SWL – Weapon Mechanics – Fists – Primal Wrath

Another Speciality Spotlight!  Today’s focus is on Fists! [Insert Bruce Lee/Chuck Norris jokes here.] ((It’s ok, I’d never subject you to that…! Just open Trade chat in WoW if you want to hear those!))

Quoted from the Video:

“Speciality Spotlight – Fists: How to Consume Primal Wrath

– Every Attack and heal using fists generates Fury
– When your Fury gets above this threshold, you can activate Frenzied Wrath, or Invigorating Wrath
– You will gain new powerful abilities while under the effect of Wrath
– You can continue to use those new abilities until your Fury meter is fully drained”

Wrath Threshold


NERF THIS! Oh wait… wrong game universe…!


Kick ALL the Arse!

Looks pretty straight forward, but you need to keep something in mind – You NEED that ability that activates your Wrath on your bars at all times or Wrath will do nothing for you!  We won’t talk about how I may or may not know this from experience…>.>

There are other tidbits i want to mention here, but NDA is still in effect… COME ON FUNCOM… DROP THE NDA ALREADY!

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