Dance Dance Revolution! TSW Style!

Anyone who is familiar with my characters will know that almost all of them are avid (rabid..?) fans of the various dances that happen in the Secret World!  And as such, I’ve spent a fair deal of money on the various dances that have been added to the game.

Something that came up at tonight’s show, was the subject of WHERE all the dances came from?  Some people were not aware of the sources yet and lament the fact that they didn’t get some of them.  And sure you can search out individual dances on the net, but I haven’t seen a single comprehensive list get posted.

I put this list together when I was trying to pick up the missing ones on alts that I had rolled.  I’ll see if I can record some videos of the dances and edit them into this post at a later time, but for now I just want to get this list out there so you all  can plan on what event bags to get later when the events start up again!

Default Dances:

  • Funky Chicken*
  • Gangham Style
  • Macarena
  • Running Man*
  • Samba
  • Sprinkler

*   = This dance does not Loop. It will play through once, and then stop, so you’ll have to manually hit it again, if you want to keep going.


  • BillieJ – This dance is the ONLY dance offered in the item store.  It is NOT available to purchase across your entire account, so if you want your alts to have this, be prepared to shell out some dough!

Event Bag Dances:

These dances were awarded to someone that opened a ‘Party Bag’ on at least 10 players at once.  Just to be clear, YOUR CHARACTER counts toward the 10 players.  We’ve opened them in the middle of a 10 person Raid in the Manhattan Exclusion Zone, where you can’t have any more than 10 people there, and were still awarded the dances.  But, as they say, The More the Merrier!

  • Anaconda – Valentine’s Day – Bag of Saint Valentinus
  • Freestyle – Samhain 2016 – Hallow’s Eve Festival Sack
  • Hip-Hop – Winter Holidays 2016 – St Nick’s Rucksack
  • Hit Man Lean – Guardians of Gaia – Bohemian Party Sack
  • Robot – Winter Holidays 2015 – Bag of Season’s Revelry
  • Rockabilly – The Gilded Rage (Golden Week) – Golden Bag of Lady Luck
  • Single Ladies – Manna of Saint Nicholas 2014 – Bag of Wassail
  • Spooky – Samhain 2015 – Sack of Samhain Revels
  • ZombieStrut – Samhain 2014 – Halloween Party Pack


Some of these are Dance related emotes that don’t actually show up when you type /dance and then hit your space bar:

  • /Tapdance – This emote will start your character into a pretty good tap dance routine! However, it is not synchable with the Shoes of Synchronicity.
  • Nassir’s Groove – This emote is activated by an item in your inventory called ‘Nassir’s Groovy Gun.’  It will automatically place an AK-47 in your character’s hands and you can dance like the Groove-master himself!  This item is a random drop from the Military Duffel bags sold out of the Cash Shop, or via lucky coins from the vendor in Darkside.
  • /digmusic – This command will cause female characters to bob their heads and sway to the beat of a song that only they can hear.  Male characters tend to Head bang!  (Would love it if both animations were available to Both Sexes.  Perhaps a /digmusic1 and /digmusic2 ?)
  • /funkychicken – This is the exact same emote as /dance_funkychicken which leads me to think the intention was to also make tapdance work the same way.  But they didn’t seem to remember to add /dance_tapdance to the emote commands. Go figure.
  • /graffiti –  This will cause your character to look like they are spray painting a wall.  (Spray paint not included.)
  • /jazzhands – Uuhhhh… Jazzhands…!  ‘Nuff said!
  • /moonwalk – You can awkwardly attempt the famous Moonwalk Dance move!
  • /moonwalk_pro – You can Moonwalk like a pro!  This is an achievement award for completing the Bank Heist mission in Kaidan without being seen.
  • /windmill – This emote comes from an event bag (Golden Week – Random Drop and Gamblers Chips from the Event Vendor in Darkside during the event) and makes your character look as if they are Elvis playing a guitar!

That’s it!  I know this isn’t much, but with any luck some of you found this useful.  Thanks for coming, and I hope to see you in the Secret World!