DevStream – 2018-0223 – Agent Farmville!

Welcome Back to Anima-Nation!  It’s been a while since I had something to review, and today we get a DevStream covering the New Agent Network!  (aka Farmville, Secret World Style!)

The Stream is available on Funcom’s YouTUBE Channel here:

Secret World Legends Devstream: Feb 23 (Agent Network)

Let’s see what they had to talk about!

Andy is Joined by Andrew Riker (sp?), one of the systems designers for SWL!

And a Random Nicole joins the battle…!
  • Josh the Producer says this is coming out Next Week!
  • One of the reasons they wanted to do this was to give us another avenue to help progress our characters.
  • Another reason, is it will help expand the storyline to places that our characters have NOT been to in game.  The Secret World is the ENTIRE World, so there are things that are happening in other places as well, and Agent-Farmville will help tell some of those other stories.
  • Agent-Farmville will start once you hit Faction Rank 3, which should be around level 15.  So once you start gathering Loot Lanterns, you get to be a Handler of your own Network of Agents!
  • Once this goes live, if you are level 15+, you will get an SMS from your Faction handler starting you on Agent Farmville.
  • Certain Agents can only be earned from specific Zones and Activities.
  • Agent Boosters will be available for Aurum.
  • Boosters can contain Gear or Dossiers.
  • You will not be able to get anything special for Aurum.  All things you can get buy using Aurum are available by doing In Game things.  BUT… You cannot get all the things by using Aurum! To get everything, you MUST do the in game things! (I like this philosophy..!)
  • NEW CURRENCY – HEXCOINS – If you get something through the Aurum boosters that you don’t like or it’s a duplicate of something you already have, you can sell them to any vendor and you’ll get Hexcoins. (Also option to sell on AH for Marks, I think!)
  • There will be a new Shady Vendor in Mall-gartha (At the boarded up area we’ve all been wondering what it was for…!) and he will be selling dossiers and gear bags for the Hexcoin currency.
Use your “P” Key to open the Agent Network UI. Because….. “P” is for Play…?
  • First Column is your Open Mission Slots. You start with one open Slot, with the second slot opening up after you recruit a second Agent.  Third Mission slot is for Patrons.  4th and 5th slots will open at a later time based on things you do within the Agent system.
  • Middle section shows your Agent Roster in your Network.  Onscreen they currently show Carter, formerly of Innsmouth Academy, Faction Recruit, and Virgil the Ghoul.
  • Click on the Agents and you’ll get a Dossier on them explaining some of their Background, and what they can do for you.
    Agent Carter…. Not that one… the other one!
    Agent Carter…. Not that one… the other one!
  • Agent Stats appear to be Prowess, Adaptability, and Ingenuity.
  • Agents can carry one gear item.  These gear items will help give the Agent a Buff of some sort to help them on specific missions.
  • Gear can be used to affect an Agent’s Affinity.
  • Gear is not Consumed upon use.
  • Gear can be sold on the AH unless you equip it.
  • The bottom of the Dossier is the “Agent Support Ability” tells you what the Agent can give you for a Buff.  Carter’s are +490 Health at level 25, and +7% Blood Magic Damage at level 50. (These refer to the Agent’s level)
  • Eventually, you can unlock 3 Support Agent slots, giving you 6 buffs!
  • Agent’s Maximum Level is 50, just like Player Characters.  This brings to mind if we ever get a level cap increase, if the agents level will increase as well?  I would think so.
  • TRAITS – Agents will get up to 2 traits that can help them complete missions.  Carter’s Traits allow her to do well in Supernatural Missions and missions that allow her to make use of her Powers.  Match the traits on an agent to the appropriate mission. (NOTE – The graphic shoes a faint outline of a possible third trait slot. It was noted there are Special Shiny agents, like foil cards. My guess is that the special Shiny versions will make use of that third slot. Keep in mind this is only a Guess!)
  • When searching your Roster, you can use a Filter to display specific agents.
Apologies on screen clarity, this is the quality of the DevStream that I had.
  • When Choosing a mission, you will see the Affinity % that each agent has for that specific Mission.  Choose wisely!
Available Missions
“Time is Money, Friend!”
“Click Me!”
  • When turning in the missions, you will get one of the following ratings:
    • Complete – You did it, and you learned something and earned exp, but probably not well enough to have found any items.
    • Successful – Maybe found an extra bit of intel that wasn’t expected.
    • Outstanding – Wesley Crusher Saves the Day!
  • Resources are consumed per the Requirements of the mission you choose.  Resources available are as follows:
    1. Intel
    2. Supplies
    3. Assets
  • Usually, if you use one resource, you will earn one of the other 2.
  • There have been over 200 missions written for this!
  • Each mission has it’s own flavor text for each agent depending on how well they perform.
  • Missions have individual timers to show how long they will be available and until a new mission will be available in that slot.
  • Question from the audience – How long will it take to level an individual agent up to 50?

Survey says….! A while… BUT…!  Here’s the thing, as you level your first agents, you will gain ‘Gear’ that will help your next agents meet requirements and gain EXP Faster.  Sounds like we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • There are a total of 40 total available Agents.
  • Inventory – The Inventory shown is specifically set for your Agents, but if you run out of space on the Agent Network screen, it will overflow into your regular inventory.
  • Items equipped to Agents free up inventory slots. This gives you an extra (up to) 40 agent gear inventory slots!
    1. Mission Chains can grant new Agents.
    2. From Savage Coast onwards, Action/Investigation missions will grant you a chance at an Agent Dossier upon completion.
    3. Certain Achievements will also grant Dossiers
    4. Elite Dungeons
    5. Lairs
    6. Scenarios
    7. Raid Finder
  • Each Type of activity that grants Dossiers, will grant a dossier that is good for that type of activity. So if you have trouble doing Lairs or Scenarios, but you like to do Dungeons, you can trade the dossiers you get from dungeons with someone that does a different activity that you don’t get to do often.
  • There will be agent specific Achievements! (MOAR CHEEVO POINTS PLZ!)
  • Sorry Massack – There is no Doki-Doki Agent Dating System in the works. 🙁
  • Carter’s ‘Blood Magic Damage’ isn’t the only weapon type that gets a bonus. Each weapon type will have an agent that grants a bonus for it.
  • Some agents grant 7% weapon damage bonus at level 50, while others grant 3.5% at level 25…. And the buffs stack!
  • There are ‘Rumors’ *cough cough* of Agents that are quite ‘Shiny’… like ‘Foil Card Agents.’  They will also have a special Appearance in your Roster.  Will have to wait and see what they do and what makes them special. (I have already noted the possibility that they will have a third Trait available to them!  This is merely supposition on my part! So Don’t sue me if I’m wrong!)
  • SPECIAL MISSION – Unlock after your First Actual Mission!
  • All agents will have a 100% chance to complete it.
  • The idea is to make sure that everyone can get something out of Agent Farmville
  • Agent missions can be completed even while you are offline.
  • There will be no App at this time due to lack of resources.
  • Agent Farmville will expand later on as new content releases.
  • The added Buffs are not being taken into account for actual content.  But things will be adjusted if things break as a result.
  • Next DevStream on the 9th of March. – LOTS TO TALK ABOUT being Promised!
  • Forums opened up!
  • And New FunCom IP Announing next week as well!