.  50 is when you can start running Elite Dungeons, and these require the Holy Trinity™ of Tank, Heals, and DPS.  And each of these roles will need something different:

TANK:  During Elites, You will want to have FULL Health gear, but you are also going to want to have 5% Glance Reduction.  One 2-pip HIT Glyph of Blue quality should work to reach this.  You’ll also want DEFENSE Glyphs on all your other talismans, and then CRIT RATING Glyphs on your Weapons.

DPS: Full DPS Gear, with options to add Health Talismans for specific dungeons if they are anything like TSW Dungeons!  Glyphs, you will want 5% Glance Reduction, so one Blue Quality HIT Glyph should suffice, plus 2 CRIT POWER Glyphs, and the rest should be CRIT RATING Glyphs.

HEALS: You will want full HEAL Gear, and if using an AR for your Heals, you may want to use a HIT Glyph on your AR, and then 2 CRIT POWER Glyphs and the rest CRIT RATING Glyphs.  If you do NOT use an AR, 3 CRIT POWER Glyphs and the rest CRIT RATING.

Why the HIT Glyph ON the AR?  Because you’ll still need the 5% Glance Reduction so you are Hitting your Target, but if you use Fists or Blood for heals as well, you would be better off with CRIT stats instead of Hit. So keep the HIT on the one weapon that needs it, so it doesn’t interfere with the other weapons healing!

All of this being said, You are better off using Like items for Empowerment across the board, as it will not cost as much Anima Shards that way.  BUT If you insist on using odd gear for empowerment, meaning items that don’t match, maybe you just can’t seem to get enough Health Finger Talismans to drop for you and you NEED that one before you tank your first Elite, Be advised that this will cost you about 2.5x’s More Anima shards to get it maxed out.  You might instead want to sell those odd items on the AH cheap, and when you get the MoF for those items, buy some cheap ones of the type you need.

Or maybe you are impatient and want your Gear to be higher stats faster and don’t feel like messing with the AH.  You can still use your Odd items to empower your current gear, just be advised that Anima Shards will become a serious roadblock down the way.  You may want to Prioritize Head Talisman > Major Talisman > Minor Talisman.  Head talismans still give you more of your desired Main Stat (Health/Attack Power/Heal), then Major Talismans, then Minor Talismans.

So what do I think of all this?  Having just made 50 and having both Weapons Purple already, I don’t think it’s BAD…. but looking at trying to get the rest of my gear up to snuff, I can see how this is going to be a pain.  And even though we are no longer carrying around TONS of Materials and clogging our banks with them, considering our limited space in SWL, storage is also going to be at  a Premium.  Especially for multi Role characters.

I didn’t get into Signets much, but they seem to be mostly weapon specific, so if you want to do what we did in TSW and swap weapons/roles, you’re going to need to have yet ANOTHER set of gear for the new Weapon types, taking up even more inventory for the item and glyphs and signets used there as well.  Funcom may get enough money for Season 2 just on Storage sales alone!

I also don’t like that I can’t pick up a new Item that is better than my current, and then use my old Item to empower my New Item with ALL the Experience Essence that I’ve already accumulated on that Item.  I mean, is it an upgrade or not?  If I have to spend another week or two just to get that new item up to par with my current item, then that’s even MORE inventory space being taken up AND a Hell of a delay in getting to use that supposed upgrade!

But they don’t want us to “…let it go to waste…” I believe is how it was put in one of the early DevStreams.  Trust me…. It’s more of a waste having to wait so long to actually get to USE the thing!  So yeah, REALLY not happy with that.

But being a Lifetime Patron (Can’t thank them enough for transferring my grand Master Status over!) , and getting these Cache Keys on a daily basis, I can see the value in being a Patron.  Just having the occasional Distillate Bag drop from the Loot Lanterns helps speed things up SO MUCH!  Not to mention the extra AP/SP and Exp we get as well.

