Krampusnacht 2017 Advent Calendar!

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I failed to do one of these for Samhain.  Just wasn’t feeling it at the time and no one seemed to be screaming for one.  But THIS TIME…. we get the event rewards on ALL our characters!  Got an alt?  Got 3 alts?  Got a full stable of characters?  LOG THEM ALL IN ‘CAUSE THEY ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE DAILY EVENT REWARDS!


So there’s 15 days worth of Loot, and then 6 days of Filler.  Each day you log in, on each character on your account, you can get a special Item, and a Malevolent Snowflake, up to 15 days.  On Days 16 through 21, all you get is the Snowflake.  These Daily Event Rewards reset at the same time as your normal Daily Rewards and the Daily Challenges,  2am EST/11pm PST. (Or whatever your local time zone translates these times to.)

PLEASE NOTE:  If you log into a character and the Holiday Event Reward Calendar does not pop up, Just click the little ‘Gift’ icon in your Top-Bar and it should appear for you to claim!

This Little Teeny Gift looking icon…!

The Snowflakes are a special loot bag that you can only open after defeating the Holiday Boss in the Public Raid Platform on the Main Mall-gartha platform.  This ‘Super-Hel’ Raid boss runs at the top of each hour. Once you have Defeated Super-Hel, you will have a 10 minute buff that will allow you to open the Snowflake to get what’s inside!

First off, here’s a list of the Main items you get each day, from Day 1 through Day 15:

  1. Figuros Padurii (Pet) + Malevolent Snowflake
  2. 5000 Anima Shards + Malevolent Snowflake
  3. Purified Talisman Distillate (1600cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  4. Purified Weapon Distillate (1600cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  5. Orochi Hovertech Snowboard** + Malevolent Snowflake
  6. 25 AP + Malevolent Snowflake
  7. 30 SP + Malevolent Snowflake
  8. 7500 Anima Shards
  9. Purified Weapon Distillate (2000cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  10. Weapon Fusion Catalyst (Epic) + Malevolent Snowflake
  11. Purified Talisman Distillate (2000cc) + Malevolent Snowflake
  12. 30 AP + Malevolent Snowflake
  13. 35 SP + Malevolent Snowflake
  14. 10,000 Anima Shards + Malevolent Snowflake
  15. Glyph Anima Imbuer + Malevolent Snowflake
  16. Malevolent Snowflake
  17. Malevolent Snowflake
  18. Malevolent Snowflake
  19. Malevolent Snowflake
  20. Malevolent Snowflake

** = If you already have the Orochi Hovertech Snowboard, you will be given 2000 Anima Shards when you try to add it to your Sprint

As for the contents of the Malevolent Snowflakes, they seem to be scripted to give the same thing in order each day.  So far I have seen the following:

  1. EMOTE: Throw Snowball*
  2. Elfin Cap – Green & Elfin Tunic – Green***
  3. Elfin Leggings – green & Plastic Elf Ears & TITLE: Hypothermal***
  4. Ugly Woolen Sweater – Faction***
  5. PET – Revenant Polar Bear
  6.  Knitted Festive Sweater Gray & Knitted Pom-Pom Hat Gray
  7. White Onesie Pajamas & TITLE: ‘Winter’s Soldier’
  8. PET – Holiday Devil
  9. Ski Pants, Black & Ski Jacket, Black & Ski Boots, Black***
  10. SPRINT – Winter Flurry
  11. Wassailer Corset Bodice Top – Festive & Wassailer Buckled Lace-up Knee-High Boots – Festive
  12. TITLE: Spirit of the Season & Festive Scary Snowman Mask  (Thanks to WinterySerpent and Leogrim on Discord!)
  13. Wassailer – Long Lace Gloves – Festive & Wassailer – Ruffled Skirt with Stockings – Festive
  14. Wassailer – Lace Trimmed Velvet Jacket – Festive & Wassailer – Lace Cameo Choker – Festive & Wassailer Velvet Mini Top Hat – Festive
  15. SPRINT – Flightless Reindeer
  16. 2000 Anima Shards
  17. (2000 Anima Shards)
  18. (2000 Anima Shards)
  19. (2000 Anima Shards)
  20. (2000 Anima Shards)
  21. (2000 Anima Shards)

*= This emote is different from the Snowball Emote you get for the Snowball Fights Achievement.  This emote seems to be just the motion of throwing a snowball, but you don’t see an actual snowball. (Or at least I don’t.)

