SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Blood – Blood Offering

And FINALLY!  The last of the Weapons Specialties is Spotlighted! Blood!

“Speciality Spotlight – Blood Magic: How does Blood Offering Work?

  • Use Blood Magic abilities that deal damage and increase your Corruption Level.
  • Using Blood Magic to heal will instead increase your Martyrdom Level.
  • Corruption increases the Damage done by your abilities, while Martyrdom increases the potency of all your Heals.
  • Both states consume your life energy to cast abilities.
  • Be aware that a High Corruption or a High Martyrdom Level will make it more difficult for you to be healed.
  • Use these special abilities to decrease your Corruption or Martyrdom Levels.”

Again, this one is pretty straight forward.  the new graphics for the shield is pretty nice too.

Blood is one of the Healing weapons in the game, of course, but is also used for DPS.  I currently Use Blood for my DPS in TSW, and hope I can do similar in SWL.

Also being a healing weapon, makes for some good “OH SH%#!” buttons when soloing content!

So that’s the last of the Weapons Abilities for now. There are rumors that they will be adding more weapons at a later date, just no idea when that will be.  I’m going to stick with my previous thought of Season 2.

There’s also only 2 more days before the Last scheduled DevStream for SWL before launch!  What might they have in store for us then?  Funcom also has a huge announcement at E3 on Friday, as well. No idea if it will be SWL related or not, but I’m hoping so! AND….  Still no word on Open Beta.  I’m hoping they release the NDA this weekend, though!  Early Access for SWL starts on the 23rd, so releasing the NDA now for Open Beta sounds about right!

What do you want to hear from FunCom this week? Are you getting excited for the relaunch?  Let me know in the comments below! Or tweet them to me @anima_nation!

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you in the Secret World!