1 Cache Key a day X’s 30 days in a month = $45 worth of content a month.  That right there shows you the value in becoming a Patron!

But back to the subject at hand, I think I’ll be happy just getting my gear up to Purple Status and dealing with a day to Day grind of very minor improvements over the course of the next few years before I get my first set of Orange items!  Keep in mind, I also have ALL THE ALTS that I need to do the same thing with.  If you can focus on one character and do all the things?  More power to you!

I think that’s about it…  This article has been in the works for a couple weeks but the more I played, the more revisions happened.  Now that I’m 50 finally, With any luck this will help SOMEONE out there.

Thank you for stopping by! We’ll see you in the Secret World!


SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Blood – Blood Offering

And FINALLY!  The last of the Weapons Specialties is Spotlighted! Blood!

“Speciality Spotlight – Blood Magic: How does Blood Offering Work?

  • Use Blood Magic abilities that deal damage and increase your Corruption Level.
  • Using Blood Magic to heal will instead increase your Martyrdom Level.
  • Corruption increases the Damage done by your abilities, while Martyrdom increases the potency of all your Heals.
  • Both states consume your life energy to cast abilities.
  • Be aware that a High Corruption or a High Martyrdom Level will make it more difficult for you to be healed.
  • Use these special abilities to decrease your Corruption or Martyrdom Levels.”

Again, this one is pretty straight forward.  the new graphics for the shield is pretty nice too.

Blood is one of the Healing weapons in the game, of course, but is also used for DPS.  I currently Use Blood for my DPS in TSW, and hope I can do similar in SWL.

Also being a healing weapon, makes for some good “OH SH%#!” buttons when soloing content!

So that’s the last of the Weapons Abilities for now. There are rumors that they will be adding more weapons at a later date, just no idea when that will be.  I’m going to stick with my previous thought of Season 2.

There’s also only 2 more days before the Last scheduled DevStream for SWL before launch!  What might they have in store for us then?  Funcom also has a huge announcement at E3 on Friday, as well. No idea if it will be SWL related or not, but I’m hoping so! AND….  Still no word on Open Beta.  I’m hoping they release the NDA this weekend, though!  Early Access for SWL starts on the 23rd, so releasing the NDA now for Open Beta sounds about right!

What do you want to hear from FunCom this week? Are you getting excited for the relaunch?  Let me know in the comments below! Or tweet them to me @anima_nation!

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you in the Secret World!

SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Chaos – Controlled Chaos

Oh SNAP!  A Second Speciality Spotlight in the same day..?!?!  What is this sorcery?  I’m glad you asked!  It’s Chaos magic!  Let’s see what the video has to say:

“Speciality Spotlight – Chaos Magic: Working with Controlled Chaos

  • Every time your Chaos abilities deal damage divisible by 8, you generate 2-4 Paradoxes.
  • Once 8 Paradoxes have been generated, 1 of 3 types of Chaotic Effects is triggered.
  • A Singularity creates Rifts in the Fabric of Reality around you which explodes dealing damage and knocking down enemies.
  • an Enigma is a small beneficial effect applied on your enemy. Purging the effect or defeating the enemy will grant You and Your Team a much stronger version of that effect!
  • Extra-Dimensional Doppelgangers are clones of yourself that attack your enemies.”

Paradox =/= Pair of Ducks
Careful… this might suck you in…!
“Riddle me this, Batman…”
Told you I had an evil twin..!

They’ve been pretty open with this particular weapon during the DevStreams so far, but now we know each of the Official Names of your Chaos Effects!

This is one of the ‘easier’ weapons to pick up for a new player based on the fact that what happens is completely random.  But they do explain their comment of ‘Divisible by 8’ that I had no clue what they were saying before.  When your Damage is Divisible by 8..!  (8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, etc…)  THAT is when you generate a paradox!  They do state that when you generate a Paradox, you will generate 2-4 paradoxes at once.  However, at :13 seconds into the video, they managed to generate only 1 paradox.  So i’m not sure how accurate this is.