[UPDATE: I THINK the /snowball emote that you type in chat may have already been there, which is why it doesn’t throw a snowball. instead, open your EMOTE Tab by typing “SHIFT + O” and then find the Snowball emote there and it will throw a snowball at your target!]

***= Since I Had some of these rewards on my female characters, i ended up skipping a day or items here and there.  Thank you to Aeryl on the SWL Discord for updating me on what I’d missed!

I will update this each day as I see new things awarded, so be sure to come back and check the updated list!

[UPDATE AGAIN:  After Day 15 od opening Malevolent Snowflakes, you seem to get 2000 Anima Shards.  So once you get the Flightless Reindeer, you pretty much have everything.]

Another thing to note is if for some reason you only have time to claim your Daily Snowflake, and don’t have time to do the Hourly Raid to open it, the Malevolent Snowflakes WILL STACK in your inventory!  AND, once you complete a Raid and you come out and have opened your Snowflake, you can usually turn around and run a second one, or log onto an alt to run a second one before the entrance closes.

BE WARNED: If you get into a Super-Hel Raid and take your sweet time getting to the fight, you will get ported out, and you will get a Deserter Debuff so you won’t be able to reenter until the next hour’s raid happens. (Spoken from experience!)

That’s it for tonight.  I think that covers the basics at least.  I plan to do another post tomorrow on the Holiday Nifelheim instances and Krampus hunting and how to summon Hel in Nifelheim!   Until then, Happy Krampusnacht!  And as usual, I hope to see you in, the Secret World!

KRAMPUSNACHT is Coming, to Town!

[UPDATE:  If you are looking for Niflheim Information, Check out my Newer post here!]

You better not Pout… You better not Cry….!

Are you Ready…?!?!

Wait, what do you mean, “What is Krampusnacht?” It’s the Secret World’s Winter Holiday Event!

When does it start? This Tuesday, December 12, after the server restarts. (Check the SWL website/Redit/Discord/Twitter for your local times.)

What can we expect? Well, Daily login event rewards that you can get on ALL YOUR ALTS! FINALLY!!1! No longer will you have to choose just one character to receive the Daily Event Rewards for, but you can log into each character on your account and get an Awesome Holiday Event Reward!

What kind of rewards will we get? That’s uh…. a very good question… I’ll have to get back to you on that. Whatever we do get, I’ll have to do another Advent Calendar post to keep up with the items on a daily basis.  In any case, I can’t thank FunCom enough for finally getting past the technical hurdles to enable this!

So, is that it? No! There’s also the actual event! There hasn’t been a preview of the event, that I know of, but what I can do is give you a brief rundown on the old TSW version of Krampusnacht.

Please keep in mind that this is just a rundown of the old TSW event and these things may or may not be a part of the SWL event. And even if they do come back, they will likely have some minor changes to them.  Please check’s legacy site for full details of the old event by clicking HERE.


With luck, they will bring back the Snowball fight! There was a nifty holiday event bag that we got that had a chance to give us a ‘Pile of Snowballs’ item that would allow us to throw down and have a snowball fight anywhere!  If you scored a certain amount of points, you would be granted a Snowball Emote so you can throw a snowball at anyone at anytime, anywhere! (Can’t wait to get mine back!) It’s also used for another achievement later.

Krampus, Krampus Everywhere..!

You should be able to find Krampus throughout the game zones. Killing a Krampus in any particular zone will give you a chance for it to drop a special quest item. These quest items will be specific to that zone, so there are 8 different quest items that you will need to acquire. (I don’t believe Kaidan takes part in the Krampus Holidays. Sorry!) With any luck, these will fall into your mission item Inventory. (HINT HINT!)

What do we do with these quest items? Once you have one of each quest item, get a group together, and hunt down another Krampus! (I recommend gathering about 5 sets of items before starting this, so you can do it 5 times in a row.) Once you find the Krampus, attack him until he runs away and follow him. He’ll open a portal and try to escape. Kill him after the portal is opened and before he escapes and now you’ll have your own portal to his home plane of existence, Niflheim!

