SWL – Weapon Mechanic – Blade – Spirit Blade

Today’s Specialty Spotlight is the Cutting Edge of Weapons: BLADE!  The Gimmick Mechanic here is called Spirit Blade.  Let’s see what the Video short has to say:

Spirit Blade

“Speciality Spotlight: Blade.  How to use the Spirit Blade.

  • Swinging your Blade sometimes generates Chi.
  • Consume 5 Chi to activate your Spirit Blade.
  • The Spirit Blade causes all your attacks to deal Additional Damage.
  • While it is active, you will continue to generate Chi.
  • Use this chi to maintain your Spirit Blade as long as possible.”

So hit things until the hilt of your Blade shows full and you get the ghostly outline of a blade showing.  Then you can activate your Spirit blade and it will deal MOAR DAMAGE!


The Spirit Blade seems to last about 10 seconds.  During that time, you will still generate Chi.  If your attacks are generally about 1 second apart, that means you will need a 50% Chi Proc rate in order to keep the spirit Blade up for longer periods of time.

Something NOT mentioned here, but mentioned in one of the DevStreams is that if you do NOT use your Spirit Blade in a certain amount of time, that Chi doesn’t go to waste!  It instead heals you for an amount depending on how much Chi was consumed at the time!

Seems like an interesting mechanic, and should provide for limited downtime while soloing content.

Looking forward to the News later this week regarding the NDA.  Then I’ll know when I have to have posts ready to review each weapon!

Thank you for stopping by!  And I hope to see you in the Secret World!

Can’t pass up posting this one…!