SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Elementalism – Thermotics

Specialties Spotlight #2 was posted today!  This time it’s focusing on Elementalism’s Thermotics gimmick Mechanic!

Quoted from the Video:

“Specialty Spotlight: Elementalism – How to Control Thermotics

  • Use Fire or Lightning Abilities to increase your Heat Level.
  • As your Heat Level increases, all Elemental Abilities deal more damage.
  • If you Overheat, you’ll be unable to use other Heat Abilities for a short while.
  • Use Cold Based Abilities to regulate your Temperature.”

We’ve taken a look at this before as part of a DevStream, but there is still so much they haven’t said or released about what’s under the hood of this Speciality.  So what DO we know?

A – Fire and lightning Abilities raise your heat level.  

B – The higher your Heat, the more damage you do!

C – Too Much Heat will Lock you out of your Heat generating Abilities.

D – Ice based abilities cool you down so you can continue to channel more damage!

What do we NOT know?

How many cooling abilities are there?  Considering there are only 15 Active abilities per weapon, and the limited space we have on our Ability Bars, 2-3 different cooling abilities are all I can see being viable. And depending on your build, you may only have one of them on your bars at any given time anyway!

Passives: Again, we don’t know what passives are available to mitigate heat build up.  Will there be any passives that kick in to boost your damage at certain % heat levels?

Basic Abilities: It is assumed that your Basic abilities will also build up heat, but just being basic abilities, do they have less heat build up?  i would think so since basic abilities should be doing less damage, you shouldn’t be channeling as much Anima per use.

What kind of Damage scaling will we see for 25% heat? 50% heat? 75% Heat?

Are there weapon procs for Elementalism that help with heat mitigation?

“Enquiring minds want to know!”


Having looked at this before in the DevStreams, not much here is new information.  Again, it’s just a tease for new mechanics, and nothing In Depth that we can sink our teeth into.

Comparing this to Pistols yesterday, this seems to be much more controllable to keep your DPS up as you can literally ride the crest of your Heat Wave, as opposed to the RNG based damage bonuses for 3 seconds at a time that Pistols have.

Something I DID notice, and I saw it yesterday, but didn’t want to say anything yet until I could get a GOOD look at it, was the new icons they teased in the last DevStream.  They literally look Shiny!  We’ll have to wait for this week’s DevStream/patch to get a better look, as I’m SURE they will want to show those off!

What so you think about the teaser they’ve given us today?  Pique your interest in this weapon class?  Do you wish they’d give us more to work with? Are there certain abilities you hope made the cut?  Alternatively, what abilities do you hope they got rid of?  Let me know in the comments below, or tweet them to me @Anima_Nation!

Thank you, and I hope to see you in the Secret World!