What’s in Niflheim?

More Krampus. LOTS MORE KRAMPUS! Kill all the Krampus and you’ll get a BIG KRAMPUS to kill! The Big Krampus also drops the last item needed to summon Hel.

Once you’ve killed the Big Boss Krampus, this is where your quest items come into play. Use your quest items at specific points around the room and you’ll summon Hel! Kill Hel for MOAR LOOT!

I recommend using the Horn of Krampus Last for the Summons.


I don’t know if the Icy Claws will be available this year or not, but during last year’s event, this was fun for us to figure out!  Remember that Snowball emote I told you about earlier? THIS is where it gets used.  The Emote, NOT the Pile of Snowballs.  I’m not going to tell you everything about the fight, but at some point, Hel will cast a spell that causes everyone to get Light or Dark affinity, and then the ground will also get light and dark energy. I recommend watching the cloud above the icon over your head when it happens so you get on the right side soonest! The floor will spin and you have to stay on the correct side, or you die. When she starts this, you have to time your /snowball emote just right, and hopefully you can stun her with the snowball. If you are successful in stunning her, she will drop the Icy Claws!

(MINOR ISSUE – Targeting Hel with a Snowball.  In TSW we could tab/click target Hel.  We can’t do that in SWL.  This technicality may void this whole section of the event and they will have to find another way to do the Icy Claws.)

Now, in TSW, you could just fight her until she started trying to cast this spell, and then just back off and stop attacking her so she can continue doing this until someone can finally stun her. It seemed to be pretty random and could take up to a dozen tries if you are REALLY unlucky! Be prepared to let this fight draw out for a while if you are REALLY determined to get the Claws!

The issue here is that in TSW, she dropped one set and we all got to roll on it. SWL however, has individual loot.  So if she drops Icy Claws now, does EVERYONE in the group get them? Or does only one person get them kinda like the Blue bag with the kitty at Stonehenge during the Samhain event? We’ll have to wait and see.


In TSW, killing Hel in the Dungeon gave you a chance for her to drop a Dagger named ‘Famine,’ that was used in Summoning Super-Hel in Savage Coast. (Super-Hel is explained in the next segment.)

You could also change the difficulty of Hel in Niflheim by using the Bench near the central arena to initiate Nightmare Mode before you summoned her. SWL has said that E5 was about where the old TSW NM difficulty was, so I’m not sure how hard she will be here. I’m not geared for E5’s yet so hopefully it’s only about E1-2 level or something.

So why would we put her on NM Mode? She’d have, I think, a 100% Chance to drop ‘Famine,’ as opposed to what seemed to be maybe a 10% chance in normal mode.


This was an open World Boss that required tons of people to come out to the Savage Coast and kill her! SWL, however, doesn’t have Open World Bosses like that anymore. Judging by the Samhain event, it looks like Super-Hel can be done in either of two ways:

  1. Every hour at the special portal off the main Mall-gartha platform.
  2. If she does drop ‘Famine’ still, maybe we’ll have to summon her the same way they summon the Lair Bosses on the Public Raid Platform..?  Probably at the Holiday platform in any case.

Killing Super-Hel also gave you a chance to get specific clothing items. These would drop in a specific order leading up to Krampus’ horns and finally Hel’s horns! (Crown of Krampus and Crown of Hel, respectively.)  What other items will she give us? Distillates? Weapon skins? Again, we’ll have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Super-Hel happens at the top of every hour!  No ‘Famine’ Needed!

There should be some other missions and things related to the Event happening, but again, We don’t know the specifics yet.  Also, not to forget the new Winter ‘Frost-Bound Cache’ that will be dropping as well.  Time to see if we can get some nifty new weapons skins and outfits!  I think I heard rumor of a Snowmobile sprint?  Don’t quote me on that.

Hopefully this wasn’t too rambling for you all.  This was mostly all off the top of my head, remembering things from TSW Holidays past.  I know there are all kinds of little things and cosmetics that we could get, but this wasn’t meant to be an end-all-be-all list of everything.  Again, check the TSWDB Legacy site for all those tidbits of information!

Thank you for stopping by.  Good luck and Have fun with this event!  And as always, I hope to see you, in the Secret World!