If Andy, Nicole, or even Romain read this, chiming in with a response to this would be greatly appreciated! (I’ll try to tweet this at them too.)

(UPDATE: The Tweeted response Indicates that some passives will have a chance to proc a single paradox.  Which makes sense.  I should have thought about that.  I blame the rushed schedule releasing two of these in one day!  Yeah, that’s the ticket!)

It has been stated before that your passives will help you control your procs better for this class, and once you start getting up there in levels, that’s when the fun begins for all you theorycrafters out there!  It does seem like a fun weapon to Main, or even have as a secondary Weapon for backup.

This is a Tanking weapon, too, BTW.  So expect the passives to give you more health and defensive stats.

Now… will they release the last one today as well?  time will tell!

Thanks for stopping by! And I hope to see you in the Secret World!




SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Fists – Primal Wrath

Another Speciality Spotlight!  Today’s focus is on Fists! [Insert Bruce Lee/Chuck Norris jokes here.] ((It’s ok, I’d never subject you to that…! Just open Trade chat in WoW if you want to hear those!))

Quoted from the Video:

“Speciality Spotlight – Fists: How to Consume Primal Wrath

– Every Attack and heal using fists generates Fury
– When your Fury gets above this threshold, you can activate Frenzied Wrath, or Invigorating Wrath
– You will gain new powerful abilities while under the effect of Wrath
– You can continue to use those new abilities until your Fury meter is fully drained”

Wrath Threshold


NERF THIS! Oh wait… wrong game universe…!


Kick ALL the Arse!

Looks pretty straight forward, but you need to keep something in mind – You NEED that ability that activates your Wrath on your bars at all times or Wrath will do nothing for you!  We won’t talk about how I may or may not know this from experience…>.>

There are other tidbits i want to mention here, but NDA is still in effect… COME ON FUNCOM… DROP THE NDA ALREADY!

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you soon™, in the Secret World!

SWL – Weapons Mechanics – Shotguns – Heavy Munitions

Ever since the First DevStream, Shotguns have been noted as being one of the most advanced weapon types for new players coming in SWL.  NOW we get to take a look at what all the fuss is about!


Quoted from the Vid:

“Speciality Spotlight – Shotgun: Reloading your Heavy Munitions

  • The Shotgun is loaded with 6 shells
  • Using ANY shotgun ability will expend these shells
  • Once these shells are depleted, every Shotgun ability will be replaced with a reload option for a randomized shell type
  • There are 4 types of ammunition
  • Armor piercing shells reduce the defense of your target
  • Depleted Uranium Shells deal a large amount of Bonus Damage
  • Dragon’s Breath shells apply a significant Damage Over Time Effect
  • Anima-Infused Shells restore a Percentage of your Health”

So far this is the Spotlight with the most information given so far!

Since every weapon can be used as a DPS weapon, I can see the Dragon’s Breath and Depleted Uranium shells being used when extra DPS is needed.

Anima-Infused shells will be your ‘OH SH%#!’ ammo, but the problem will be making sure you can get to pull it up in time!

And Armor Piercing will be the Tanking Ammo of choice, being able to apply a Debuff that will reduce the Boss’ Defense!

The problem here is that you load your different ammo only when your weapon is empty.  And then, the ammo available will be randomized! So their’s no guarantee that you’ll get the ammo type you want, when you need it!

Additionally, when do you run out of ammo?  When you are in the middle of a fight.  Not everyone will be watching when they run out of ammo to be ready to swap to a different ammo type, as they may be kiting the boss around, or trying to not get the group of mobs nearby as well or whatever reason.  So you may end up with a completely different ammo from what you intended!

HOWEVER, this also does not take into account any passives or special abilities that may help you control what ammo types come up.  So we’ll have to take a closer look at that once the NDA is lifted!

What do you think about shotguns? One of the new Tanking weapons for SWL!  Let me know in the comments below! Or tweet to me @Anima_Nation.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you in the Secret World!