Whispering Tide Advent Calendar

The Whispering Tide event is underway,  and during this event,  there are Event Rewards for Logging in and Defeating the Filthy Threat in Agartha!

Each Day you log in, you’ll get this window asking you to Claim a Relic.  As you can see, you also get nifty other things to help you level yourself and your gear!  NOTE: THIS REWARD IS ONLY ABLE TO BE CLAIMED ONCE PER DAY PER ACCOUNT!  (More on this later.) So make sure you claim it on the character you think is going to need this the most!

So what kind of items do you get in this Relic?  Vanity items, typically.  At least that’s what’s being touted you can get.  What I want to do with this post is track the items I get, so you all can see and compare.  I will not be tracking the Drops from Flappy here, but I may set that aside for a later post.  Nor will I track the items shown behind each relic… those are set in stone, so to speak.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE INDIVIDUAL RESULTS WILL VARY FROM PLAYER TO PLAYER AND DAY TO DAY!  So I may get something one day and you’ll get something else entirely.  What I don’t know is if there is a set amount of items you can get and if you claim all 14 relics you will get all of them, or if there is even more RNG involved to be able to complete certain sets.

I plan on Updating this on a Daily Basis, so make sure you come back to check it out often!


OK – I had questions today and in the process of getting them answered, the process was explained to me for the Event reward bags.  There is a Master List and the system for each character.  Does this character have the first set of item?   No?  BOOM!  They do now!  Or,  if they already have them already, then the system check the next set of rewards and follows the same logic.  The list isn’t very Alt Friendly for getting the Armor set though, as only the Boots/Gloves have been issued so far and I’ve got the Day 3 Reward Already. (Since I had the Day 1 reward from TSW.)

At the end of the rotation, instead of getting any NEW shiny items, we will get Anima Shards.  I have 4 of the 5 original set items, so I’ll end up getting to the End sooner than most.  But I’ll make sure I update along the way!


Sooo… Andy decides to leak info in Discord… Here’s the total list in order of award:  I’ll try to add pics of each item as I can best figure it out.

Almost as bad as the White House!

I will make a Post-Mortem on this event after it’s over so I can give a full review of how I think this event was handled.  But that is a post for another day.

Anyway, without further Adieu, the List!

DAY 1 – August 1st

Carapace of the Immaculate Machine Gauntlets – Original Color
Carapace of the Immaculate Machine Boots- Original Color

DAY 2 – August 2nd


Military Gas Mask – Green
Night Vision Goggles – Green

Day 3 – August 3rd

Glowing Eyes – Purple
TITLE – Scout of Gaia

Day 4 – August 4th



The original award from TSW was the Black version,  but this time I got the Green set, which didn’t even appear in my Dressing Room as an option till I got them.

Turtleneck Shirt – Black

I did not get a second item, bit probably because I already had this one from the original in TSW.


DAY 5 – August 5th

Carapace of the Immaculate Machine – Leggings – Original Colors
Carapace of the Immaculate Machine – Chest – Original Colors

Day 6 – August 6th

Combat Boots – Green Camo
Padded Military Gloves – Green


(UPDATE: These will not show in your Inventory until you get the right Tier of the achievement. I am wondering if anyone that didn’t have the Black versions from TSW got the Black versions, or the Green version?  Leave a comment or poke at me on twitter if you find out!)

Day 7 – August 7th

Military Jacket with Gear – Green Camo
Military Helmet – Green Camo

(UPDATE:  Again, these don’t even show up as options unit they are awarded.)

Day 8 – August 8th

‘The Protector of Agartha’ Title
‘Vitalizing Stride ‘Sprint

Day 9 – August 9th

Carapace of the Immaculate Machine – Helmet – Original Colors

Day 10 – August 10th

Runic Automaton

Days 11 – 15th – August 11 through 15

Anima Shards.  Quantity Unknown.

Keep in mind this day may come sooner than shown here as some people have parts of the Armor set already so they will skip ahead to the next Reward until they get everything.

I guess the cat is out of the bag now!  Plan accordingly!  And let me know what you are looking forward to the most? (I want the original Helm, finally!)

Thanks for coming by and as usual, I hope to see you in the Secret World!